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Overseas LDR Couple Pays Homage to Roots

'We wanted our photos to continue to reflect our Filipino roots'

Jon Joshua Ocdamia and Hannah Carmelle Banua met as nursing students and of course, what else would be a better subtle move than a “study” date? Josh and Hannah eventually went on a first date but took their time deciding on whether or not to make things official because Josh was scheduled to return to the US later that year and that meant they’d be in a long-distance relationship.

Ultimately we decided it was worth it despite the distance,” says Hannah. That was late 2019 so in 2020, Josh and Hannah had no opportunity to see each other physically because of the pandemic. But Josh was determined to propose to Hannah in person and he popped the question late 2020 near their alma mater.

As an LDR couple, both of whom were raised outside the Philippines, Josh and Hannah felt they wanted to highlight their roots in their engagement shoot, thus creating the classic modern Filipino feel in their photos.

Below, Hannah and Josh share their how they’re planning their intimate wedding as an LDR couple, half being overseas, and the biggest lesson they’ve learned in love because of their situation.

Any special reason why you selected this engagement shoot theme? 

Considering that Josh and I were raised outside of the Philippines, we wanted to choose a location and motif that exuded a modern yet classic Filipino feel and wanted our photos to continue to reflect our Filipino roots. We want to bring that Filipino identity to our home one day and show our future children that we’re proud of it.

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Tell us about your wedding planning process. What’s helping you plan as an overseas couple who’s also in an LDR?

We are actually utilizing the efforts of Altuz Events to help us plan the wedding! With Covid around, and with Josh in the US, we figured we'd need a coordinator's services to make it through. Thus far, we're only at the beginning stages of the planning such as setting a final date and locating a venue.

What advice or tips can you give to couples planning their prenup photoshoot during this time? 

One piece of advice that we can think of, is to relax when in front of the camera! Josh is a bit camera shy so he felt that he was a little stiff in front of the camera, but with a little coaxing from our prenup team and the photography team, he managed to strike some poses that got us our great shots!

Our second advice is to plan things together such as picking the right people to be in our photoshoot team and attending zoom meetings together with the suppliers. Discuss the photoshoot theme as a couple and ultimately decide on what you think is meaningful for you both. 

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Picking the right people for our suppliers is really important. We’re really blessed to have them during our shoot because they really made sure we were well taken care of and that they were happy to help us. 

What is the top lesson you’ve learned about love thus far?

One thing that we've both learned, especially since we're in a long distance relationship, is that love is a team effort. We used to think that that was a no brainer, but we know now that it's much more challenging for both parties to always give 100%. Which is why we have each other, to make up for it when the other isn't quite at 100. And communicating each other’s feelings is so important in our long distance relationship. We are not physically together, and it’s quite hard to understand and be patient. But when we learned how to tell each other the truth about each other’s feelings, it was easier for us to manage. It helped us learn how to make time for each other despite the different time zones. 

 Lastly, could you share your love story and the proposal?

Josh: Hannah and I actually met in nursing school! She was a year ahead of me, but took a gap year. So we ended up in the same batch for our senior year! We were grouped together in the same section of our class, and also happened to be on the same hospital rotation schedule. From then on we started talking more and more until I asked her out on a "study" date… to which she said "no". But after some convincing, she finally went with me on that date! We knew that we had some thinking to do before we became official because I was moving back to the US later that year. Ultimately we decided it was worth it so in September of 2019, we decided to continue our relationship despite the distance.

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We weren't able to see each other in 2020 because of the pandemic, but after careful consideration, we decided to proceed with our plans to get married. I had planned my trip to the Philippines late in 2020 despite the ongoing pandemic. It was a scary time for us because we didn't know for months how bad Covid would continue to be. But I was determined to come back to be able to physically propose to Hannah.

Upon arrival to the Philippines, my friends and I hatched a plan to surprise her near Adventist University of the Philippines, the school where we met. I had told her that I wanted to go see the school in Silang to revisit our old hangout spots. So I took her and a few friends on a short trip over from Manila to meet up where some other friends had decorations waiting. We blindfolded her and walked her to the candlelit path where I was waiting in front of a sign that said "Will you marry me", and the rest is history.

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The Dream Team

Full wedding coorindation by Altuz Events | Photography and videography by Rule of Thirds | Makeup by Juno Matata Makeup Artistry | Hairstyling by Mikay Marasigan | Prenup styling by Jeff Galang | Location: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Bataan

Endearing Engagements

PHOTOS - Derek and Ellen's Steamy Prenup Shoot

Were we expecting anything but sexy?

We didn’t know the open field in a mountain could look so sexy, that is until Pat Dy and Team Pat Dy began to drop Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna’s engagement shoot. The engaged couple wore neutral ensembles and denim and white looks, styled by TeamRainxEm headed by stylists Rainier Dagala and Em Millan. The couple shared the news of their engagement earlier this year.

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Actress and mom Ellen shares on her Instagram that this is their first shoot together, while Derek shares on his Instagram account sweet messages like “Can’t wait love!!” Apart from their steamy shots, we also see some sweet prenup portraits especially in their tight shots. It also looks like Derek has reminds of their hashtag #DerekAndEllen, which a quick search will reveal that the soon-to-weds have also launched their YouTube channel.

We can’t wait to see how Derek and Ellen will tie the knot. Got any guesses about their wedding plans? Scroll down below for their photos

Would you do this engagement shoot theme?


The Dream Team

Photography by Pat Dy, Team Pat Dy, Nelwin Uy, Caliber King, and Chissai | Videography by Bob Nicolas | Makeup by Jigs Mayuga | Hairstyling by Raymond Santiago | Styling by TEAMRAINXEM | Styling Assistants: Rioliza Camantique and Elaine Villapando | Nails by Mimi Qiu Reyes | Fashion by Rajo Laurel, Marc Rancy, Neric Beltran, and Ryan Chris | Planning and Coordination by La Belle Fette | Special Thanks to: Danel Louise Calixto, Solitude Acacia Resort, and Pernilla Sjöö

Photo from @nelwinuyphoto
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @patdy11
Photo from @chissai
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @maria.elena.adarna
Photo from @patdy11
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Glaiza De Castro's Rainy Day Prenup Shoot in Spain

A quick lesson on turning around life's inconveniences

GMA 7 actress Glaiza De Castro just shared a portrait of herself with fiancé David Rainey cuddling in the middle of a street in Barcelona while sharing an umbrella with the caption:

"I can still remember the day we said our goodbyes at the airport just weeks after getting engaged - all that wondering, worrying when will we see each other again. But here we are now, meeting in an unexpected country, exploring the world together. Better days are here.”

If only all rainy days looked this good! Niceprint Photogaphy shared more photos of the engaged couple and it seems as if this e-session started out at picturesque churches of Barcelona before it began to rain. But the couple and supplier welcomed the challenge, continuing to shoot in the rain and allowing themselves to get a bit wet. Now that’s what we call rolling with the punches!

Perhaps Glaiza and David aren’t strangers to unforeseen circumstances, having been in an LDR for quite some time and getting engaged during the pandemic as well. Much like their e-session, we can turn around inconveniences and hassles if we change our outlook.

There are no reports yet about Glaiza and David’s wedding however during a recent interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer in August 2021, Glaiza has shared that the couple hopes for a beach wedding in the Philippines.

Scroll down to see the photos from Glaiza and David’s shoot in Barcelona, Spain!

Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Photo from @niceprintphoto
Endearing Engagements

LM and Mel Anne - Fall in Love Again and Again

'Masarap balik-balikan 'yung moments–you'll fall in love again'

Landmark Y. Meneses and Ma. Melanie Anne R. Advincula kept their engagement shoot theme simple: sweet and fun. Mel Anne says this idea allows them to be their natural selves in front of the camera, avoiding any awkwardness especially for people who aren’t used to photo or video shoots.

LM and Mel Anne took the time to research and look up different suppliers, and also scheduled their pre-wedding film and photo shoots on different days to avoid being too tired and compromising the quality of their photos and videos. While many couples try to make the most of a day or even arrange for a long shoot versus two days, LM and Mel Anne’s route is also wise to consider as one’s photos and videos are some of the things couples are left with after all the celebrations. Mel Anne puts it best, "masarap balik-balikan ‘yung mga moments sa pre-wedding film and photos. It will make you fall in love over and over again just by looking at your photos and watching your video."

Below, Mel Anne gives Inspirations.ph more tips on how to achieve beautiful pre-wedding photos and videos:

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What was the theme of your prenup shoot?

Sweet and fun.

Any special reason why you selected this theme?

We chose the sweet and fun vibe as our theme so that we can act normally or naturally and do poses comfortably which fits our personality.

Tell us about your planning process. How did you put it together? How did you collaborate with your suppliers?

The moment we started planning for our wedding day, we immediately researched on our major suppliers and we looked at their portfolios. It is very important because from there, you can decide if the photography/videography team can achieve your dream pre-wedding film and photos. So, when we finally had chosen our suppliers for photo and video, we set a meeting with them and we shared our ideas and locations we wanted then the suppliers also suggested some of their ideas which they think will be the best for our shoot. We opted to shoot the photo and video separately, due to advise we gathered that having the shoot together in a day would be very tiring and we don’t want our photos to look like we’re strained or worse.

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What advice or tips can you give to couples planning their prenup photoshoot during this time?

  1. Research, check the style, reviews, and portfolios of the suppliers.
  2. Invest in photo and video suppliers kasi masarap balik-balikan ‘yung mga moments sa pre-wedding film and photos. It will make you fall in love over and over again just by looking at your photos and watching your video.  
  3. Make sure that you know what theme or concept you are comfortable with. Mas maganda parin talaga yung kalalabasan ng photos at videos ‘pag natural lang. Mas nakaka-kilig titigan at panuorin lalo na pag alam ng mga taong kilala kayo ‘yung love story niyo.
  4. For the locations, trust your suppliers because they know better kung saan ang shots and angles ng place ‘yung maganda
  5. Practice your smiles, poses, and postures. Mag-practice lang kayo lagi para pag dating sa shoot, hindi kayo na-a-awkward sa mga poses niyo at alam niyo kung anong angle ‘yung maganda at bagay sa inyo
  6. When choosing your clothes, make sure na bagay ‘yung damit sa theme/concept ng pre-nup niyo and dapat talaga comfortable kayo kasi yan po talaga ang importante, pwede din kayo humingi ng advise sa suppliers niyo or sa coordinator niyo ng mga color palette para you can choose and make a perfect match, not only for your outfits but also with the location.

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The Dream Team

Coordination by Faith and Love Events | Photography by Reverie | Videography by Bencio Films | Hair and makeup by Studio On Fleek, Justin Fernandez, and Jhulie Tanaza | Locations: Azzura Beach Resort Zamboanga City, River in Brgy Salaan Zamboanga City, Rice Fields in Brgy Mercedes Zamboanga City, and Reverie Photography Studio

Endearing Engagements

Rap and Cait - Intimate Ting-hun at Home

'Prioritize what you want in your event'

Ralph Lorenz Yu and Caitlin Dionisio’s ting-hun plans were thrown off course three days before the day but thanks to their suppliers, the couple was able to reschedule. On June 29, 2021, Rap and Cait celebrated their traditional engagement with just their immediate families at home.

We really believe in preserving the Chinese tradition as much as we can since both our paternal grandmothers wanted to see us get traditionally engaged.” To transfer their home venue, Rap and Cait invested in a photo wall designed by Jacq’s Floral. This was their “non-negotiable”.

Below, Cait talks about how they pushed for traditional engagement ceremony and the rustic romantic theme they decided for their ting-hun.

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How did you two meet?

We met at a kettlebell gym where both of our brothers went. Our brothers are actually good childhood friends and the Rap’s brother would even sleepover at our house but Rap and I were never introduced back then. It wasn't until six years ago when we officially met. We started as friends, really good gym buddies. And then eventually we started dating around four years ago even if we would always say that we weren't each other's type. Rap proposed last year during the pandemic (July 4, 2020) in his home gym while we were working out. He made sure that the proposal would still mean so much for the both of us even if we were (and still are) in the middle of the pandemic.

Did you have a theme for your ting-hun?

We really wanted to go with a rustic romantic theme and one of our non-negotiables was getting Jacq's Floral to do the backdrop/design. We were so into the whole dried flowers effect but at the same time we wanted to make sure that the colors didn't look too dull. Another design that we focused on was having a photo/flower wall so we could have as many photo opportunities given that we had a small venue.

Was this the original plan? 

We were supposed to have our ting-hun more than a month earlier at China Blue in Conrad with around 60-90 guests. But instead we ended up having an intimate ting-hun at home with only eight guests. This was because Rap and his mom tested positive for Covid three days before the event so we decided to move the ting-hun to another date with only our immediate family present. Thankfully, we were able to book a live streaming supplier, iTarget Events, that made it possible for our family and friends to be virtually present during the ting-hun.

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Were there traditions or details that you skipped or made sure not to skip?

We really believe in preserving the Chinese tradition as much as we can since both our paternal grandmothers wanted to see us get traditionally engaged. We made sure to include as much of the ting-hun traditions as possible even if there were some that we had to tweak a bit given the situation. Since we were only 8 pax, some family members had to do multiple roles during the ceremony. We are very grateful to Jerome Go, our host/coordinator who made it possible to maximize everyone's participation and pull off a meaningful ting-hun.

What were the challenges encountered during the preparation?

Since we went from having a full-on ting-hun celebration with guests in a restaurant to an intimate one with only 8 pax at home, the main challenge was re-planning the entire thing. From setting a new date with all the suppliers, to fixing the logistics. Plus we had to add new suppliers since we did a live streaming of the event so our family and friends could still be a part of our ting-hun. Thankfully we had our coordinators Jerome Go and Tinghun Tris to help us with everything.

How did you handle the challenges?

We just faced them one by one. Starting with getting all the suppliers to agree to a new ting-hun date to getting the house ready for the event. We needed to work with what we had at that time, whatever resources we could use at home. Plus we stopped worrying about the little things that only added stress to the situation.

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How did you feel during your ting-hun?

We were nervous and excited at the same time because aside from the fact that we didn't know what to expect, we also haven't seen each other since the postponement of the original ting-hun date. So it made things sweeter. Also, we felt really grateful to our family and friends who took the time to join us virtually. The online participants reached around 65 pax, making our intimate ting-hun more memorable. 

What’s your advice for other couples planning their ting-hun?

In times like this, the most important thing is the both of you.The actual "engagement" of the two of you. Prioritize what you both want to have in your event, be it following the traditions or adjusting some details given the situation but make sure to be rational. And always remember to just accept the things that you can't control because at the end of the day whether you've celebrated intimately or with a number of guests, health is wealth. 

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The Dream Team:

Photography by Ralph Lee Photography | Backdrop and photo wall decor by Jacqs Floral | Makeup by Nikki Duque | Gown by Francis Libiran | Livestream by iTarget Events | Hosting by Jerome Go and Happy Tinghun | Ceremony table styling by Tinghun Tris and iMajic Touch | Cakes by Naked Patisserie

Endearing Engagements

Jerome and Carla - K-Drama Pre-Wedding Feels

‘Don’t skip the prenup shoot!’

Jerome Santos Valerio and Ma. Carla M. Cuison, perhaps like many of today’s couples have strengthened their bond over K-dramas. It is no wonder that a Korean pre-wedding shoot became their theme of choice for their engagement portraits. “All throughout our wedding preparation, one of our bonding activities was to watch Korean dramas which inspired our theme,” Carla says.

The couple also considered the reality of the pandemic when brainstorming their engagement shoot. Carla says shooting in a studio and indoor was their choice to minimize changes in their schedules that could come up due to changing restrictions.

Below, she shares her tips on how to organize a safe prenup shoot, and why she recommends pushing through with an engagement shoot even at a time when mobility can be a challenge.

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How did you put together your concept and collaborate with your suppliers?

Our major deciding factor with our prenup shoot was this pandemic. We chose to have an indoor shoot to avoid the hassle of possible rescheduling due to inconsistent quarantine qualifications within Metro Manila and exposure to the virus when shooting outdoors.

We relayed the theme to our photographer Ms. Ivy by creating layouts using Canva which gave her ideas of what our wardrobes would be and the overall “feel” and vibe that we wanted to show during the shoot. Moreover, on the day itself we had a “get to know the couple” interview which also helped her in capturing who we truly are.

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Any advice or tips for couples planning their prenup or engagement shoot?

Look for venues like studios to avoid the hassle of rescheduling, since quarantine guidelines changes from time to time. Shooting in a studio will not limit the shots your photographer can create. You will be surprised with the number of layouts they will come up with! And no haggard faces for both of you because the room is air-conditioned.

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Another advice is to not skip the prenup shoot! Other couples may think this as an additional expense and one of the “nice to have but not necessary” kind of thing, but an engagement shoot will make you comfortable working with your photographer and your first meeting will not just be your wedding day itself. As much as possible, also give them guidelines (ex. presentation, pictures) of what you want your shoot be like.

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The Dream Team

Photographs by Ivy Palomares Photography | Location: 206 Photography Studio | Hair and makeup by Ann Santiago Makeup Artistry | Nude gown by Señorita Bridal and Rental Shop

Endearing Engagements

Bennie and Ira - Desert Dreams

'It is important to know what you want as a couple'

Benniefredo Sagad II and Ira Mae Nunag had a vision of dressing in nude and brown tones for their engagement shoot, which made the Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA the perfect backdrop. It was also Ira and Bennie’s first time to visit the park making their engagement shoot a memorable day for the soon-to-weds.

“With our situation as overseas Filipinos, communication is really important for me,” says Ira. She made sure to do her homework, researching on different suppliers, reading reviews, and asking her friends which one would be best. Based on their photos from Nice Print Photography, the couple was in great hands.

Below, Ira talks to Inspirations.ph on how they got comfortable in front of the camera and tips on planning and engagement shoot:

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Did you have a theme?

We didn't really have a theme in mind, we just wanted to shoot at Joshua Tree and we wanted everything to be in nude/brown color which makes the Joshua Tree a perfect location us.

Tell us about your planning process. How did you put it together? How did you collaborate with your suppliers?

I did mostly all the planning. I did a lot of research on different vendors, reading reviews, asked our friends and inquired which one is best. With our situation as overseas Filipinos, communication is really important for me. We already knew what we wanted so we just needed to find the vendor that would be able to execute and give us ideas how to improve. 

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Please share with us your engagement shoot experience:

We were anxious at first but Nice Print Photography helped us calm down and normalized the situation for us.The videographer did a impromptu interview which was nerve-wracking but when we finally got over it, it also made us cry as we felt like we were already saying our vows to each other. By the time we reached the Joshua Tree National Park, we were lucky to be welcomed with a nice weather which gave us perfect lighting. It was a great experience and we would not have it in any other way.

What advice or tips can you give to couples planning their prenup photoshoot during this time?

It is important to know what you want as a couple, how you want your photos and videos to turn out, then collaborate with your photographer and videographer. It can be nerve wrecking at first and that is okay, but with the right people you'll be fine. Eventually you will grow comfortable in front of the camera, the staff kept on showing us the shots and that helped us how to pose.

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The Dream Team:

Location: The Joshua Tree National Park, USA | Photography by Nice Print Photo | Rentals: Raw Golden Rentals | Jewelry: Catlevy Diamond Company 

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Photo & Video Company by: Nice Print Photography
Endearing Engagements

JR and Razel - Lucky in Love

Razel Jade S. Sanor and John Rafael B. Castillo have been together for a decade now and ever since Themes & Motifs launched the first-ever online bridal fair in 2020, Razel has been an avid follower. It’s both safe and convenient for Razel, a casino dealer of a prestigious hotel in Parañaque, and JR, who works in IT under a government agency.

Razel and JR’s wedding is scheduled on January 8, 2022 and as they have been preparing, the couple fortunately won a free photoshoot venue during Themes & Motifs’ 11.11 Grand Year End Bridal Sale Online Bridal Fair Hashtag Raffle. “We decided on a garden prenup shoot, so we are blessed that we won the prize,” says Razel.

Below, Razel and JR share their experience, concept, and how they dealt with the changing quarantine restrictions that affected their engagement shoot.

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What is your engagement shoot theme?

Our wedding has a rustic theme. We decided that our prenup photos will be classical theme since Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay has a lot of nice backgrounds landscapes to offer.

Any special reason why you selected your theme and/or shoot location? What was the inspiration behind it? 

We decided on a garden prenup shoot so we are blessed that we won the Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay prenup prize from Themes & Motifs’ 11.11 Grand Year End Bridal Sale Online Bridal Fair last November 2020.

Tell us about your engagement shoot planning process: How were you able to bring the theme to life?

We were both excited during our engagement shoot planning, I always check our wardrobe and our coordinators created the photoshoot timeline of activitiest. During our shoot, our gowns and suits perfectly suited the garden venue. There was a lockdown early 2021 so we rescheduled and once it was GCQ in Tagaytay, we were able to continue as we observed all safety protocols.

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Please share your engagement shoot experience. Was it challenging to do a shoot?

Our engagement shoot was exciting. Our photographer, Half Press Studio, taught us to be more comfortable. We enjoyed our four hours, giving our best smiles, our sweet cuddles, and our natural movements just as if no one was watching us. It was not hard for Half Press Studio to come up with ideas of where to shoot. The staff of Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay is approachable and accommodating. We are happy to have had this one of a kind experience for our lifetime journey.

What advice or tips can you give couples planning their prenup photoshoot during this time?

Enjoy every pose and give your best shot. As for the camera-shy, just be yourself. Having a prenup photoshoot experience is a once-in-a-lifetime experience of feeling like a celebrity before your wedding. A few months after your wedding, you can look back at the pictures and videos during your engagement photoshoot and realize how lucky you are to be in love with each other.

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The Dream Team

Photography and videography by Half Press Studio | Hair and makeup by Professional Hair and Makeup Artistry by Jai | Coordination by Lots of Love Events | Location: Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Endearing Engagements

Angelo and Jasmine - King and Queen of Their Story

‘Think of your favorite place that matches your love’

For engaged couple Angelo Patrimonio and Jasmine Maierhofer, shooting their pre-wedding portraits was an homage to the bride-to-be’s family. Their picturesque location was Tropicana Castle, built by Jasmine’s dad. “I’m so in love with this resort–no bias. This is the fruit of my father’s hard work and I’m such a proud daughter,” Jasmine says. From a mere four rooms, he expanded the Puerto Galera resort to 60 rooms. “Growing up there really made me feel like a princess and bringing my prince charming there was a dream,” she says.

Below, Jasmine shares the concept for their prenup and their top tips for pulling off an out of town shoot like theirs. The secret? A good wedding planner!

What was your concept for your prenup?

King & Queen in our own love story. Ever since I was young, I’ve been planning on having my bridal scene here in Tropicana Castle. I’m so In love with this resort–no bias. This is the fruit of my father’s hard work and I’m such a proud daughter. I’ve seen the castle grow from four rooms to 60 rooms, 35 years in the making. Growing up there really made me feel like a princess and bringing my prince charming there was a dream.

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What was it like shooting with your husband-to-be? (You've grown up doing photoshoots!)

It felt so right. Angelo used to be an actor so he already knows the different facial reactions needed in photoshoots. I love working with him because he’s my fave person.

Tips for couples planning a prenup shoot?

Plan it ahead of time. Think of your favorite place that matches your love. Get a coordinator, I recommend Kim Torres Events, they made our life easier in terms of planning.

Get a wedding stylist, I recommend Reynaldo Santos Jr. He really knows which type of dress suits your body frame. Book Niceprint Photography for photo and video, they’re so fun to work with.

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Any details you can share about your wedding?

I’m so excited for my Dream Wedding to finally happen. I’m really happy that my wedding venue is such a dream, I was looking for a place that has a long aisle for my walk and Club Ananda, Sandari Batulao has it. They have a Garden Area for a wedding ceremony, a Waterpark perfect for cocktails, and an Event Hall for an air-conditioned reception. It’s near Tagaytay.

It’s going to be a Christian Wedding and our Bible Study Leader, Pastor Joseph, who happens to have baptized Angelo and I will be the officiant.

Our theme is boho chic. We have Kim Torres Events as our coordinator, Teddy Manuel as our Event Stylist, Reynaldo Santos Jr, as our wedding stylist, Juan Carlo Caterer for our catering and Niceprintphoto for our photo and video. I can’t wait marry the man of my dreams.

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The Dream Team

Photography and videography: Niceprint Photography and Exige Weddings | Coordination by Kim Torres Events | Hair and makeup by Dave Grona | Fashion by Francis Libiran, Michael Leyva, Ann Casas, House of Santos, Paul Tenorio, and Rafael Gonzalez | Shoes by Shoepatos | Accessories by Ornate Manila | Creative Direction and Styling by Reynaldo Santos Jr. | Location: Tropicana Castle, Light House, Aninuan Beach, and Muelle Port

Endearing Engagements

K-Drama Inspired Engagement Shoot

Soon-to-weds Emmanuel and Caryl find the perfect fit through Themes & Motifs Live Videos

Emmanuel Belizario and Caryl Capila, like most soon-to-wed couples, have had less time together outside of their homes due to the pandemic. So on weekends, they spend time together by going online and consuming content together. “Because this pandemic has restricted some events, including wedding fairs, watching weekend Facebook live videos have become a bonding activity for my fiancé and I,” says Caryl.

During a recent Exhibitors Live video of Themes & Motifs, a livestream video where wedding suppliers showcase their promos and packages for the online bridal fair, Caryl tried her luck and joined the Hashtag Raffle. “It was pure joy seeing my name as I won the first prize!”

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But Caryl took home more than the Tita Witty guestbook, golf umbrella, and face mask. The couple also found their photographers for their upcoming engagement shoot, Greentomato Productions. “In order to claim the prize, I needed to provide my contact details. So I also inquired their rates. Eventually we felt that the team would capture our personalities perfectly so they became one of the first suppliers we booked. We felt comfortable right away,” Caryl says.

Emmanuel and Caryl’s engagement shoot took inspiration from the current K-Drama trend and the couple chose to do an outdoor shoot “for safety reasons”. “We were blessed to have such a cool and chill duo from Pictratto Photography and Greentomato Productions. After our prenup session, we were so kilig and became excited to work together for our big day.

We can’t wait to see your big day too, Emmanuel and Caryl!

The Philippine Wedding Summit is still open until July 25, 2021 11:59 PM. Visit the site now for unbeatable promos and discounts.

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