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Timeless Korean-Inspired Studio Engagement Shoot

Chester and Honey – Simple and Classy

Chester Chan and Honeylet Lim spent only two months planning their wedding and for their prenup photoshoot, the couple decided on a simple and timeless concept. Thankfully, it was also easy to execute and well suited to the times. Shooting inside a studio requires less coordination than location shoots, a wise choice for couples with short timelines.

Below, Honeylet talks about their concept, how they shot safely, and tips for planning your engagement shoot:

What was your concept?
I wanted something really simple and classy so I decided to have a Korean-inspired prenup shoot. It was also a bonus that almost all of our photos were shot inside a photo studio. My make up was fresh the whole time.

How did you follow safety protocols?
The studio we rented (Studio Blanc) was really thorough with their safety protocols. Everyone was encouraged to wear masks the whole time. Also, they sanitize the whole studio every after shoot so everyone is safe. Only a limited number of people per shoot were allowed to be inside the studio.

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What are your tips for couples?
You dont need to spend so much! Get a good photographer. We worked with Ron Contreras from Visual Folks. He was so easy to work with and the shoot was so fun.

Get a good make-up artist! If you're Chinese like me, you need someone who knows how to work with chinita eyes.

Get a good night's sleep! It helps to have so much energy as you will be posing the whole day! Lastly, have fun with your fiance! Let loose and smile.

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The Dream Team

Photography by Ron Contreras of Visual Folks | Hair and makeup by Nybie Ng

Endearing Engagements

Carlo and Pres - Beachside Engagement Shoot

"Our engagement shoot was really unforgettable in spite of the changes brought by the pandemic"

For engaged couple Carmelo Guino-o and Precious Mae Tacolod, their gowns and polos were packed and ready for their Siargao engagement shoot when the pandemic hit. “I was really excited because it’s our dream. We have been there twice before and we fell in love with Siargao’s beauty. I already contacted my suppliers and booked tickets going to the island because I was so excited. But when Covid hit, it seemed like all my dreams were shattered,” Pres says.

A beach photoshoot was their non-negotiable–Carlo is a surfer and Pres loves the beach as well. The couple also felt their numerous beach trips built and strengthened their relationship. So they relocated their shoot to Davao Oriental, a three-hour drive from their home city, Davao City.

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Our engagement shoot was really unforgettable in spite of the changes brought by the pandemic. It was really one of the best experiences with Carlo. We enjoyed every hour in nature, and I saw how Carlo enjoyed the shoot while surfing.”

Here’s their advice for couples planning their engagement shoot:

  1. As a couple, plan your theme together. It would be better if you find common ground in your chosen concept. It may be one of your hobbies or interests.
  2. Let your photographer and videographer know what you want. Inform them of your plan and provide them with explanations as to why you have chosen the concept.
  3. Book your suppliers in advance. Even during the pandemic, suppliers are still busy doing intimate weddings.
  4. Carefully plan your wardrobe. It’s better if both of your outfits match each other’s.
  5.  Enjoy every minute with your partner and just be yourself in front of the camera.

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Here’s the engagement video of Carlo and Pres by Niño Solis Films.

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The Dream Team

Photography by Kent Lazarraga of Orange Studios | Shoot coordinator: Christian Paul Inte Villareal | Bouquet by Fleurs Du Jour - Imported Flowers Davao City and Arranged by Hacel Carmeli | Wardrobe by Amore Bridal | Makeup by MJ Mac | Hairstyle by Adonis

Endearing Engagements

Sunrise Mountainside Prenup - JL and Melai

Nature lovers, Johnlee Luces and Melanie Bernabe, wanted less props and more of the natural surroundings to do the talking for their pre-wedding shoot. The twosome and their team hiked up to Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal to witness the heavenly sunrise amid the fine morning mist. What followed was a romp through a field of flowers and a stop by a cozy nipa hut, showing the beauty and simplicity of a paradise just a few hours from Manila. –Marielle Ong

Photography by GJ Esguerra Photography courtesy of Johnlee Luces and Melanie Bernabe

Endearing Engagements

Pau and Chell's Mt. Pulag Engagement Shoot

It took two tries for mountaineering sweeties, Christian Paul Pico and Rachell Ann Vasquez, to get the engagement shoot of their dreams. Their first attempt at climbing Mt. Pulag with their photo and video crew didn’t quite pan out due to bad weather. But it was a blessing for the pair who were offered a re-do of the session by their media suppliers. This time around, they got the sea of clouds and a spectacular sunrise to brighten up their day.

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Photos courtesy of Paul Pico and Chell Vasquez

Endearing Engagements

Channel CLOY Perfectly - Will and Kate's Prenup

By Misha Fabian 

Photos by Armidia Photo and courtesy of Kate Quizana

This prenuptial photo shoot is sure to make you all giddy and kilig! After having been married for two years through a civil ceremony, Will and Kate Quizana decided that it was high time to celebrate their union through a church wedding. For their prenuptial photoshoot, they recreated the popular KDrama, Crash Landing On You. Millions around the world have swooned over the love story of South Korean socialite Yoon Se-Ri and North Korean army official Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, and the couple wanted to relive the drama's most memorable scenes. The KDrama has a special place in both Will and Kate’s hearts as it’s the first KDrama they ever watched together. When the drama aired on Netflix, the Quinzanas followed the story and would watch it together every weekend. Will and Kate had everything set for their shoot--the venue, the photographer, the hair and makeup artist, and the photo pegs. However, the coronavirus pandemic caused them to rearrange some of their plans.

They were faced with a few challenges for their prenup photoshoot. Their original venue suddenly became unavailable, so they had to look for another venue that could accommodate their mood board and pegs. They had initially wanted to have hot air balloons in the background, but there were already restrictions on mass gatherings at the time. Luckily, they found the Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti, Laguna.

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The resort had spots that were similar to the locations in their pegs. It had a bonfire, pine trees, and a mountain view. It even had a small forest where Kate could climb a tree to recreate the scene when Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri first met. To make their creative process easier, they partnered up with Armidia Photo to discuss their pegs and mood board. They had meetings over Zoom, and they discussed how to achieve their dream prenup photoshoot. 

As you will see below, the photos perfectly capture the vibe of Crash Landing On You and make for a beautiful prenup photoshoot. Will and Kate recall laughing and gushing over how much they love one another during the entire shoot, and that is what kept them going despite their setbacks. This is the couple’s advice to those who are planning to have their prenup photoshoot during this time:

“We encourage couples to be hands-on. We understand that there are other matters about the wedding itself happening at the same time, so we learned how to be very organized and attentive to detail as well. A couple planning their shoot must also be faithful to what they really want to achieve in terms of quality. That includes a careful selection of suppliers, venues, and outfits to match their needs. Most importantly, always think of how this is going to be just a once in a lifetime experience. Why not give it your all?

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Endearing Engagements

Recreating 'Reply 1988': Mon and Mhy's Prenup

Their proposal story is just as kilig as their engagement shoot peg!

Can a pandemic inadvertently inspire your engagement shoot? For Mon Arias and Mhy Encinares, their lockdown binge-watching led to a theme for their shoot that was orginially set in Oriental Mindoro but was re-routed to BGC. Below, Mon and Mhy share what pushed them to recreate the K-Drama’s scenes—complete with wigs and `80s outfits—plus their proposal story. We must say, it can rival Reply 1988's kilig feels!

What inspired your shoot concept?

Mhy Encinares (ME): It was during ECQ when we were introduced to Reply 1988. We’ve known about before then but the drama just hooked us in uncontrollably. So when Mon and I were brainstorming for our prenup storyboard, our top of mind was to recreate Jung-hwan and Deok Sun’s classic scenes! Actually, we came up with the idea right after finishing the drama. (SPOILER ALERT!) We are both avid Team Jung Hwan (but we love Taek too) so we decided to give JH and DS a happy ending through our PreNup storyline. Reply 1988 is a masterpiece. If only we had known of Reply 1988 sooner, we really think our lives would have been different. We both are not used to being K-Drama enthusiasts and this feeling is new to us. We’re really beyond happy to have our prenup inspired by our one and only Reply 1988.

Did the pandemic affect your prenup shoot?

ME: Yes, it of course did. Initially, we were planning to have our shoot at a private cove in Oriental Mindoro, everything was set a year ago then Covid-19 happened. Last April, we decided not to push through with this and resorted to having it at BGC instead, which is nearer and we won’t be hampered by traveling bans.

Then in we watched Reply 1988 and fell in love with the drama so much that right there and then, we both knew we would have a set of prenup photos dedicated to it. It was hard to look for places that would suit the pegs from the drama so after our indoor shots, we checked out the bus terminal for the bus scenes. After a series of discussions and a lot of waiting, security guards still would not allow us to shoot so we went around High Street to look for alternative place. The weather was gloomy then, we had to bring all the wardrobe intended for outside scenes but failed to use all those because we ran out of time changing. Suffice to say, it was a challenge to shoot!

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How did Mon propose to Mylene?

Mon Arias (MA): It happened during our fourth anniversary--I took her on a date with a surprise itinerary. We first went to Quiapo Church then to a Quiapo food trip to spa/sauna then last stop, to a Hotel in Ortigas where my friends set up the proposal area. I asked Mhy to dress up through the help of a friend, another friend filmed the whole event, while the others were in charge of prepping up the place. Both our families were gathered in a secret room.

Our friends escorted Mhy, who was blindfolded, to a seat, while Your Love by Alamid (our theme song) was playing in the background. Then my video of how I gathered the yeses of her siblings and parents played. Theafter, our families went outside of the secret room which took Mhy by surprise, she burst into tears seeing both our parents holding the cardboards with the letters “Tara, pakasal na tayo?” Then I knelt and asked her to marry me. And she said yes! Our family and friends celebrated there until morning.

What are your wedding plans?

ME: After over a year of preparations but with the pandemic around, we have decided to have an intimate wedding this October. We are still working on the details and are enjoying every bit of the wedding preps. We are looking forward to celebrating our Big Day with our loved ones and with the Lord.

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Photographs by PhotoErin Photography and courtesy of Mhy Encinares

Hair and makeup: Jerry Dee Makeup Artistry

Endearing Engagements

Martin and Anne

Martin and Anne’s Family Affair

It was a celebration of love in more ways than one for Martin Denise and Annaliza Pasquin. Aside from their sweet shots as a duo, the couple got to bond as a family when their kids joined in on the fun on cam. There were plenty of hugs, kisses, and teasing to go around, and the pair particularly treasures the smiles and laughter of their little ones that made the photo session all the more memorable.


Photo & Video Company by: Studio 1 Multimedia Productions Inc.
Endearing Engagements

Don and Rencie

Don and Rencie’s Fresh Perspective

In their five years of being in a relationship, Don Rico Veril and Florence Valderama, have hammed it up in front of the camera countless times. For a change, the pair wanted a fiercer set of photos to commemorate their engagement, trading the usual date spots for the elegance of a Tagaytay villa. They also brought their A-game on the shoot’s theme, trying vintage, formal, casual, and romantic styles.


Photo & Video Company by: Nice Print Photography
Photo Stylist by: Jingx Cruz Styling
Endearing Engagements

Marlon and Catherine

Marlon and Catherine’s Cozy Camp

Heaven on earth was the setting for the start of Marlon B. Agapito and Catherine S. Odtojan’s romance. The pair met in Mt. Pulag, Luzon’s highest peak, known for the ethereal sea of clouds touching the earth. Since it was logistically challenging to recreate the meet cute exactly, the couple and their photo team cleverly decided on a campsite setup in nearby Tanay, Rizal. The alternate location echoed the most enjoyable moments of their outdoor adventure.


Photo & Video Company by: GJ Esguerra Photography
Endearing Engagements

Bryan and Kat

Bryan and Kat’s Happy Harmony

It’s not just the similarities that make a relationship work. In celebrating a couple’s differences, each partner is able to find a harmonious balance in the other. And with Bryan Fuentes and Kathrine Ley Napolitano’s pre-nup shoot, it was this Opposites Attract theme that highlighted the way their personalities fit together. There was no shortage of fun and love on that day, and their playful photos captured the sweethearts’ easy bond.