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5 K-Dramas to Lure Your SO Into

This list was based on male viewership

If you’re yearning for more ways to bond with your S.O. safely at home or are merely looking for more reasons to lure him into your newfound love for K-Dramas, consider this short list. Some of these may be a rewatch for you, especially if you’ve been around the K-Drama block for a while. But we’re sure that if your fiance will join for the next round, there will be no qualms in watching any of these with your man.

Below are five K-Dramas you might want to try for your next date night or when you want to get your mind off wedding planning. Here’s a tip: Start the first episode with your favorite K-eats!

1. Vagabond (2019) | This series follows Cha Dal-Geon (Lee Seung-Gi), a stunt man who dreams of being an internationally renowned actor and his quest to uncover the truth behind his nephew’s plane crash from Incheon to Morocco. He asks for help from an NIS (National Intelligence Services) agent undercover at the Korean Embassy in Morocco, Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy). Soon, Dal-Geon and Hae-Ri uncover darker truths than they expected. Genre: Spy, crime, action, thriller romance
2. Crash Landing On You (2019) | The 2019 series that converted non-K-drama fans can’t be left out of the list. Crash Landing On You follows South Korean heiress and executive Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) and her accidental emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident. She is found by Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun-Bin), a North Korean army officer. The two try to find a way for Se-Ri to return home without causing problems for her or Jeong-Hyeok and a romance ensues. The light moments will make it interesting and fun for your man to watch with you. Genre: Romantic drama, romantic comedy
3. Descendants of the Sun (2016) | This is another well-loved classic that will likely require re-watching on your end. Shi-Jin (Song Joong-Ki) and Dr. Mo-Yeon (Song Hye-Kyo)’s push and pull and differences in outlook will be interesting even for non-K-drama stans. The action is a plus, if your S.O. doesn’t want his first series to be romance only. Genre: Romance, melodrama, action
4. Fight for My Way (2017) | Ko Dong-Man (Park Seo-Joon) and Choi Ae-Ra (Kim Ji-Won) are schoolmates who are trying to find their way in the world. Dong-Man does odd jobs and Ae-Ra works at the information desk of a department store. They struggle with trying to reach their dreams and the hesitations of falling in love with a friend. Genre: Workplace, slice of life, romance
5. Goblin (2016) | Looking for a story with more history or fantasy? Try introducing him to Goblin. The rich story of the immortal Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun), supported by the story line of the Grim Reaper might be of interest to an S.O. who enjoys literary details. Kim Shin has been waiting 900 years for his “bride” who will bring an end to his immortal life. Ji Eun-Tak is a high school student and orphan who sees ghosts and hears the whispers that she is the “Goblin’s bride”. The series follows Kim Shin and Ji Eun-Tak’s untangling of their destinies and their own desires. Genre: Fantaysy, romance, drama
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5 Covid Wedding Giveaways Your Guests Will Love

Thinking of wedding souvenirs your guests will truly appreciate can be tiresome, and it would admittedly be easier to just go with the usual suspects. However since weddings have shifted since the pandemic, so have our habits and what we think is important. Souvenirs that just take up shelf space in homes are definitely out of the question. And we believe, so are souvenirs that are far too luxurious. Here are five giveaways we’re sure your guests will appreciate even after your wedding day:

1. Formal face masks – Weddings these days are giving formal face masks their entourage or loved ones can wear to the wedding. If your wedding party is small, you may consider sending them face masks that will suit their formal or semi-formal wear. Choose neutral colors like champagne, gray, silver for the ladies and dark gray or black for men. Plus points if your mask includes filters. Make sure to send it to your guests before the wedding if you wish for them to wear it to your wedding. Check out The Masq Collection.

2. Sanitation kits – What’s a better way to remind your guests to practice safety protocols than to provide them with everything they need on the day? Some local government units require hosts to provide guests with sanitation kits. You can either personalize it per guest or add details of your wedding designs, such as your monogram. You can also put a cute message such as this sample from Etsy, “Spread love, not germs.” We suggest 70% ethyl alcohol, just as Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends.

Related: 7 Wedding Safety Protocol Reminders for Your Party

3. Abaca fans – This giveaway may seem ordinary and run-of-the-mill but at a time when ventilation is important, having a fan handy at all times is very useful. Another advantage: since many are opting for outdoor events, a fan can also keep us cool or help give shade during the day. Since this will remain with your guests after the wedding, consider personalizing each one to make your guests feel how much you appreciate their physical presence.

4. Indoor plants or succulents – Since everyone has grown a green thumb during the pandemic, giving away indoor plants or succulents will surely make newbie plantitas and plantitos happy. You may also think about giving herbs if it reflects your personality as a couple better. A cute tag like “Let your love grow”  as in the photo below would look great.

5. A jar of Kisses – Okay, this sounds a bit ordinary but with the right tag it becomes perfect for a pandemic wedding. Attach “Socially Distanced Kisses from the Newlyweds” and your guests will love the pun as well as something sweet as they head home from your party.

Scroll down to see the photos!

Which of these giveaways would you have at your wedding? Share this article if you found it helpful!

Photo from @themasqcollection
Photo from @themasqcollection
Photo from
Photo from
Photo from Etsy
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7 Wedding Safety Protocol Reminders for Your Party

Because you cannot over-communicate these in a pandemic­–but you can definitely do it with style

Ensuring that our wedding celebrations are observing safety protocols is now a given for all couples. If you haven’t thought long and hard about how to enforce safety protocols on your big day, here’s our friendly reminder: it is prudent to expect that your guests will likely find it difficult to follow all the protocols at all times. With this mindset, you can plan for “the worst” while “being hopeful for the best.”

First things first, hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best decisions you can make particularly when it comes to observing safety protocols. This saves you and your relatives from having to remind family and friends to wear their masks properly and to observe social distancing.

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Another trend we’ve seen in Covid weddings around the world is displaying reminders around the venue, similar to the signs we see in establishments today. Of course these signs are getting a bit of an upgrade to be wedding-worthy.

Below are 7 signs we found online and available for purchasing on Etsy. Simply buy the file, download, and have it printed! Our tip: print more than one sign and display in different “high traffic” areas.

Scroll down to see the signs! Links to respective Etsy shops below.

  1. Spread Love, Not Germs by PearlyPaperDesign
  2. Hopelessly Devoted to Not Catching Covid by KarinaValleyBoutique
  3. Love is Infectious by KarinaValleyBoutique
  4. How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You by BeingHappyPrints
  5. Welcome, We’re So Happy to See You by BatShtCraftie
  6. Party Like We’re in a Pandemic! by BatShtCraftie
  7. Welcome Family + Friends by MintyPaperieShop
  8. Spread Love, Not Germs by BestCelebrations


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Inspirations.PH is BGBO21 Event Partner

We are a proud exhibitor of BRIDE & GROOM BLOWOUT 2021 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR, Themes & Motifs’ year opener for soon-to-weds planning their intimate weddings this year or next.

This event produced & organized by Themes & Motifs, the Philippines' most prestigious bridal fair organizer featuring the country's popular wedding professional and their CataBlogs (catalog of blogs of special packages and promos) #BrideGroomBlowout2021 

Check out our promos, special offers, and message us to find out how we can make your intimate wedding extra special. Register here for FREE


View Event Website here

BRIDE & GROOM BLOWOUT 2021 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR, is the one and only online bridal fair in the Philippines that uses a proprietary software which conveniently gathers in one place discounts, special offers, and wedding ideas uploaded by LEGITIMATE (DTI/SEC-registered) wedding professionals themselves.

Soon-to-weds can choose the best suppliers for their wedding through system-provided chat/text/call/email buttons right in the comfort of their own homes and with the people they trust in helping them make create their dream team of wedding suppliers. Perfect for wedding planning in this season of the pandemic.

BRIDE & GROOM BLOWOUT 2021 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR, is part of the ongoing online bridal fair nationwide roadshow of The Bridal Marketplace, Themes & Motifs' advocacy program to get the wheels of the local wedding economy moving again through responsible, creative, safe, and instagrammable celebrations.

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2021 Wedding Trends You Need to Know Now

Relaxed, informal, bold colors, and big announcements

We’re not sure if we’ve said it yet, but we at absolutely love intimate weddings. And we love how, now that this is the way to go, couples and wedding suppliers are running with it and making weddings just as meaningful and as beautiful. Here’s our prediction of 2021 wedding trends, some are already being done by couples right now while others are just about to be all over your news feed and mood boards.

Scroll below for 11 trends you can include in your wedding! 

Which of these 11 wedding trends are you doing for your wedding? Share this article to let other couples know what’s trendy in 2021!

This is a two-part story and the first installment is on wedding trends to say goodbye to.

1. Individual hors d’ouevres – Cocktail hour gets a makeover with personalized cheese boards and hors d’ouevres. The cheese platter recently became trendy for parties and homes but may not be the safest way to serve guests a light snack before the meal. Wedding suppliers automatically shifted their service and created personal sized wooden boards that can be given to each guest so they can still enjoy some cheese and wine before the meal. While a full grazing board is beautiful in photographs, the mini boards are still just as pretty–and delicious!
2. Color everywhere – Couples are bringing back happy hues and bold tones in their décor choices. We suspect that this is a reaction to bleak times but we love that people are celebrating what they can, however they can. And true love is definitely woth celebrating! Here are some hues you can look up to start your mood board: burnt orange, deep burgundy, and bright purples!
3. Greeneery – Just as indoor house plants have become popular worldwide, this means luscious greenery and foliage will still be a preference for couples planning their décor. We’ll likely see it in ceremony arches, tablescapes, entryways, and bouquet styling.
4. Personalized details ¬– 2020 brides and grooms have already started this trend and we’re sure to see more of it this 2021. A leaner guest list means each person invited to the wedding was well thought of and a person the couple truly wished would physically be at their milestone. To make guests feel just how much fondness and appreciation the couple has, they’re including personalized details from place settings, to welcome boxes, to programs, to hangers.
5. Livestreaming – This is an obvious trend as couples still want to share their beginning with their other loved ones and family. We think there will be new adaptations to livestreaming weddings in 2021 and interactions between livestream guests and the couple will grow to be more creative as more and more couples include this as an essential detail to their wedding.
6. Mood lighting – Dining under a canopy of fairy lights sounds like a dream? For 2021, it may be a reality for guests and soon-to-weds. We’ll see more couples pay attention to the lighting and the mood of their reception, not just the florals and greens of event styling.
7. Odd schedules - Weddings used to only be scheduled on weekends, when most guests were free and didn’t have to miss work or school to attend. But next year we’ll see more weekday weddings and brunch weddings.
8. Living room décor – 2021 will see more couches, pillows, coffee tables, and ottomans incorporated into the styling whether for the bride and groom or even the guests. It’s perfect for the intimate and relaxed feel of weddings because it will feel a bit like couples are entertaining at home.
9. Yellow gold returns – What once was deemed jewelry of our parents’ generation becomes a solid option for today’s couples. Yellow gold bands and engagement rings are of interest to couples again, perhaps after the influx of rose gold as well as the long reign of white gold and platinum. What we’ll see more of for sure will be mixing metals, perhaps a white gold engagement ring paired with a yellow gold band. The key is mixing cool and warm tones with both your metals and stones.
10. Nanomoons and minimoons – Honeymoons didn’t follow after the wedding for some couples pre-pandemic because some preferred to do a grand vacation and planning two major events at once is a tall order. So couples often delayed their honeymoon, either to save up some more or for a conducive time in their work calendar, so they could take two or three weeks off at a destination halfway across the globe. These days, of course, that’s much more challenging than it was. So couples will be choosing minimoons¬–or less than a week off in a nearby destination–or even smaller, a nanomoon, shorter than a minimoon and at a local destination.
11. Social media big reveals – Since everyone can’t be invited to your wedding and livestreaming your entire ceremony and reception publicly is too much, we’ll definitely see more announcements online that couples have already gotten married. This will come with a beautiful visual from the photography or videography team and maybe a witty hashtag.
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5 Wedding Trends to Say Goodbye To

As the year that rocked weddings comes to a close, we look at the wedding trends 2020 has hit a pause button on

Just as is traditional in Philippine weddings, the holidays have brought upon a slew of weddings. Even if the first half of the year saw many couples and their weddings thrown off course by quarantine and a global pandemic, 2020 is ending with more newlyweds who’ve finally tied the knot.

Here are five wedding trends that 2020 is hitting a pause button on. This is a two-part story and here's our forecast on 2021’s wedding trends!

Scroll down to read our list and don't forget to share this article!

1. Buffets – More and more weddings will be adopting the plated meal service, which is also very manageable given a leaner guest list. When a wedding of 300 guests was still considered normal, buffets were generally cost-efficient because it required less wait staff. Now that weddings are often less than a hundred, choosing plated meals over a buffet will not cost quite a jump in the package fees.
2. Destination weddings – At least the international ones, we mean. The recent years have seen us salivate over weddings set in popular beaches of southeast Asia and castles of Europe and the current travel scenario means this trend has officially passed. The destination prenup shoot trend may have also been put to a halt this year. But we hope to see more couples get married in the different gorgeous local spots the Philippines offers as weddings continue to pick up in 2021.
3. Traditional wedding registry – It was easier in years past when a small card was inserted into the wedding invite that included details of the gifting preferences of couples. Lately we’ve seen less of this as guests may unnecessarily step out of their homes to fulfill the couples’ needs. Envelope gifts and gift cards may be a wiser choice in these times, as well as online bank transfers.
4. Whites and cream décor – Color is coming back, perhaps as a reaction to the global pandemic. Couples are bringing more fun into the their surroundings and stepping away from whites and creams. Greenery however, is continuing on to 2021.
5. Template programs – Smaller guest list allows for more flexibility when it comes to wedding planning. We’ve seen two weddings in one day and couples who’ve performed at their own wedding this year. This means couples are exploring activities that they personally want to do on their wedding day as opposed to following the norm or what’s usually done.
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Top 12 Wedding Advice from Covid-Resilient Couples

Be grateful, work with your coordinators, and live in the moment

This year brought many couple to tears even before they walked down the altar, because just getting their foot in the door was complicated by a global pandemic. But love always wins. Even though weddings were on hold for a while this year, many have found a way to push through with their plans of getting married. Here we put together the top 12 advice from couples who've gotten married in these trying times. These are great reminders, whether your wedding is grand or intimate, outdoor or indoor, during the time of coronavirus or not. Read on.

1. It’s okay to feel anxious.

 “It is normal to feel anxious and stressed during this time, but don’t get stressed with things that are beyond your control. If you really want to get married, do it. What is important is to be with your loved one and receive God’s blessing.

READ MORE: Cholo and Clare - No Matter The Distance

2. Remind your partner that nothing has changed.

For the guys, we need to be sold out with our decision. Kaya I was the first one who accepted na okay lang whether it’s going to be small or big. Papakasalan ko pa rin siya. Kasi wala naman nag-bago eh. It’s not the time or the place. Be firm with that decision and it doesn’t matter kung maiba man yung plano or hindi. But it’s that “I’m going to marry you”, and I think kailangan maramdaman yun ng fiancee niyo. That you’re really sold out. Doon nila makikita how you’re going to be leading them as well. Then we’ll see paano natin ito nalagpasan together.

READ MORE: Alvin and Trisha: This GCQ Wedding Used Zoom and a Photobooth

3. It’s just the beginning.

 “It still and will always be the best day ever, regardless. Be practical. Be flexible. Be open to changes. Let life surprise you. The wedding is only the beginning. There is so much more to look forward to in the journey of marriage.”

READ MORE: Jensen and Arden - The First Step is Marriage

4. You don’t need a lot.

 “It is not what we have, but who we have in the wedding that really matters, may it be a little set-up in a resto elsewhere or a small gathering at the church with 10 guests. As long as you have each other, your loved ones, and the Lord, it will be all worth it.”

READ MORE: Reply 1988 Wedding - Mon and Mhy's Happy Beginning  

 5. Family is everything.

"You’ll realize after that your life goes on, we do not need all the fancy celebration that we got used to for now, just the primary people in your life. The people whom you call family.”

READ MORE: Chad and Kristelle - From Merienda to Marriage 

 6. Live in the moment.

“When the church door opens, don’t bother thinking about details you might have missed. Just enjoy the moment… Always follow the proper safety protocols. Only take off your masks when taking official photos.”

READ MORE: Rex and Redj - Ready for Anything

7. Be grateful.

“We’re living through a time of curveballs, and we all just have to weather through it and be grateful that there are still things worth celebrating at such a trying time. After all, this is an unprecedented time, so don’t worry about the fact that your wedding may be a little different from how it was done before! Especially during this time, anything and everything can go wrong, but as long as you manage to make it through, the mishaps are irrelevant! It’s the happiness, love, and joy that you’ll remember.”

READ MORE: Bym and Joyce - Celebrating the Small Wins

8. Work with your coordinators and suppliers.

Be flexible and open to other plans. They must also constantly cooperate and coordinate with all their suppliers, since both parties are affected and paddling though the unpredictability of the times. And if couples will push through the wedding, they must prioritize the safety and health of their guests. They may also optimize the current technology to their advantage.

READ MORE: Lennard and Corina - Marriage is the Goal

9. Focus on what matters.

Plan for a simple wedding--as simple as possible. Always remember that everyone's health and safety comes first. As hard as it may be, let go of the mindset that you have to have a big wedding celebration to make it special. Focus on what matters, and realize that what makes a wedding special is your love for each other and the people who truly matter to you.

READ MORE: Raymond and Jhoanna - From Rome to Back Home

10. Pray a lot.

“Spiritual ka man or hindi, kailangan niyo siyang ipag-dasal. Kasi i-g-guide kayo eh. And kung makikita niyo sa buong process namin, mula proposal hanggang wedding, laging may pattern.”

Sabi namin, Diyos na ang nag-guide sa amin sa lahat ng pangyayari. Nagtitiwala kami sa proseso, ipinag-darasal namin siya, kahit alam namin na problemado kami sa pera, problemado kami sa resources… Napapagaan ‘yung sitwasyon dahil may pinagkakatiwalaan kayo. Hindi niyo kayang i-kontrol [lahat] pero merong may kaya na i-kontrol 'yung hindi niyo kayaDahil kaya Niyang kontrolin 'yun, nandun kami sa, ‘Okay, enjoyin nalang natin ito.’”

READ MORE: Arjan and Kaye: Enjoyin Niyo Lang

11. Lower your expectations.

Focus on what you want as a couple. This is really a day that should be for your happiness, and you will see that the people who will choose to be there for you want your happiness too. Plan ahead of time, so you will stress less. Don’t expect too much! Expect that some people will not make it and that’s okay. Set your expectations low in terms of weather or last minute problems, so that on the day itself everything will seem like a blessing. Be prepared. Have a nice breakfast and enjoy every moment!

READ MORE: Gerva and Ina - Written in the Stars

12. Let the little things go.

You also have to learn to let the little things go, in the grander scheme of things, the marriage is truly more important than the wedding. And yes, the wedding should be beautiful, special, and the absolute best. However I truly believe that God will provide the beauty and the magic you expect to have, even if there will be some things that you initially wanted but will have to let go due to the circumstances. 

READ MORE: Nikko and Bea - Drowning in Love

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Goodbye 2020 Good Vibes 2021 Bridal Fair Picks

Missed out on some deals from Themes & Motifs’ Grand Yearend Online Bridal Fair? Don’t worry, the sale isn’t over just yet! You can still book the country’s top wedding suppliers and get crazy deals at Goodbye 2020, Good Vibes 2021 Bridal Fair running from December 16 to 31, 2020.

Below are some deals recommends:

1. House of HermosaGideon Hermosa is an international floral and event designer whose most recent grand celebrations include KZ Tandingan and Anna Cay’s weddings, Sarah Labati’s birthday celebration, and Daniel Padilla’s surprise party from Kathryn Bernardo. Look up #Gideonized for more of his works.

2. Michael Ruiz – Event stylist Michael Ruiz is able to transform any space according to your vision, be it floral and fresh, to rustic elegance, to full on drama of black and red tones. Look up #michaelruizeventstyling to see his various recent works.  

3. Teddy Manuel – Who isn’t familiar with Teddy Manuel’s works? The floral and event designer has also been sharing his talents and teaching floral styling through TM Master Class and TM Floral School. Recently he’s styled Gabbi Garcia’s 22nd birthday, Dani Barretto’s daughter Millie’s first birthday, and many weddings since the lockdown–whether at home, in restaurants, and even out of town. The #teddymanuelexperience will surely leave you pinning lots of his works onto your mood boards!

WATCH: Love Wins: Live Forum – 2021 Event Styling Fearless Forecast

4. GMT Philippines – Can’t choose between these three event stylists? Book them all­­–Gideon Hermosa, Michael Ruiz, and Teddy Manuel­–as GMT Philippines, to style your wedding!

5. Pong Niu – Feel like getting that barely there freshness of Coleen Garcia at her wedding? Or maybe you want a bit of Miss Universe glam ala Pia Wurtzbach? Book Pong Niu, the makeup artist behind Coleen’s wedding and some of Pia’s recent projects.

6. Banggo Niu – Simplify your wedding planning by booking the mother and son tandem, Pong Niu for makeup and Banggo Niu for your wedding gown. His designs flatter women regardless of body type and he’s always able to bring out a bride’s best features. Whether you’re looking for a structured gown or that flowy feminine touch, Banggo Niu can create the wedding gown of your dreams.

See more of Goodbye 2020, Good Vibes 2021 Bridal Fair by visiting the Marketplace.

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From @gideonhermosa
From @michaelruizeventstyling
From @teddymanuel
From @pongniu
From @banggoniu
Bride & Groom's Wear by: Banggo Niu
Florist & Event Stylist by: Teddy Manuel Flowers and Events
Florist & Event Stylist by: Michael Ruiz Event Styling
Florist & Event Stylist by: House of Hermosa
Hair & Make Up Artists by: Pong Niu Make Up Artist
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Inspirations.PH Joins GB20GV21 Online Bridal Fair!

We are a proud exhibitor of GOOD BYE 2020, GOOD VIBES 2021 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIRthe is Themes & Motifs thanksgiving bridal fair for all soon-to-weds and wedding suppliers who supported Themes & Motifs  in 2020. 

Let us say goodbye to 2020 and join us in spreading good vibes to usher in the blessings of  2021.

This event produced & organized by Themes & Motifs, the Philippines' most prestigious bridal fair organizer featuring the country's popular wedding professional and their CataBlogs (catalog of blogs of special packages and promos) #GB20GV21

Check out our promos, special offers, and message us to find out how we can make your intimate wedding extra special.

Register here for FREE


GOOD BYE 2020, GOOD VIBES 2021 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR is the one and only online bridal fair in the Philippines that uses a proprietary software which conveniently gathers in one place discounts, special offers, and wedding ideas uploaded by LEGITIMATE (DTI/SEC-registered) wedding professionals themselves. Soon-to-weds can choose the best suppliers for their wedding through system-provided chat/text/call/email buttons right in the comfort of their own homes and with the people they trust in helping them make create their dream team of wedding suppliers. Perfect for wedding planning in this season of the pandemic.

GOOD BYE 2020, GOOD VIBES 2021 ONLINE BRIDAL FAIR is part of the ongoing online bridal fair nationwide roadshow of The Bridal Marketplace, Themes & Motifs' advocacy program to get the wheels of the local wedding economy moving again through responsible, creative, safe, and instagrammable celebrations.  

#TuloyAngKasal #LoveWins  #GB20GV21

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Do's and Don'ts of a COVID Safe Celebration

The doctor's orders are face mask, face shields, social distancing–plus a large dose of understanding and respect asked Dr. Anna York Bondoc, doctor, pulmonary specialist, former congresswoman and wedding supplier to explain to us how we can celebrate life's milestones safely. Below she answers questions like should we test our suppliers? What exactly is COVID exposure? And should we still invite senior citizens to the wedding? Read on for her easy to understand explanations on these important matters plus her advice to all to survive this pandemic.

Can we really have safe weddings?

A properly done wedding is even safer than going to the grocery. I have complete trust in the professional ability ng ating planners. I know the wedding professionals personally. I really stand by my statement that when properly done, a wedding can be safer than the events you are doing by yourself or the daily events you are doing.

What is properly done?

Step one is, before we talk about ventilation, number of persons, I stress personal responsibility. Ito po yung wearing a mask, a face shield, social distancing, and yung behavior during the wedding. That alone has power. As I mentioned before, the mask and face shield, 90% [protection] yan ‘eh. Yung ating social distancing [recommendation] was formulated with both persons without a mask. So if both persons are wearing masks—mas lalong safe. Of course I cannot tell you the answer to, “Doktora, when wearing masks, what now is the safe distance?” Wala kasing study yun. Pero let’s take comfort that we are piling layer upon layer of safety. Kung ano yung butas ng isa, natatakpan nung isa. Parang nag-tatapal-tapal tayo.

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What is exposure to COVID?

Anyone who is more than 6 feet away, safe kayo doon. Valid exposure to COVID is 15 minutes of interaction or talking without masks. Kung may singing—singing is actually rated higher than coughing or sneezing—that was first formulated without masks. Marami na rin pong documented na matagal kausap 'yung COVID patient pero basta naka-mask, okay lang sila. It is really 15 minutes of talking without masks or prolonged exposure of 2 hours in an air-conditioned room without ventilation. Ang exposure po talaga is nag-usap ng walang mask. With regards to surfaces, further studies have now shown that we cannot say that the surface exposure is zero but definitely mas mababa ang importansya na binibigay sa surfaces and more importance on ventilation, aerosols, and droplets. 

What about testing? Should I test my suppliers?

Testing is only pang dagdag. We cannot live on testing only, no matter what kind. Testing is good. Ang caveat lang is it is effective in the window periods. Negative tests do not give you the freedom to walk around without a mask.

It’s not necessary to swab test. It will give you an added comfort, maybe psychological, but if our behavior will not change—will we remove our masks? Can we remove our face shields? I would say no. In terms of the actual safety—because there’s two, actual physical safety and psychological or how you feel—if hindi lahat i-swab test, wala rin point yung swabbing. Kasi, magkakaroon ka talaga ng loop holes kasi hindi lahat na-swab.

Related: Clark and Sab - Serendipity and Summer

Swabbing kasi is not meant to catch people randomly. It’s meant for, if you were exposed then you know when you were exposed, para we can calculate the days and we can judge anong dapat natin gawin. Hindi yung get random people on the street and swab them. It doesn’t work that way. And ganun yung nangyayari sa wedding industry. With regards to suppliers only getting swabbed, nahuhulog yan more sa psychological feeling of safety. Para masabi sa mga guests, “Na-swab po yan don’t worry.” But if you are an intelligent guest, you’re still not getting near me without a mask or a face shield and you know na may loop holes yung statement na yon. So my take on that matter, for the suppliers, talagang wala tayong choice eh. For the ones requiring, sana let’s think about it muna. Try to think kung psychological lang po siya. If you don’t want to swab anyone, it’s a perfectly logical route and the better scientific route.

How do you minimize transmission during the reception?

As we all know at this point, outdoors is better than indoors. We seat people not directly in front of each other but in the Z formation. Before we had round tables of 10 but dadami yung tables because mababawasan ang chairs and settings. Meron din pong acrylic barries, nakakatulong po yon. We trust naman our food servers and I trust our caterers. Again if you’re uncomfortable, you can attend the wedding and go home before the reception. Pabalot niyo nalang pero malungkot din po yun eh, so as long as we follow the safety protocols, I think we’ll be ok.

Should we bring lolos and lolas to the wedding?

First question, ano po ang pakiramdam nila about going? If they really want to go, I can’t say don’t bring them. Kasi sensitive din po ako sa mental health ng mga seniors. Malungkot din po ang maiwan sa bahay and a wedding can be a momentous event. Kung sakali po na comfortable po sila sa bahay po sila and zoom nalang po, that’s fine. Kung mag-i-insist po sila, hindi po ako mag sasabi na wag silang dalhin—but maybe with caution? Another is ask them if they want to eat. Baka pwedeng ceremony nalang. If they want to eat, maybe they can eat ahead or later? So my answer is yes, with cautions and precautions.

What kind of face masks should we wear to a wedding?

A surgical face mask is more than enough. A cloth masks with layers is also very okay. If wearing it for 2 hours is long, you can bring a fan with you. Also using the fan helps stirring the air around you.

Dr. Anna’s last tip: Lawakan po natin ang pag-unawa natin, this is a sensitive time. Wala naman wrong decision at this time, kasi pamilya nila yun eh. What our family will decide ay iba sa kabilang pamilya. Second is respect. Kung ano yung decision nung iba, please respetuhin po natin because at the end after the pandemic, we’re still family, we’re still friends.

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