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Don't Think of Wedding Planning as Work

And more expert advice for a joyful wedding planning experience!

Wedding planning is a challenge, and planning one during a global pandemic is more so. Every one wants to save on money, time, and of course avoid stress. That’s why we asked expert and in demand wedding planners and coordinators to share their advice on how you can make the most out of what you have and have a beautiful and memorable wedding. Below are the advice from Christine Ong-Te, Kim Torres, and Path Production. We also got advice from other planners, here.

Christine Ong-Te says:

1. Brace yourselves.

"Thinking of Plan B in the pandemic, you have to brace yourself and you have to make sure you will be able to face the battle in case there’s going to be a different scenario–change of date, change of venue, change of size of guest list–so you just have to be ready. And always think positive, don’t lose hope. Having a small or intimate wedding might be the most special wedding you’ll ever have. So you have to make sure that you have positive energy, positive thinking. Just enjoy the planning, even if it’s like creating Plan B. What’s important is important is that you and your future spouse will be able to celebrate your life as a married couple."

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2. Lower your expectation as needed.

"For example, with your suppliers, you need to learn to manage your expectations especially when you fail to notice that you’re expecting too much from your supplier when we (the client) ourselves did not invest as much in the first place. You need to learn to let go as well and you need to learn to trust your suppliers. With regards to your guest list, there are just things that are beyond your control. Sometimes your guests cannot commit especially during the pandemic. All of you have to do is make a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. You have to strategize. That way you’re anticipating things in the beginning, that way you won’t feel stressed. The bottomline here is that when you get married, it’s more on fun, more on relaxing, more on celebrating your love for each other. It’s not work, don’t think of your wedding planning as work. It’s more about enjoy and having fun in the planning, and trust your booked suppliers and timeline. Don’t overthink and don’t over plan."

3. Do not sweat the small things.

"Focus on your priority, on what you really need, trust your suppliers. There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. Trust your wedding planners because they’re the ones who are going to move you around and tell you what’s steep one, two, and three and everything will follow as long as you have a credible planner. Leave everything to God and the professionals you hired for your event."

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Path Production says:

4. Quality vs. Quantity.

"This is your dream wedding. Always look for quality suppliers than quantity. Don’t settle for less. You deserve it. You deserve the best!"

5. Check, check, check!

"Before you settle with a supplier,  always do your assignment to check their reviews from their past clients. Don’t forget that." 

Kim Torres says:

6. Longer preparation is better.

"You’ll have enough time to organize your schedule and avoid being the couplezilla, bridezilla, groomzilla, or familyzilla. This allows you also to save money because you can allot your budget properly without pressure. You can set aside money every payday. So you can organize and delegate your budget without pressure. More time, no stress!"

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7. Choose the right supplier for you.

"Then trust them and be in love with them. No what if’s, no more changing of supplier, no more checking out others once you’ve booked the supplier you’re in love with. Invest in them, build a relationship with them. It really saves time, no more unnecessary activities like browsing rates. It saves money too, because when you change suppliers your down payments are non-refundable. When you have a good relationship with your suppliers, the more excited you’ll be to see them working for you on your wedding day. Everything will be casual, everything will be natural."

8. Be organized, and don’t be afraid to delegate.

"Use Excel Sheets and the power of digital. Real-time editing saves times instead of rewriting it! Google Drive Sheets are our best friends. You can avoid losing your files since everything is online. Make your own email address that’s separate from work. Learn to delegate, parang sa trabaho lang 'yan. Wedding planning is teamwork, it’s a collaboration of the couple and the suppliers."

9. Know what you want.

"It saves money, time, and keeps you away from stress because you can tell your suppliers what you want. Hindi ka lost, hindi din lost ang suppliers mo. Remember, hindi 'yung suppliers ang ikakasal. Kayo ang ikakasal, so you have to know what you want. You have to tell them what you want to see on your wedding or what you want them to execute. We can avoid repetitive work and wrong execution. Wrong execution leads to redoing things which means time and expenses lost."

10. Know your priorities.

"Know your reason for getting married and why you’re celebrating with a bigger or smaller group. If you want the grand feels or intimate mood, and think about what you want to remember in 10 years or more. Don’t let is be about pleasing your guests or anyone else. It’s a celebration of love between you and your partner as you embark on this new chapter together. Enjoy every moment. Minsan lang ‘to, one take lang ‘to! So happy wedding planning!"


We talk more wedding planning hacks in our Love Wins Live Forum - Wedding Planning Hacks to Save You Time, Money, and Stress episode. Watch the full ep for more tips featuring Events EmbassyLia Weddings, and Maria’s Affairs by BFG.

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5 Ways You Can Slash Your Wedding Costs

It's not always going for the cheaper alternative, sometimes it's how you spend

Real talk only–an intimate wedding does not automatically translate to a smaller wedding budget. Yes, it can be cheaper in some aspects but it is definitely not free. Because we know that these days call for wise spending, we came up with tried and tested tips on how to cut your wedding budget considerably. Some of these tips just might surprise you!

1. Keep your guest list to a bare minimum.

The norm of intimate wedding and love in the time of a pandemic means it has become perfectly acceptable to do micro weddings. Gone are the days when you would risk offending friends and extended family if they were not included in your guest list. Perhaps there may still be a few comments but in general, you are likely to receive less flak for keeping your guest list lean.

You can cap your wedding guest list with a number you are comfortable with inviting, financially speaking as well as in light of health and safety protocols. Fewer guests affects many factors in wedding planning–catering, the venue, decor, documentation to name a few. And these suppliers often take up the bigger slices of your budget. That is why putting a cap on your number of guests is a major determining factor on your budget.

If you want to really cut down on your guest list and be sure to avoid possible side comments, stick to inviting only immediate families for both bride and groom’s side.

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2. Use only local flowers.

Locally grown blooms and greens are not just easier on the wallet, they are also friendly on our country’s economy! That’s two wins right away. If you are gathering pegs from international media or stylists, just ask your florist or event stylist how they can achieve a similar look but only using local blooms. Be flexible with the actual flowers and foliage and do not expect your stylist to use exactly every flower in the photo. Many of the beautiful arrangements we see online use flowers that are not locally available and this is one reason why floral styling budgets can easily balloon. Trust your chosen stylist to recreate the look and feel of your pegs–you will be pleasantly surprised at the magic they bring.

3. Go for the photographer/videographer coverage only package.

Documentation is another worthy investment in weddings. Some couples who want to trim the fat of their wedding budget opt for service only or coverage only package. This could mean different things depending on the supplier, but more often than not you will have the photo and/or videography team at your wedding and then turnover of all raw or digital files only to you.

If a friend or relative is a talented photo editor or video editor, they can edit your files. But if editing is included in your package with your photography and/or videography team, you will likely receive your digital files post nuptials. Printing your photos or creating an album can be done after your wedding and at your own pace.

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4. Repurpose your decor.

This is another budgeting tip that involves working with your event stylist. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, your ceremony backdrop can double up as the focal point or photo area of your reception. Ask them if there is a way for you to maximize your ceremony decor or your reception decor. Gathered Creative Co. also shared another sustainable and money-saving tip at Themes & Motifs and's Love Wins Live Forum - Amazing DIY Wedding Styling: give away your table decor as gifts to your guests (watch the episode for more tips on budgeting and styling –eds). Again, communicating clearly and honestly with your suppliers will allow you to come up with creative solutions to your concerns and constraints. Bring your questions to them, no matter how big or small!

5. Sell your wedding dress or buy a pre-loved one.

Hello, Facebook groups! If your membership to various communities and groups has not yet increased since this pandemic, we suggest that now is the best time to start! Apart from asking fellow soon-to-weds like yourselves on some tips and leads, you can also find all sorts of deals in these private communities. Some practical brides sell their wedding gowns, a smart way to minimize the actual expense of your gown. In the same way, many brides do not mind or even prefer to wear a pre-loved wedding gown for different reasons, some being sustainability or lessening the carbon foot print of their wedding and the ease on the budget is a bonus. You will also find in some of these Facebook groups the buying and selling of other wedding items too, from mother of the bride gowns, to candle, cords, and veils, even to wedding packages that were not used!

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Floral arrangement photo from @gatheredcreativeco

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7 Caterers for Your Zoom Parties

Celebrate your big day with guests online via a beautifully packed meal

If you are livestreaming your wedding and want to celebrate with your guests remotely, sending them beautifully packed delicious meals is a thoughtful way to share the love. Many couples who are not ready to host a gathering or can only invite a handful understandably think of translating the reception experience in each home so we came up with our list of caterers, restaurants, and food suppliers who can give your big day that special touch. Gatherings are also only allowed in GCQ and MGCQ classifications which means  an online gathering for your reception is the best option for LGUs in tighter restrictions.

Remember that an actual zoom party isn’t required–you can livestream your ceremony and send them a boxed meal they can enjoy on their own. It can also be a way to say thank you to special people on your guest list who might not be ready to attend your ceremony, such as principal sponsors or children entourage. Another consideration: these picks can also provide you meals for your pre-wedding zoom parties!

Below are seven options, including experienced wedding caterers, restaurant favorites, and a way for you to reach loved ones all over the Philippines!

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Bizu - Bizoom Meals

Exactly what the name suggests–these meals are tailor made for zoom parties! If you’re having a zoom reception, you can still treat your guests who are sheltering at home with Bizu’s favorites like the Salmon Rockefeller Gourmet Set (P1,250) or the 10 Hour US Roast Beef Gourmet Set (P1,155). If you are not looking for a heavy meal to treat your loved ones with, try the Afternoon Tea set (P1,000) or the Petite Graze Box (P1,950 for 2-3 PAX). These are also beautiful gifts to send to your principal sponsors or other loved ones even if you won’t be holding a zoom reception. Bizu is running a 10+1 promo and we highly suggest working with wedding caterers if you are ordering a big number of boxed meals.

K by Cunanan - Celebration Boxes

Just this month, K by Cunanan launches its Celebration Boxes for all couples and clients who want to celebrate online. Choose from any of the caterer’s party sets “and have a curated box of delightful goodness delivered to you and to your loved ones.” Just like any of these boxed meals, you can order and send the Celebration Boxes for just about any special occasion–or even just to elevate your next online get-together! Visit K by Cunanan’s site to know more.

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This beloved wedding caterer began to offer food trays in 2020 and today via, couples can either avail of its Family Feasts or Bento Box Packed Meals. Family Feast can start at P2,600 for 5-6 PAX including Apple and Nuts Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing, Baked Cheesy Lasagna, California Roast Chicken, Apple Braised Pork Belly, Steamed Rice, and Rocky Road Brownies. Bento Box meals start at P275 and go up to P415, which includes California Roast Chicken, Pork Salpicao, Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce, Pickled Vegetables, and Salted Caramel Brownies. We love that we can do all our shopping via a website!

Cibo - EATalian Box

Want to treat your guests to a surefire hit or perhaps even provide a bit of nostalgia remembering the days when you used to meet up at restaurants? That’s likely what you’re going to get when you opt for the Cibo EATalian box, which includes different iterations of the restaurant’s bestselling appetizers, starter, main dish, and drink. A medium box is P1,795 per box while a piccolo or small (set of 4) is P2,975. Non-meat eaters will enjoy the Lean.Light piccolo choice while young guests will love the Club Bimbi Meal (P1,295 or P1,479). You can order via the website and schedule it in advance to get more things out of the way before your big day!

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Passion Cooks

If you want a particular cuisine that played quite a role in your love story to be part of your big day, Passion Cooks’ Set Menus will do the trick. It offers Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Mexican Set Menus starting a P2,900 for 3-4 PAX. Passion Cooks also offers a Vegetarian Menu starting at P2,700 and three options for its favorites, PC Faves 1, 2, and 3. Ordering from its website is also possible and you can easily add on desserts and pastries like Old Fashioned Buttermilk and Cheese Donuts, Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes, and Mini Naked Cakes.

McDonald’s Send to Many

We love this new of option especially because you can now send your relatives and friends all over the Philippines–from Agusan Del Sur to Zamboanga Del Norte to be exact–a treat with just a few clicks. McDonald’s lets you choose form 10 set menus and you can also schedule when it will be sent. Whether it’s more reflective of your personality as a couple or an add on to your treat for your guests, we’re sure this option is worth considering as well! Bonus: Breakfast menu is available on Send to Many. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s Breakfast?

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Here’s another crowd favorite that you can recreate at home. Wildflour and Little Flour offer trays of your favorites like Beef Tapa (P520), Dagupan Bangus Belly (P520), Danggit (P450), and Dried Pusit (P450), etc. You can order via Wildflour To Go, the Wildflour app, or even Grab. If you’re skipping the route of a meal, you may also gift guests with Mystery Box, a curated box of Wildflour’s delicious pastries.

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From K by Cunanan's Facebook Page
From Cibo's Facebook Page
From @McDo_PH Twitter
From @wildflourtogo
From @wildflourtogo
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8 Restaurants for Your Intimate Wedding

From the north to the south of the metro

With a smaller guest list comes the need for smaller spaces. Now that intimate weddings are the norm, you may want to consider venues that were once quite unimaginable for a wedding if you had a 300 pax guest list. Choosing a smaller venue like a restaurant can give your wedding a cozier feel and might be a wiser option than celebrating at home, since you can be assured that safety protocols will be followed and mandated by the venue. You can also cut back on dressing up the venue as restaurants are already designed beautifully, versus complete transformations of blank spaces or homes.

We rounded up eight of our favorite restaurants that accept private functions and weddings. Find out which of these could be your intimate wedding venue!

1. XO 46 Heritage Bistro

Where: Multiple locations

What could be more comforting as you gather your nearest and dearest than a melange of our favorite Filipino dishes? XO 46 Heritage Bistro serves treasured recipes from all over the country with the goal of keeping the Filipino Heritage alive. Apart from its gorgeous interiors, this restaurant–particularly the S Maison branch–is loved by couples for its Manila Bay sunset view. It can be the perfect setting for both a ceremony and reception, or an outdoor reception.

2. Romulo Cafe

Where: Multiple locations

Here is another beloved restaurant for gatherings and intimate weddings, even before the pandemic. Romulo Cafe also serves up a dose of history together with “good old-fashioned Filipino food”. The cafe, named after Carlos P. Romulo, remembers the days when he was ambassador and entertaining diplomats in their home with his wife Virginia’s recipes. Romulo Cafe has locations in Quezon City, Makati, and Alabang.

3. Lola Cafe

Where: New Manila, Tomas Morato, Mandaluyong City, and Pasay City

Lola Cafe offers event packages that start at P650 per head which includes soup, vegetable, starter, pasta, rice, fish, chicken, pork, and dessert. Its different venues can hold 40-80 pax during GCQ, depending on the specific location. Merienda package is also available at P450 per head and you can easily add on or upgrade your package with favorites like US Angus Rib Eye Roast, Truffle Lengua, or Prawns in Aligue. Lola Cafe offers a convenient package that includes already includes basic sound system and projector and screen. A minimum of 15 guests is required to avail of the package. To know more, visit Lola Cafe’s site.

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4. Palm Grill

Where: Tomas Morato

Hail from the southern part of the Philippines? Palm Grill serves authentic cuisine from Southern Mindanao, “specifically Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi”. If you’re simply just a foodie and lover of all our cuisines, consider Palm Grill located at Tomas Morato for your wedding! The restaurant has hosted wedding ceremonies and receptions during the pandemic and couples love mixing its sleek black and wood modern interiors with soft details fresh or dried flowers and a bit of foliage.

5. Mateo’s Restaurant

Where: Quezon City

Love a good Spanish meal? Mateo’s Restaurant is well-loved for its take on the cuisine, serving favorites like paella, lingua mushroom sauce, and callos. Get started with their tapas, like croquettes con chorizo, gambas, or calamares. Mateo’s Restaurant is also known for its desserts so you may want to look into including your wedding cake in your package. Visit Mateo’s Restaurant Facebook page to see more of their recent intimate weddings.

6. Neil’s Kitchen

Where: Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Neil’s Kitchen located at Westgate Alabang is a neighborhood favorite. It is popular for its Singang Paella Grilled Pork Belly and Bagoong Paella with Kare Kare. Couples and families have chosen Neil’s Kitchen to host their intimate celebrations long before the pandemic so the restaurant is no stranger to special events. Because it is located inside a commercial complex, parking will also be easy for your loved ones.

7. Blackbird at the Nielson Tower

Where: Makati City

For Fine Dining option, Blackbird at the Nielson Tower will not disappoint. Private dining is available at certain areas of the restaurant like The Cabin, which can seat up to 12 guests in one long table or the Garden & Terrace depending on weather conditions. The Grill Room, where sunlight pours in during day time complements the restaurant’s art deco interiors and would look lovely over a lunch reception. Exclusive use of Blackbird can be arranged via Jonathan Migné at [email protected]

8. The Frazzled Cook

Where: Quezon City

Looking for a space with a bit more quirk? The Frazzled Cook might be your perfect match. The restaurant is loved for its “international cuisine with quirky home-cook style” and its interiors match the entire concept. Couples have booked The Frazzled Cook for both their ceremony and reception and some have opted to elevate the restaurant with floral styling. You can get just the right mix of the relaxed homey feel with the elegance of a milestone event here at The Frazzled Cook.

Scroll down to see photos of these restaurants and its recent weddings!

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Photos borrowed from Facebook Pages of each featured restaurant.

Photo from XO 46 Heritage Bistro Facebook Page
Photo from XO 46 Heritage Bistro Facebook Page
Photo from XO 46 Heritage Bistro Facebook Page
Photo from XO 46 Heritage Bistro Facebook Page
Photo from XO 46 Heritage Bistro Facebook Page
Photo from Romulo Cafe Facebook Page
Photo from Romulo Cafe Facebook Page
Photo from Romulo Cafe Facebook Page
Photo from LoLa Cafe Facebook Page
Photo from LoLa Cafe Facebook Page
Photo from LoLa Cafe Facebook Page
Photo from Palm Grill Facebook Page
Photo from Palm Grill Facebook Page
Photo from Palm Grill Facebook Page
Photo from Palm Grill Facebook Page
Photo from Palm Grill Facebook Page
Photo from Mateo's Restaurant Facebook Page
Photo from Mateo's Restaurant Facebook Page
Photo from Mateo's Restaurant Facebook Page
Photo from Mateo's Restaurant Facebook Page
Photo from Mateo's Restaurant Facebook Page
Photo from Neil's Kitchen Facebook Page
Photo from Blackbird at Nielson Tower Facebook Page
Photo from Blackbird at Nielson Tower Facebook Page
Photo from Blackbird at Nielson Tower Facebook Page
Photo from Frazzled Cook Facebook Page
Photo from Frazzled Cook Facebook Page
Photo from Frazzled Cook Facebook Page
Photo from Frazzled Cook Facebook Page
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How to De-Stress From Wedding Planning

We asked four husbands how they helped the loves of their lives to cope with the changing guidelines

The stress of planning an intimate wedding or any major event during a pandemic is indescribable, as most soon-to-wed couples say. It is not enough to create plan B. For many, they go up to plan C or even plan D. And even then, things still will not go according to plan. Perhaps that is the most certain thing about pandemic wedding planning–change.

So we asked pandemic grooms, now husbands, how they helped their brides manage the stress that comes with planning an intimate wedding in these times. Most were just as stressed as their brides, and thankfully we have seen that all were more than willing to take the lead when necessary to keep their brides stress-free on their big day.

Here is what they had to say:

WATCH: Love Wins Live Forum - How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress

“To be honest, Carrie wasn't stressed till two days before the wedding date. The first time she cried about the wedding was a day before. We thought we were going to lose our third venue and the wedding was less than 24 hours away. I just told her not to worry about it and that I'd take care of it. What I really did was ask help from both our families and delegated tasks as they wanted this day to happen almost as much as we did. I reminded her that it wasn't the time to be emotional since we were getting married in less than 24 hours. We still had lots to do and we decided if we just kept on moving, everything would work out. Thankfully it did!” –Luis Hernandez

“Since I understand that wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming, I helped her by reminding her to pace, take her out on dates ( to give her a breather, and to ask her from time to time if I can help her with anything.” –Earvin Ong

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“Both of us were pretty stressed out during the entire process. One thing I always made sure we both were reminded of was the fact that we're on the same team. Make sure to know when she’s getting more stressed than you are and volunteer to handle a specific part of the planning, with her approval of course.” –Timmy del Rosario

All of Dex and Joy’s wedding planning for a year was thrown off course because of the country’s first ECQ which extended into MECQ. Both their tinghun ceremony and wedding were affected and as Joy describes her husband’s efforts after they were “crushed” by the changing quarantine classifications, “Good thing Dex stepped up his game.” Here’s what Dex did when he asked Joy to just come to their wedding.

“I only had 5 days to prepare everything again. Luckily, I know quite a number of friends who do catering and so I was able to pick one for our date. Fortunately, all our suppliers were still willing to push through despite the MECQ. Since it was all moved to our place already, we just had to do some extra sanitation procedures (wearing of face masks and shields, using UV light and air purifier to disinfect the whole house) to be sure that the venue is safe for everyone.” –Dex Ong

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Thank God for teamwork and partnerships! Intimate wedding planning during a pandemic is definitely giving couples a head start in strengthening relationships. Here are some thing we at suggest you can do to help each other in these times:

  1. Keep dating each other. Make sure to steer clear of wedding planning when you do!
  2. Be honest about how you feel. When it’s becoming too much or too heavy to carry, let your fiancé/fiancee know how you feel. If you know how they can help you, ask! Allow this experience to teach you how to communicate when there’s pressure.
  3. Surprise her or him. Try to find small and simple ways to brighten up their day, especially when you know there are days that are going to be tougher than most.

Is there anything we missed out on? Let us know how you are coping with wedding planning stress!

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The Latest in Wedding Gowns - Hints of Drama

Take inspiration from the latest in bridal runway

In the international scene, bridal houses were not able to showcase their collections via the traditional runway shows. However they naturally still found ways to share their creations amid the challenge of the global pandemic. Because as we know, love does not stop and weddings cannot be cancelled.

Fashion houses like Amsale, as reported by, gave its clients the option of virtual try-ons. And many bridal dress shops have already adapted to the digital boom brought about by quarantine.

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1. Minimalism continues

Brides already began to embrace minimalism following Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry, but with the Covid pandemic safety protocols this meant couture (or hand-sewn and embellished gowns) shows could not be done. This pushed forward dresses that highlight beautiful fabric and architectural cuts. It is also fitting for intimate weddings and weddings at home.

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2. Multi-occasion

Practicality has also become a trend at a time when we have all become extra conscious of our expenses and have had to deal with financial restructuring. Galvan created the White Collection, where pieces are multi-use. You can buy a white suit or a sheath dress for your courthouse or as we call it, your civil wedding, and then use it later on for another special occasion. Or the reverse! Perhaps another occasion calls for a white ensemble–who says you can’t wear it to another event before your wedding day? Multi-occasion pieces is a great way to make your wedding more sustainable.

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3. Drama in the details

Didn’t think of wearing a bow at the back of your wedding gown till recently? These exaggerated details add drama to a gown and can become the focal point in the absence of beadwork and embellishment. A mullet skirt for your wedding day? Why not! Brides are also letting loose and including more playful details into their gowns as intimate weddings take a more relaxed tone.

Scroll down to see the latest in international bridal wear for some inspiration!

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Photos from

Amsale Bridal Spring 2021
Amsale Bridal Spring 2021
Amsale Bridal Spring 2021
Amsale Bridal Spring 2021
Galvan Bridal Spring 2021
Galvan Bridal Spring 2021
Oscar De La Renta Bridal Spring 2021
Oscar De La Renta Bridal Spring 2021
Oscar De La Renta Bridal Spring 2021
Galvan Bridal Spring 2021
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5 Things We Predict Will Remain in Weddings

1. Online meetings

Now that we have all tasted what it is like to cut back on running from one place to another for different meetings, wedding industry experts worldwide agree that many couples and suppliers will continue to take advantage of meeting online. Even when it is safe for us to gather, many couples will opt to do their initial meetings online and save face to face meetings for when it is absolutely necessary just to save on time.

Many international wedding suppliers have also shifted and made adjustments to the way they do businesses. Bridal shops in the US, for example, have already made dress shopping available online to the bride’s loved ones–practically anyone who wants to watch the bride choose dresses–and is still currently being done amid loosening of quarantine restrictions.

Cake artists are doing the same. For cake tasting, the couple can be sent a sampler box and the decision can be made remotely or with a virtual consultation. This setup can be a win for both suppliers and soon-to-weds as it saves on time and allows both parties to focus their energies elsewhere.

2. Outdoor weddings is here to stay

Couples and their guests will continue to choose outdoor settings over completely enclosed and indoor settings, even when more and more people are given the go signal to move freely. This is because we are now more aware and have a better understanding of the reality that well ventilated spaces is the safest. Given our weather, perhaps this could set off other trends: choosing cities with cooler climates and more relaxed attire for guests.

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3. Livestream services will continue on

Remember it was just a little over a year ago when most of us felt like the intimate wedding sounded like a death sentence? Intimate weddings will be staying on too. And livestreaming weddings will be the option couples will go to if they want to share their big day with hundreds. Of course we have also seen how livestreaming weddings has made it easier for couples to include very important guests who live in another timezone. Instead of flying halfway across the world, logging into a livestream link will likely be the preferred choice of overseas guests even when travel restrictions continue to ease up.

4. Sustainablity and less carbon foot print

Today’s couples are hyper aware of the large amount of daily waste accumulated and making sure they hardly contribute ranks high in their value system. This means that even on what we like to call the biggest day of our lives, there is no resting from making sure that everything is sustainable. Yes, even weddings. Couples are opting for suppliers who understand this value and vision and intimate weddings is also perfect for sustainability.

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The pandemic has reminded us all of the inescapable reality of taking care of nature which is why couples will continue to make decisions toward a sustainable wedding. Check this story for some tips on how you can make your wedding earth friendly.

5. Shorter engagements

Couples are also becoming bolder in setting a date as soon as possible rather than the pre-pandemic norm of a year long engagement. Perhaps it’s the reassesment of what is important and essential or the intimate wedding not requiring a year’s worth of prep time, but couples want to start their forever as soon as possible. Apart from shorter engagements and couples being unafraid to set their wedding dates as soon as possible, perhaps this means we will also see more couples who will not prolong proposing or the decision to get married.

Is there anything we missed out? Let us know what you think! And share this article to a soon-to-wed or wedding supplier!

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Dreamy Pre-Debut Portraits Shot in Cebu

‘When you envision your pre-debut shoot, let your imagination run wild’

Leila Danielle B. Ramos did not intend on doing a pre-debut shoot to commemorate her eighteenth birthday. She simply wanted a birthday lunch or dinner with her family and for things to be fuss free. But thanks to her family’s prodding, the debutante organized a shoot with Leftfielder Photography where she enjoyed posing in fron of the camera.

“The amount of dresses I had to wear and sample was shocking. I had to learn the basics of how to pose in front of the camera, as expertly instructed by the photographer,” Leila recalls. Her vision revolved around her keyword “dreamy“ and the location, Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam, was the perfect spot to realize their idea.

Below, Leila talks more about how she planned the shoot, made sure it was safe, and why she is glad to have pushed through with her pre-debut shoot amid the times.

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What are your plans for your debut?

Initially, I was quite skeptical with the idea of doing a pre-debut shoot. I wanted a simple birthday lunch or dinner with my family; I wanted it fuss-free. But once my family pitched the idea to me, it just happened. Their reasoning was, “Sige lang, you only turn 18 once.”

Tell us about your pre-debut shoot. What was your concept or idea?

The keyword is dreamy! I spent a lot of time mulling over what I wanted to capture and to see reflected in the photos. I communicated my ideas to the professionals, and they sent me photos as suggestions, which would inspire the shoot. We ended up with a magical and dreamy garden theme. Located in Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam, it was the perfect place with its scenic views and colorful landscapes.

How did you successfully execute your pre-debut shoot? What made you decide to do a pre-debut shoot?

It took a lot of coordination and planning. The amount of dresses I had to wear and sample was shocking. I had to learn the basics of how to pose in front of the camera, as expertly instructed by the photographer. Hair and makeup was planned thoroughly, as well. Since this was an outdoor shoot, we had to coordinate schedules to get the prime time for shooting underneath the sun. Altogether, I was lucky to have a set of professionals who made all this possible; the magicians behind the magic.

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I was lucky, too, that my family convinced me to go on with the pre-debut shoot at all. Like I mentioned, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having my pictures taken and I had my reservations about it. I’m so glad they persuaded me, though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have this great opportunity to commemorate my 18th birthday. It’s quite the special event, I realize now.

What is your advice for ladies who are planning their pre-debut shoot? How about for ladies planning their debut celebrations at this time, during the pandemic?

When you envision your pre-debut shoot, let your imagination run wild! Take inspiration from everything around you, as long as it’s true to who you are. Try to think: “In ten or twenty years, will I look back at these photos and remember what it was like to be 18?” And when preparing for your debut celebrations, be mindful of what quarantine restrictions are implemented in your location. It can be special just as much as it is safe!

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What’s your personal highlight as a young lady turning 18 years old? What are you looking forward to?

Turning 18 marks the end of a chapter for me. I realize my childhood has come to a full stop, and it will all remain as memories in my mind. But looking forward, I’m excited for all that is to come, like going to college and building a future for myself. In all honesty, it’s quite scary. I imagine the

adult world involves making a lot of hard decisions and being confronted with difficult situations. Still, I’m lucky because I know my family prepared me well.

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The Dream Team

Photography: Leftfielder Photography | Hair and makeup: Emi Ayag, Gino Fonghe | Stylist: Style Like Ai

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8 Ways to Make Your Intimate Wedding Sustainable

Sustainable living is no longer a trend for couples getting married these days. For most, it is the norm. Because even intimate weddings can generate quite a bit of carbon foot print.

Event stylists now recognize that going green and eco-friendly is where intimate weddings are going. Here are 8 ways you can make your intimate wedding more sustainable.

1. Thoughtfully use paper.

This is one of the easiest ways you can throw an eco-friendly wedding. Many celebrations now opt out of printing their invitations because they choose to go digital. If you are sentimental and prefer to save a memento or two, you may consider the kind of paper that you will be using. There are many recycled paper and board choices that are already available in the market. Setting up a website with the details, a private Facebook group, or e-vites are other ways you can go paper-less.

Remember that this can also go for other printed material in the course of wedding planning. If it does not need to be printed, opt to store files and paperwork digitally.

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2. Wear heirloom jewelry.

Proposing with a ring that has been in the family is not only sweet, it is also another step towards an eco-friendly wedding. It does not have to be a diamond if this was not something either of your families had kept. Another way to keep tradition going is by resetting heirloom jewelry and adding in details that would reflect your personality as a couple.

If a conflict-free diamond is your concern, you may also check with your jeweler for certification. Many couples are also opting for substitutes likes Moissanites and Signity Stones which are both man-made and grown in laboratories, therefore no mining takes place. Bonus: it is easier on the pocket and shines just like a diamond!

3. Hire suppliers who understand your vision.

Going green and eco-friendly for your wedding has become a recent trend among couples because sustainability is important to our generation. It can be a challenge to work with suppliers who do not value your desire for a sustainable wedding. When you do find a supplier who embraces your vision, they will be able to bring their creative genius to the table rather than feel limited by your requests.

4. Use potted plants and flowers.

The trend of flower or balloon walls are likely no longer in your mood board if you are going for an eco-friendly wedding, but blooms don’t have to be missing from your wedding altogether. Decorating your tables or focal points with potted plants and flowers is better for the environment than cut flowers, and most especially than cut imported flowers. These pots can double as gifts to your guests.

If you do plan to use cut flowers for your tablescapes, do not forget to go for our local suppliers. Apart vastly reducing your event’s carbon footprint, you are also helping boost our economy.

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Another element you can request for your florist or event stylist to do without are floral foams. This means that flowers may not stand or hold up the way we see in photos, but there is definitely still something beautiful and romantic about how flowers and plants are naturally arranged in reusable vases, jars, and bottles.

5. Skip the confetti during your recessional.

Throwing pre-packed confetti and the traditional rice grains look great in photos but can create quite a waste. If you hope to get this money shot in your album, biodegradable petals or already fallen leaves might be an option to consider.

6. Rent what you can rent.

If items are going to be used only once, consider renting these items instead of buying them. This is especially true in styling and even in clothing. For your styling needs, you may want to either use what you already have in your homes or the reverse–buy new items that you know you want for your future home.

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7. Forego a new gown.

Buy a secondhand wedding gown or recycle a loved ones’ gown if the bride is willing to part with it. The same can be done for your guests who will likely appreciate not having to spend extra bucks on new attire during a pandemic. Choose to set an attire theme that is easy for all your guests and readily available. Some couples do go for a semi-formal attire but choose a color scheme that does not come by easy, which defeats the purpose because guests still have to source for their outfit. Apart from being eco-friendly, this also lessens the burden loved ones take on when they participate in weddings.

8. Choose edible wedding favors.

Mementos and memorabilias have long gone in weddings, couples are now opting for either useful giveaways or something their guests can enjoy. A recent local wedding gave away a basket full of fresh vegetables sourced from local farmers and it made the rounds on social media. These days when we have learned what is essential and what is not, such a bountiful harvest is more tha welcome.

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8 Outdoor Intimate Wedding Venues Metro North

Now that we know that outdoor is always better than indoor, does that mean your wedding venue options must be a drive away from the city? We think not, especially because there is quite a good number of outdoor event venue options within the city alone­–so much in fact that listing them in one article would be too long! So we are breaking them up into zones, especially now that couples are not always looking to going out of town for their intimate outdoor wedding.

Below are eight outdoor intimate wedding options north of Metro Manila, particularly Quezon City. Yes you can still get that Pinterest-worthy garden wedding with any of these venues without having to request for your loved ones to drive too far.

1. Gallery MiraNila by The Blue Leaf

This newly opened wedding venue has become a popular choice among couples who have tied the knot during the pandemic. It has likely come up in your feeds or has been suggested by your wedding entourage because it is easily accessible for guests and is an absolutely gorgeous garden. Gallery MiraNila is by The Blue Leaf group and it is near four churches namely Santuario Del Santo Cristo Parish, St. John the Baptist Church, Mary the Queen Parish, and Santuario De San Jose Parish. Visit Gallery MiraNila by The Blue Leaf to see more of its photos and recent events.

26 Mariposa Street, Quezon City

2. Light of Love Events Place

The secret estate turned events venue is another beloved choice by couples because you get the beauty of a garden wedding without having to travel out of town. In the evening, Light of Love lives up to its name when all its trees are lit with its capiz lights. The venue is spacious enough to host outdoor intimate wedding ceremonies and receptions with social distancing. It also has an in-house caterer which can simplify your wedding planning and is a perk for couples who only have a few months to plan. See more of Light of Love via its website.

1163 Santol Street, Quezon City

3. Blue Gardens Wedding & Events Venue

This venue is just a few minutes away from the popular St. Peter’s Cathedral and boasts of English and French gardens that are great choices for outdoor intimate weddings. It is located at Commonwealth Avenue making it easy to locate for your guests who are from the area. Choose the Upper Gardens or upgrade to Jardin De L’Amour for the medieval old romantic feel. Visit Blue Garden Wedding & Events Venue site for more info.

28 Samonte Street via North Zuzuaregui Road, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

4. Felicidad Mansion Events Place

Tying the knot in Felicidad Mansion Events Place will give you the warmth of getting married at your family’s ancestral home if you had one. The mansion was built in 1970’s and combines old and modern European architecture. Its fountain is the focal point and a popular backdrop for couple’s entrance and portraits. Opt for its garden for a fully outdoor wedding. Visit Felicidad Mansion Events Place’s site for more info.

2 Baler Street corner Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

5. Las Casas Quezon City

Here’s a venue that hardly needs too much styling. La Casas Quezon City has the charm of the Old World and the Philippines’ Spanish heritage, just like its first venture, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan, and has quickly become a popular choice among couples for intimate outdoor weddings. You can choose from its four packages, Intimate Weddings, Classic Weddings, Signature Weddings, and Grand Weddings. To know more about Las Casas Quezon City, visit its website.

134 Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

6. Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

This fine-dining French Mediterranean restaurant was always a go-to venue of choice for couples who opted for an intimate wedding pre-pandemic, so you can be sure that Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant knows everything about intimate weddings. Recently it’s also become a favorite of men who want to propose to their lady loves. The newly renovated Terrace is ideal for garden ceremonies while The Garden is favored for outdoor reception venues. Visit Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant’s site for more information.

5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City

7. Sampaguita Garden Events Place

The property popularly known as a former film studio is a leafy enclave at the heart of the city. Many beloved churches and parishes are just a few minutes away from Sampaguita Gardens, which is why the venue is preferred by many couples. Find out more about Sampaguita Gardens via its Facebook page.

36 Valencia Street, Quezon City

8. LoLa Café

Prefer a homier feel like booking a restaurant? Try LoLa Café for its modern take on Filipino favorites and hassle free packages. The Podium Roofdeck is a picturesque outdoor option against the background of beautiful skyscrapers. Parking makes it easy for your guests as they can make use of mall parking. LoLa Café also has a branch in Tomas Morato that matches its modern cuisine. Another option is its S Maison branch, though located in Manila, but has a stunning view of Manila Bay. The Podium and Tomas Morato can accommodate up to 60 PAX at GCQ while S Maison can accommodate up to 80 PAX. Its packages start at P650 per head. For more info, visit LoLa Café’s website.

5/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong and 99 Scout Lozano Street, Diliman, Quezon City

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Gallery MiraNila by The Blue Leaf photo from Facebook
Gallery MiraNila by The Blue Leaf photo from Facebook
Light of Love Events Place photo from Facebook
Light of Love Events Place photo from Facebook
Blue Gardens Wedding & Events Venue photo from Facebook
Blue Gardens Wedding & Events Venue photo from Facebook
Felicidad Mansion Events Place photo from Facebook
Felicidad Mansion Events Place photo from Facebook
Las Casas Quezon City photo from Facebook
Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant photo from Facebook
Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant photo from Facebook
Sampaguita Gardens Events Place photo from Facebook
LoLa Cafe The Podium photo from Facebook
LoLa Cafe Tomas Morato photo from Facebook