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BJ and Jeri: Just in Time

They went from a grand wedding to a relaxed wedding at home

Highschool sweethearts BJ Kua and Jeri Lim were set to get married in May 30 but were not able to due to the enhanced community quarantine. With just a day and a half to prepare, the couple finally tied the knot a week later at the bride's home and with the most important loved ones present. Jeri Lim-Kua shares a bit more about going from the full grand wedding to a lowkey and simple wedding at home.

Tell us your love story.
We have known each other for more than 18 years, and we were each others' first love. We were together for almost 2 years before we decided to call it quits. Despite going our separate ways, we would still see each other often since we share the same high school barkada. This was also the reason we found it easier to get back to dating 10 years later, as grown ups. We dated for six years before finally deciding to get married.

What was your wedding plan? 
Our original wedding was set on May 30, which was also my grandmother's birthday. The plan was to have our Church wedding at Christ the King Parish, followed by a reception in East Ocean Palace. All throughout ECQ, we were trying to find ways to still push thru with our May 30 wedding date, since it means a lot to us having been very close to my grandma. But of course it was quite difficult given the pandemic. Thankfully, BJ was able to find someone who was able to officiate our wedding and was willing to do it at home, as everyone's health is still our priority.

Although a church wedding was ideal, we settled for a civil wedding since my grandmother's health was deteriorating. We wanted to share with her the joy of the celebration before she went up to Heaven. She passed away three days after our wedding.

How did you plan for your intimate wedding?
We only had one and half days to prepare for everything! It was really intimate, we had a lot of laughs and happy tears. We didn't have a program planned, we didn't even know how the wedding ceremony itself would go! It was quite easy and felt that everything just fell into place. After the ceremony, we had our impromptu cake cutting and champagne toast. We then had our first dance to "I Do" by 98 Degrees, our "theme song" back in highschool.

During dinner, BJ surprised me with a video of his cousins' beautiful rendition of "Til They Take My Heart Away" by Claire Marlo and "I Do", to which he started crying! I was a bit teary eyed but then started laughing because I didn't expect him to cry to hagulgol levels.

What’s your advice for couples planning a wedding at this time?
Before the pandemic, we were so caught up in planning every detail and aspect of the wedding. This reminded us that at the end of the day, what's important is that we are together and that everybody is healthy. We let the little things go, and just enjoyed every moment of that day.

The Dream Team

Photographer and videographer: Nice Print Photography | Flowers: Nikki Chatto | Makeup: Nikki Duque | Cake: Wildflour Cafe + Bakery | Assorted dimsum takeout: Choi Garden | Truffle lechon: Pepita’s Kitchen

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Photos courtesy of Nice Print Photography

Photo & Video Company by: Nice Print Photography
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PHOTOS: Socially Distanced Ceremony and Reception

K by Cunanan gives us a peek at new normal wedding setups

Can’t imagine what 1.5 to 2 meters apart per person will look like for your wedding? K by Cunanan shared with its new setup for a safe wedding ceremony and reception and here we see gorgeous tablescapes and floral arrangements—seats are just set farther apart. Of course there’s also the minimum safety protocols of face masks and face shields for the wait staff, and K by Cunanan takes an extra step of precaution by installing sneeze guards over buffet setups and food stations.

Bea Velilla, Director of Sales and Marketing, shares a few more notes including what meal service can look like and why safety protocols will not compromise how special wedding day will be. 

What does a socially distanced reception look like?
We want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable as soon as they enter the venue. This means going beyond temperature checks and taking a series of extra precautionary measures. As opposed to the usual number, the chairs and tables will now be limited and well-spaced. We will also only have a number of staff based on the basic requirements of the event. However, fewer equipment and manpower does not mean that we’ll skimp on styling--just more personal, minimalistic, and romantic.

Will meal service be the same? Has K by Cunanan changed its meal service?
We are still offering buffet and plated services but we have thought of putting additional safety measures in place. For instance, as our way to help the guests put their worries aside, sneeze guards will now be installed around each dish at the buffet line. In addition to that, appetizers will no longer be passed around but served per person. How we normally do things might have changed but our commitment to serve delicious and heartwarming dishes remains the same. 

How can couples continue to have memorable wedding receptions in this new normal? Any tips from K by Cunanan?
Always remember that it is your wedding. Don’t be afraid to make it more personal not only in styling but also in choosing whom to celebrate it with. In a few years, it won’t really matter how grand it was. What will stick are snippets of intimate moments shared with the people you truly hold dear.

Photos by Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor-Villaruel, courtesy of K by Cunanan

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Promise Wedding: Marry Now, Party Later

This is the intimate wedding of our dreams!

We’re having a small one now and our bigger wedding later on.” If you’ve been saying this to all your friends and relatives who have been asking about your upcoming wedding, let this promise wedding shoot featuring real life engaged couple Cedric Dy and Hazel Hao inspire you. 

Chestknots, who photographed the couple, says a promise wedding can be your intimate civil wedding plus an exchanging of vows now with the promise of continuing to celebrate via a grand celebration next year. The goal of a promise wedding is to unite a couple in marriage now and the partying can be done when things settle. Think of a promise wedding as an elevated civil wedding: private, aesthetically pleasing, and full of love from your nearest and dearest.

What are your weddings plans?
Hazel Hao (HH): Our wedding is on August 16, 2020. It was supposed to be a big church wedding with a hotel reception with guests who will be flying in from different places--US, Canada, Taiwan. As of now, we are still pushing through with our church wedding on the same date, but we are awaiting government guidelines for our reception. We have all the necessary documents and suppliers already for August, and Ced and I really just want to get married and start our lives together.

How did you feel on the day of your promise wedding? What was going through your mind, what were you feeling?
HH: We didn't really plan to have the promise wedding, but when Julianne (my wedding gown designer) asked me if we wanted to have it, we jumped on the idea. It seemed like a fun and nice way to show couples (ourselves included) that we can still have a beautiful and meaningful wedding even in this pandemic.

What are your tips for couples who are considering to do a  promise wedding?
HH: Just have fun with it--it's a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. You can still go for all the things you dream of having on your wedding, such as the beautiful gowns, styling, etc. Situations may change but you can still adapt and make your wedding day as beautiful and meaningful as possible. Also, a promise wedding allows you to just enjoy your day with your significant other without worrying about entertaining a lot of guests.

See Chestknots' beautiful photos below!

Rings: J's Diamond Jewellery| Rooftop Venue: Avire Tower | Preps venue: Lucas Studios | Planner: Teena Barretto | Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa | Gown: Julianne Syjuco | Suit: Edwin Tan | Photo: Chestknots | Video: Notion in Motion | Fashion Stylist: Jeff Galang | Make Up: Mariah Santos | Caterer: Bizu Catering Studio | Cake: Bethany Dream Cakes | Stationary: Print Divas | Rentals: Cl Decor & Casa Luxia | Shoes: Jefferson Si Designs | Hairpiece: Gaud Manila

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Cakes by: Bethany Dream Cakes
Caterer by: Bizu Catering Studio (Philippine Pastries Inc.)
Photographers by: Chestknots Studios
Videographers by: Notion in Motion Videography
Wedding & Engagement Ring by: J'S Diamond
Wedding Planner by: Teena Barretto Events
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How Safe Is It to Have My Makeup Done?

Yes--but make sure your makeup artist practice these protocols below

Of all the wedding suppliers that we’ll be working with, a makeup artist is the one who will be unable to socially distance from us. In fact, part of their job is touch areas of your face that is highly advised not to be touched as part of safety precautions. Does this mean you should skip getting your makeup done by a professional? Not everyone has the skills of a beauty vlogger who will likely survive doing her own makeup for special occassions. So we asked Nybie Ng, professional makeup artist and former medical technologist her tips on booking a makeup artist and what we should look out for to ensure safety. 

How safe is it to have my makeup done by a professional? Should I worry about makeup used by makeup artists being contaminated by clients before me?

Nybie Ng (NN): During this time of the pandemic and the new normal, we cannot assure you to be 100% risk free (unless you perform rapid tests a few hours before the event –Eds) but if we comply with a strict sanitation, disinfection, and personal protective equipments encouraged by the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), we can protect ourselves and our clients from the spread of the disease. Proper knowledge and information can benefit both the client and the artist. We can be safe and beautiful at the same time. Weddings are after all, a necessity to start the basic foundation of life, a family. 

What protocols are you putting in place as a makeup artist for weddings? 

NN: First off, in the laboratory, it’s a rule of thumb to treat every specimen as positive. At a time like this, it is important for everyone to treat everyone as positive. It would cause us makeup artists to move with additional precaution. We are more exposed, since we are the wedding suppliers who are in close contact with clients, usually less than one meter. And we are close to the most contaminating parts of the body like the eyes, nose, and the mouth as we apply makeup. 

For safety and precaution, we must consider the three crucial parts in a makeup appointment. (Listed below are important steps brides can look out for and important information for professional makeup artists as well.)

First is the pre-appointment preparation: 

1. Sanitizing and disinfecting tools of the trade pre appointment is a must: UV light sanitation and 10% sodium hypochlorite or bleach spray can help disinfect tools and kits.

2. Hand washing is must. 

3. Preparing PPE for the appointment (face mask, gloves [hair and makeup artists must comply with the handwashing procedure before and after using the gloves], faceshield, protective clothing/gown, hair in a ponytail or hair away from the face, cap is optional) 

4. Covid-19 - Health check form for clients.

5. Prepare ziplock bags for used brushes and for garbage disposal.

6. Team members are to arrive earlier to sanitize the room, tables and chairs, to be used by the client. 

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Second is during the appointment:

1. Avoid touching your own face and neck during the whole duration of the appointment. 

2. It is highly advisable to use one brush set per client to avoid contamination. 

3. Wearing of the proper protective equipment prepared before the appointment. 

After the hair and makeup application: 

1. All used brushes are to be placed in a separate bag for disinfection and sanitation. 

2. Used PPE are to be placed in a separate bag as well and to be laundried separately. 

3. Shower right after getting home.

Is it okay for my mother or future mother in law to have her makeup done? What if she is a senior citizen? 

NN: It would be their discretion if they want to have their makeup done. If she is a senior citizen, it would be best if you have a waiver.

Should I still do a trial? How can I make sure it is safe? 

NN: This is again the discretion of the client. But during this pandemic it is best to limit exposure. It would be best to get a makeup artist who is credible and trustworthy. That is the advantage of getting a professional makeup artist rather than fly by night artist. You would be paying more but the chances that the appointment will be safer.

Photos courtesy of Nybie Ng

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This GCQ Wedding Used Zoom and a Photobooth

Their garden wedding was scheduled a day before the lockdown and almost three months later, they tied the knot with only 10 in attendance

Alvin and Trisha Sy had a summer wedding planned on March 14, exactly a day before the Enhanced Community Quarantine began. The couple postponed their wedding indefinitely that same week. Although they actually could've pushed through with it, Alvin and Trisha were considerate of their province-based relatives who might face the possibility of getting stuck in Manila had they pushed through with the wedding.

Trisha was naturally torn up that her dream wedding had just vanished. But once the couple decided to get married in June, Alvin and Trisha promised themselves they would make the most out of the situation. Since they were just waiting for their wedding day, all their gowns and suits were already ready. This is why the 10 in attendance were dressed in their formal wear just like they would have as the entourage. As Alvin says, "be firm with the decision and it doesn’t matter kung maiba man yung plano or hindi. But it’s that 'I’m going to marry you', and I think kailangan maramdaman yun ng fiancee niyo. That you’re really sold out."

See the photos of their GCQ wedding and read what they have to say about switching to smaller wedding and what they learned about marriage below.

Alvin and Trisha's suppliers:

Cake by Daniel's Bakeshop

Gown and mask by Ericka Evangelista

Hair and makeup by Nybie Ng

Flowers by Amante Fleurs Event Styling

Photobooth by I Capture Photobooth

How did you feel when you postponed your wedding?  Trisha:  We waited for three months. It was an emotional rollercoaster three months for us. Ang dami kong pinag-daanan. Ang dami kong iniyak. For one, my dream wedding of having a garden ceremony during summer with complete family members and friends. Aside from that, everything was almost paid for. We were just waiting for the day! Also, just the uncertainty—you really don’t know when you can get married. It became very real after the first two weeks of ECQ.
How did you decide to #tuloyangkasal? Alvin: Later on we talked to our pastor that when we move into GCQ, game na. We were looking for venues. Our pastor naman was helpful to give suggestions kung saan pwedeng ikasal. Kasi pag sa bahay, hindi na kasya yung 10 guests. Trisha: We decided that what we have prepared for—let’s do it! We only prepared for a week actually.
What was it like when you talked to your suppliers? Trisha: We contacted our suppliers, the ones that we felt were essential like the cake, my makeup, and the flowers, and the gowns. Three days before ko lang sila na-contact when we were able to finalize the date and the time and that it would push through. Our wedding was in June 6 and we contacted them only on June 3! They were so helpful—I’d like to thank them actually—because the suppliers will really help you because you’ve already built your relationship with them. With our cake, instead of a three tier, naging single layer siya. It was more simple but they did it excellently. The flowers, they delivered it on the day. For makeup, we talked about sanitation and all the guidelines. It was just me in the room, and dalawa lang kami [ng makeup artist].  My siblings did their own makeup, ako lang yung nagpa-makeup. Alvin: Our other suppliers, we decided to have it open booking since we understand the situation and all of us are in the same boat with this pandemic. So maybe a year from now, we’ll have a celebration with the rest of our family and friends. If not, first birthday ng anak?
How did you decide on the 10 people who would be at your wedding? Alvin and Trisha: We decided that we would like to celebrate and share the memories of our wedding with family. All who attended the wedding are immediate family members. Alvin had his parents with him and Trisha belongs to a family of six. All her siblings were invited too. 
Aside from doing a zoom wedding, you were able to still have a photobooth! How did you do that? Alvin: For our photobooth, the initial was send a picture they want to share with us and we’ll have it framed. Yung iba sa top naka-formal, sa baba naka-shorts.
Did you feel your small wedding was any less special? Trisha: Noong una, it did feel like that. And then when I finally said “let’s do it!”, nawala siya. I became really excited. It was so special kahit na there are hiccups along the way. We decided to make it really special for the two of us. It wasn’t my decision or his decision only—we became united. Alvin: The conversation we had was to settle in our hearts is that the wedding we will have will still be the same whether it is big or small.
What are your tips for couples doing a smaller wedding than they initially planned? Alvin: For the guys, we need to be sold out with our decision. Kaya I was the first one who accepted na okay lang whether it’s going to be small or big. Papakasalan ko pa rin siya. Kasi wala naman nag-bago eh. It’s not the time or the place, but it’s really that. And just be firm with that decision and it doesn’t matter kung maiba man yung plano or hindi. But it’s that “I’m going to marry you”, and I think kailangan maramdaman yun ng fiancee niyo. That you’re really sold out. Doon nila makikita how you’re going to be leading them as well. Then we’ll see paano natin ito nalagpasan together. Trisha: For the ladies, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be emotional at first. Second is learn to accept that we are not in control. Times have changed. May new normal na tayo. Move on with your planning. Be excited with your planning! Kung gusto niyo ituloy ang kasal, ituloy niyo ang kasal! Identify what is important for both of you.  Because that date will really be special and it will be something you’ll both remember.
What have you learned about marriage during your wedding plans? Alvin and Trisha: It has been great. We learn more about each other everyday. It is such a joy to be able to journey together and fulfill God’s purpose in our marriage and family. Our wedding day is a reminder of God’s faithfulness, love and grace. We cannot help but thank Him for His goodness in our lives. Until now, He proves Himself able and keeps His promises. This is something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Truly, He makes everything beautiful in His time.
Trisha's relatives attended their wedding via zoom. This is their photobooth souvenir from the wedding.
Alvin and Trisha's friends wore their formal wear (most of it) even for zoom. Photobooth by
Hair & Make Up Artists by: Nybie Ng Make Up Artistry
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Wedding Gown Inspos for Your Intimate Wedding

4 Dreamy Wedding Dresses to Save as Pegs

Planning to have a smaller wedding but still want to look goregeous and dreamy? We hear you. You don’t have to give up on those wedding gown Pinterest boards. The key is in the details, especially for intimate weddings where your loved ones will be seeing your gown up close. Whether you’re going to buy one off the rack or have one custom made, here are four inspos to love. Scroll down for the photos!

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1. Sleek silhouette – Since you may not be renting a large venue and maybe getting married in smaller rooms or even your home, a ballgown might be too overwhelming. Look for sleek silhouettes that flatter your figure instead. (Gown by Ines De Santo Fall 2020)
2. Keep the beads – You don’t have to skip the embroidery or beadwork! Smaller details are great for intimate weddings because you’ll be speaking with all your guests up close and personal rather than from a stage, many feet away. From afar this gown will shimmer, but up close it will sparkle. (Gown by Berta Fall 2020)
3, Flowy skirts – As you move around talking to your loved ones, a flowy skirt will sway beautifully and look dreamy. If you prefer to skip the shine, try matching it with lace. (Hayley Paige Fall 2020)
4. Sexy cuts – Saunter into your wedding in a sizzling number that hugs your body in all the right places. It’s a great way to put a bit of drama into your look without it being too loud or out there. We especially love the back of this gown—just enough extra oomph for your big day with a small guest list! (Gown by Berta Fall 2020)
Gown by Berta Fall 2020
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Do Intimate Weddings Still Need Coordinators?

You may only have 10 or so in attendance, but now it’s not just running the event. It’s also ensuring safety protocols are followed

The resounding answer is yes—not just from wedding coordinators lest we think that it’s just about business. But even other major wedding suppliers, such as caterers, photographers, and videographers, are in full agreement. It may feel like an intimate wedding of 10 or even 25 to 30 is small enough to run the event on your own but as top wedding planner Christine Ong Te will share below, there’s more to the wedding planner and coordinator’s job than just running the program. 

Read her thoughts from the Love Wins Live Forum: Quarantine & New Normal Weddings.

Christine Ong Te: Yes of course, the client should consider having a coordinator. Because there are so many new protocols. Maybe you might consider that they don’t need to be at an intimate wedding physically, but the process, the planning, the dealing with the suppliers, how to manage have a good wedding reception and a good wedding ceremony, [wedding coordinators make this happen]. Kasi ako, ayoko lang isipin [gawin yung wedding] na para lang ikasal lang kayo. I still want it to be as beautiful as it can be. So I would give advice on who could be there on your wedding and number two, if coordinators will be at the wedding day—and we should really be there—kasi kami na po ang magiging police niyo on the day. Sila na po ang magiging marshals ninyo.

You know, photographers can only do so much because they are so focused to take shots. It’ll be more difficult in terms of artistic level. All the suppliers working on the wedding will not notice mask and social distancing of the guests anymore. They will probably forget that. So the coordinators’ job is to make sure that happens.

Before suppliers get into the room, who will marshal them? Kami yon. Kami yung magsasabi, marami nang tao. Labas na. Alam mo that’s a vital role. Hindi na kailangan intindihin ng parents yan, hindi na kailangan intindihan ng bride and groom yan especially.

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During the ceremony or the reception, of course we will be the ones to remind them to always wear their masks. The venues can only do so much. But definitely we need to be responsible. It’s a matter of you educating your clients—of course [madaming] emotions yan eh, [and it will be easy to forget protocols].

We are waiting for the safety protocols to be released by the National Live Events Coalition. Once it will be released, then we are the ones who will echo and explain to the suppliers and clients.

Couples will still need advise from a professional than advise from their friends. (Especially now that there are many new protocols that need to be followed, well experienced wedding coordinators and planners will be able to foresee possible hitches and help couples focus on what they want to. –Eds)


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Real Talk: Feng Shui, Sukob, and Family Matters

How can I plan my wedding when there are just so many factors to consider? Wedding Planner Christine Ong-Te has answers

Wedding Planner and Coordinator Christine Ong-Te knows how you feel--dejected, confused, sad--she's seen it all especially in her own couples who were set to wed but thrown off by the pandemic. But she says at Themes & Motifs and's Love Wins Forum: Quarantine and New Normal Wedding Celebrations last June 20, "don't lose hope." She even goes so far as to say that the pandemic may have given couples a silver lining. Find out exactly what that is by reading her thoughts below. 

I don’t want to plan my wedding anymore! It’s too hard!

Christine Ong-Te (COT): Since ECQ I’ve been saying the same thing to my couples—there’s a silver lining to all this because it’s given the couples a time to pause  or more time to prepare. Rather than thinking of canceling or lose hope on getting married, I told my couples, maybe you’ve just been given more time to prepare, more ways to save money in terms of spending.

For me, there’s so many ways to do it. The suppliers are all covid-ready when it comes to planning—as long as we are following the safety protocols, we can still deliver the same elements of meaning, the emotions, though the sad part is if you’re planning to get married during GCQ, you’re only allowed to be 10 [in attendance]. But that doesn’t limit you. The suppliers are very versatile in terms of creativity. Right now we’re all into zoom, so your guests can still watch. But it doesn’t end there because you can still push for the main celebration next year. There are couples who want to push for it because their documents are already around and they don’t want to go back—mahirap kasi yun e.

What do you think about a small wedding now and a big wedding next year?

COT: Minsan sinasabi ko sa couple, masaya rin. Na-experience mo siya not once but twice. Lagi kong sinasabi sa mga couple ko, para siyang dinner rehearsal per se, na may kasamang kasal na. Kung kaya mong i-push yung wedding to next year and okay lang sayo that the reception is next year, because I understand tayong mga Filipino--of course the Chinese-Filipino clients I have would love to have their family around them and would love to have their friends around them, then push it to next year. Suppliers are very flexible in terms of their contract so you can have the ceremony now [if you prefer].

I had my heart set on a big celebration! And that’s what my family wants too.

COT: Mali kasi yung notion na ikakasal ka dahil sa dami ng tao, hindi ganun yun eh. The idea of getting married is between the bride and the groom, that’s about it. It doesn’t matter kung dalawa kayo, kung lima, anim, pito, o sampu. Before this pandemic happened, I’ve had my own set of weddings na 16 lang sila. I’ve even had five or 10 lang sila. Masaya pa rin sila. Again it’s really up to the couple, in terms of how they want to get married during this time.

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My suggestion is if you don’t want to go through the process of getting the documents, then go, get married. And think about having a bigger reception next year. Kumbaga mag-p-pause ka, you will just park your big wedding and pick it up next year.

I can’t wait for next year because we have other plans that’s relying on our wedding. We should just push through with it?

COT: If you are in a position that I haven’t processed my documents, then you can push it to next year. There are so many reasons, there are some couples who are waiting for petitions, they’re waiting for personal matters and they need to get married, or tinatawag na magkakasunod yung magkakapatid so sukob kasi—my suggestion is have your wedding this year then have your reception next year. Hindi na sukob yun kasi kasal ka naman na this year.

This year is my year! That’s our feng shui!

COT: Being a coordinator for most of my clients are Chinese, so if your feng shui is for this year not next year, then I suggest push it to this year. Have a small wedding. I have weddings that are just going to be in the homes.

So pwede ba ikasal—yes! Paano? That’s where your coordinator enters the picture. My motto in life is nothing is impossible, everything is possible. The pandemic is just there, but God will provide us with lots of windows to look into. Naniniwala ako na kahit small wedding lang yan, the meaning of the wedding itself, mas mararamdaman mo kasi kayo kayo nalang yan eh.

Should I still book suppliers?

COT: Grab the opportunity. Ito ang silver lining ng wedding planning natin, kasi you guys get to book the suppliers at their most discounted rate and the most reasonable rate they can give! These discounts and promos are also because we want to give back because we know our clients are also affected somehow. This is the time to book your suppliers na hindi ka na-t-traffic, hindi ka nagagastusan na kumain sa restaurant. Do not lose hope! Continue planning.

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Pat Dy on Intimate Weddings, Rapid Tests, and SDEs

Have you been thinking about how your wedding documentation teams are going to capture your memories safely? While we can easily assume that they will probably be socially distanced from us when they shoot, there are many other tasks and things to consider for photographers and videographers which may not come to mind to clients and celebrants. For one--are we still going to be able to shoot the couple per table with their guests? What about the trend of engagement sessions abroad, can this still be done? Pat Dy, author of the first Philippine wedding photography book Love Behind the Lens and top wedding photographer, talked to about wedding photography in the new normal.

Read his thoughts on rapid tests, protocols, SDEs, and engagement shoots below.

On Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings, mas ramdam. Everyone’s talking, everyone’s focusing. Sometimes ‘pag sobrang daming guests, half of them hindi nakikinig. Ito, kita mo, the environment was really quiet. In the zone, nakikinig lahat. Ramdam mo, everyone’s listening to what they’re saying.

[When shooting,] whatever is there, we work with it and we also move things around so that we can get a cleaner shot. What’s nice about intimate weddings is there is more time to shoot the couple. Siyempre before, ang laki ng entourage, ang daming nangyayari throughout the day, parang sometimes may A to Z ng nangyayari. And then after Z, back to A nanaman! Sometimes we’re stuck in this box that we need to do all these pictures, etc. etc., nawawala na yung totoong essence ng wedding, it’s just for show.

75% of couples who work with us always say “We want a smaller wedding but our parents want a big one”--I was joking the other day—they always want to invite the whole barangay. But now is the best time to do an intimate wedding!

On Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Labati’s Civil Wedding 

I think Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Labati’s wedding gave a lot of couples an idea on how to do their civil wedding. Of course, since they are celebrities, napansin na “Uy it’s possible to have a beautiful, intimate wedding”. So I guess na-inspire rin lahat because of this wedding.

On the Same Day Edit (SDE)

It’s going to be a post edit. Number two, the SDE was designed for guests who will not be able to make it to the church. Or when it’s a big group—at the hundreds—and they’re way at the back. So they can’t really see what’s happening at the church, etc. Ngayon sa intimate weddings, wala nang SDE since nakikita naman lahat that’s happening with the limited number [of guests]. And in terms of photo and video, for the future events we’ll be doing, we’re trying to push for at least two photographers and two videographers. Number one, angle and safety—kasi what if ma-cover ka and hindi makunan yung what’s needed—so maganda pa rin two photographers and we’re pushing for that.

On Engagement Shoots

Wala nang mga abroad shoots, some couples are opting for maybe next year nalang. Maybe like a post-wedding portrait session na. We have a few couples inquiring, that since we have a studio, why not do it in the studio? Nagpa-advise ako sa mga doctor friends ko and sabi nila, it’s more risky to have it indoor. Just have it outdoors, better. When they’re having their makeup, iwasan nalang muna yung kwentuhan with the couple, have the makeup artist and the hair person with the bride. Then dress up, then come out and shoot. Then we can start taking photos. So iwasan yung hanging out in one small area.

On Protocols and Rapid Testing

I’ve also come up with protocols for my team—of course the face shields and face masks. And the biggest question right now is is how are we going to test our suppliers, if they are covid-free? For the next wedding, most probably, if you’re going to have us tested, it’s better if it’s just an hour or two before. I’ve heard with other weddings, let’s say the call time is 3 PM, they are asked to come at 9 AM. 9 AM because there are many who will be tested and that is the schedule of the technician. Our answer there is, if they are going to wait for six hours just to shoot your ceremony, they’ll already be so tired just waiting around with all their face masks and shields. So one or two hours before is enough. And have it on site. Don’t make them go somewhere else that’s far and hot—everyone will encounter difficulty and the quality of the work of your suppliers will suffer.

If the couple wants to have us tested, the correct way is to have it done on the day itself. In our protocols, we’ve also stated that we can find a testing facility that is close to or nearby to us before we proceed to your wedding. If you have a medical technician or nurse who can administer on site, the better. Just not six hours before. Just one or two only.

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On the wedding day, everyone should really go through the rapid test—suppliers, guests, the couple. Family pictures inside the hotel room, iiwasan na yan kasi masyadong enclosed. If you’re doing family pictures, maybe at the lobby? Or inside the big function room so that there’s spacing. The other thing in our protocols, if there is someone with an underlying condition, like a cough or is sick, please do not enter the room anymore. Don’t force yourself.

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Photograph courtesy of Pat Dy
Photograph courtesy of Pat Dy
Photograph courtesy of Pat Dy
Photograph courtesy of Pat Dy
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To Our Dads on Father’s Day

One of the most wonderful things to enjoy about your wedding day is being with your family during a major milestone. We at love seeing beautiful your wedding photos, but we have to admit that our favorites are of those with the bride and groom's parents. So this Father’s Day, here’s a little tribute and a short thank you to all our fathers.

Happy Father’s Day! 

Share this blog with your dad, your future father-in-law, and to your father figures!

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Thank you, Dad, for teaching me the ways of life. (Dakota Lin and father prepare for the wedding, photograph courtesy of Nice Print Photography)
Thank you, Dad, for showing me what love is. (Carla Pineda Paceno dances with her father, photograph courtesy of Nice Print Photography)
There are not enough thank yous to express my gratitude. (Photo from Figueroa-Dumaop wedding, courtesy of Fresh Minds Digital Photography)
I’ll always be your little girl. (Belle Gil Ang shares a moment with her father, photograph courtesy of Nice Print Photography)
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Photographers by: Fresh Minds Photography