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Wedding Planning Advice

Wedding Planning Advice from Real Couples
Get the lowdown from the newly married who just survived what you’re stressing over because we all know wedding planning is anything but a walk in the par —whether you have a coordinator or not—we put together a list of advice from couples who just recently tied the knot. Here’s their words of wisdom to help you get through your wedding planning with a smile:
1) Set a budget first, you need to decide how much you can spend on your wedding. Start the guest list before deciding on your venue, get an idea first of how many guests you will host. – Bernard and Belle Ang
2) Consider borrowing items that will be used once from your friends and family. I borrowed my bridal robe for the bridal preparation from one of my bridesmaids. I also borrowed my sister’s jewelry. – Rachell Masinag-Marquez
3) DO. NOT. BRING. YOUR. PHONE. Leave it. There is no reason for you to bring it anyway! First, because it’s a distraction; and second, it looks poofy inside your pocket when you take photos. – Aiko and Nikkolai Sy
4) Be nice to your coordinators and suppliers. After all, you will not have much time to actively work on the details on the wedding day itself. It’s your coordinator and suppliers who will make things happen. – Atty. Walter and Rheya Mactal
5) You don’t have to get all the expensive suppliers. However, there are certain suppliers worth the investment (like the photographer, videographer, wedding gown, and caterer). Talk to multiple suppliers to get the best possible deal. Also, make sure to attend wedding expos since suppliers typically lower their prices or throw in additional extras for your special event. – Jeff and Colleen Gonzaga
6) There is never a perfect wedding, there will always be some shortcomings, but the very essence of this milestone is to enjoy every bit of it and never worry of what might go wrong. Communicate with your partner on what are his take and point of view. It’s very important that you agree on things together and that he should also be informed of this and that to avoid confusion. – Alexa Aranas-Gorgonia
7) Get an all-in wedding coordination package from day one. Don’t worry about the fi nances because they will all come back. The husband needs to put in effort, the bride can’t do all the work. – Paolo and Faye Roa
8) Lastly, increase your patience and understanding. This doesn’t come overnight. Wedding planning is stressful. As a couple, we felt the pressure during the third to the fourth month leading up to our wedding day. If not for each other’s patience and understanding, little (or big) fi ghts are inevitable. Pray for each other, more than you pray for the wedding itself. – Aiko and Nikkolai Sy

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A Nod to Nature

Celebrate milestones the cleaner,
greener, and more sustainable way

Written by: Marielle Ong

Once-in-a-lifetime events deserve special care and attention, but so do our planet and the people who live in it. This is the time to be more aware of our actions and their effects on the world around us, and this applies to both big days and everyday life. If you’d like to adopt some conscious consumption practices for your milestone event, here are some small steps that can make a big difference.
All in One : A one-stop-shop celebration venue is a dream in more ways than one. First, you and your guests will only have to look for parking spaces once. Second, the wedding party can go from the ceremony to the reception without having to sit through traffic a second time. Third, event venues usually have complete and customizable packages, so you won’t have to scout for suppliers far and wide. Fourth, plenty of venues come with gardens or have palace-like exteriors, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities for photo ops. That’s practical and a great reduction in carbon footprint for you and all your guests. Flip to “It’s All About Location” on page 49 for venues that can hold both your ceremony and reception.
Spacing Out : What’s totally free and will look good in photos? Natural light! It’s the photographer’s best friend that reduces electricity consumption. Get the most out of the free lighting by hosting a morning wedding at an outdoor venue, or at least opt for a venue with well placed skylights.
Sensible Styling : Seek out an event stylist who doesn’t just have a creative eye, but also one with a knack for repurposing and reinventing the decor from his or her other events. Those candelabras and fairy lights will look just as good at your bash as it did the previous event. It’s only a matter of getting crafty to make the details look fresh every time.
Room for Growth : Cut flowers are gorgeous, but you can level up the sustainability factor of your event by picking up potted plants instead. Pots can easily be dressed up with pretty stones, ribbons, and fabric. Recycled jars and pails can look just as fetching. These can also double as your giveaway to guests.
Perfectly Imperfect : In deciding an aesthetic and theme for your celebration, try something that won’t require matchy-matchy perfection. A rustic theme usually leaves a lot of room for mismatched elements, like differently sized chairs, mixed glassware, and assortments of vases. Thus, you can source some of the decor from thrift shops, saving some money in the process and repurposing pre-loved items. They can even double as party favors or decor for your shared home.
Love Local : 
Show the local food industry some love by supporting locally produced ingredients for your menu. You and your potential caterer should discuss the sourcing of ingredients and how you can include more local finds to the mix. This may mean going the Filipino, Asian, or fusion food route. A good chef will appreciate the challenge. The same goes for drinks. Support local and artisanal distilleries, but make sure that the products from smaller distilleries are certified safe to drink.
Veg Out : The reality is that meat has quite a lot of carbon emissions compared to vegetables. And while you can’t force your guests to go vegetarian, you can up the veggie dishes served at the reception while keeping the meat to a minimum.
Let Them Eat Cake : Say no to styro by requesting an all-edible cake or an assortment of smaller cakes that can also be served to guests for dessert. For decor, replace plastic toppers with fresh fruits
The Written Word : The extreme way of cutting down on paper usage is to embrace being digitally savvy and eschew the printed invitations altogether. Facebook Events can be quite effective in disseminating reminders to those near and dear to you, and digital e-vites can be laid out beautifully at minimal cost. But if you would prefer physical copies, try reducing the number of pages to print or springing for recycled paper. Read more about it on page 48.
Digging for Treasure : When it comes to accessories, the goal is to reduce mining. The rest of your big day bling can double as your “something borrowed” from close friends and relatives. If there are loose stones and heirlooms around, you can have them set or reset to your specifications. Purchasing vintage jewelry is another option, and you’ll be getting a side of history to boot.
Dress Accordingly : When outfitting your entourage, welcome classic cuts and designs that they can wear to other special occasions. It’ll be flattering to see them enjoy your sartorial options over and over.
The Vintage Edit : Not quite comfortable with the concept of a wedding outfit you can only wear once? How about revamping that “something old”? You can alter or embellish Mom’s wedding dress and maybe spice it up while you’re at it. Then there’s the option to rent a dress or buy a cleaned pre-loved one, as there are many brides who sell their wedding gowns online and sometimes donate the sales to a good cause. Another way is to resell your new gown your

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We are So There ...

Tips to tackling your dream destination wedding
by Marielle Ong

A getaway on your special day sounds like a real-life fantasy. But with great destinations come great responsibility. Here’s what you need to remember to make your faraway land wedding-ready.
Choose your team wisely : Suppliers can make or break an event, so you need to tap reliable ones for your big day. But when you consider a faraway venue, you’re due for some additional research. How reliable are they on their home turf? Have they done destination weddings before? How are logistic costs handled? Suppliers local to  our destination of choice are another option, though you’ll have to check out their reviews and find out if they’re reputable.
Consider a coordinator : You could be dealing with different time zones or just the extra stress of making arrangements with teams that are hundreds of miles away. A helping hand from a pro could be beneficial in keeping it together when things come to a head. Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia reportedly handed over the reins to their coordinator and event stylist, and the team did not disappoint
• Expect the unexpected : When long-distance communication and long-haul traveling are involved, you just have to have the resilience and the sense of humor to make it through the challenges. Try your best to prepare for the more obvious variables such as errant weather, but learn to take the little issues in stride. Despite the seemingly picture- perfect France wedding of Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, the behind-the-scenes action was actually intense with last-minute reports of strikes and some difficulties with the church’s requirements. They managed and you will, too.
• Send the invites in advance : Because your guests will have to make travel and accommodation arrangements and even take their leaves from work, it’s only fair to give them the heads-up as early as possible. Drop hints via e-vites, wedding websites, or by personally reaching out.
• Offer basic assistance : While you’re not expected to shoulder transportation and lodging costs, you should at least refer guests to transpo companies and nearby hotels. A helpful map with directions to nearby dining establishments, malls, and convenience stores would be a thoughtful touch. Bonus points if you can arrange for discounted rates to be given to your guests.
• Plan a program : Realistically, we’re talking about a long weekend affair. Guests are expected to arrive the day before to settle in, so some sort of luncheon or dinner is in  rder in lieu of the usual rehearsal dinner. Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis had a well-documented welcome party prior to their New Zealand wedding. It gave their guests a chance to relax and take lots and lots of photos. Anticipate a three-day lineup to schedule meals before and after the wedding day.
• Hurry to the honeymoon : This is more of an optional thing, but it is quite practical to stay in your destination and enjoy the next few days after the wedding as husband and wife. You won’t have to spend double on transportation, and it’s an excellent way to unwind after all the planning stresses.
"Try your best to prepare for the more obvious variables such as errant weather, but learn to take the little issues in stride."

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Sanity-Saving Couple Activities

These SANITY-SAVING couple activities can SOOTHE the strains of the wedding planning.

1) FRUSTRATIONS MOUNT. TENSIONS ARE ON THE RISE Stress is at an all-time high. It starts to get to the point where you are even turning on each other. Who would’ve thought that you’d have to go through all of these to plan the happiest day of your lives?
We get it. The logistics of pulling off a major event is almost enough to make a bride- or groomzilla out of even the sweetest couples, but it doesn’t have to be a trial by fire to make the magic happen. Wedding planning can be just as strengthening to a relationship as it is stressful. It’s all about finding things to bond over despite a hectic schedule or a tight budget, and we present five ways to unwind and bring out the LOVE and UNITY in your team.
2) WINE AND DINE - Okay, this might be a convenient excuse to stress eat and drink, but let’s call it a cheat day instead. You learn something new (and sophisticated!) at wine tastings and oenology classes. Each session is usually just a few hours long, and you can already select, with panache, the type/s of wine you’ll be serving at the reception. Did we mention the food pairings that are included in some classes?
3) STEP IT UP ON THE DANCE FLOOR - Channel those frustrations into a creative outlet! Instead of looking at wedding dance rehearsals as a requirement to get through the traditional program structure, turn it into the performance of a lifetime. Pick a fun song, coordinate with your choreographer/dance instructor, and shimmy the stresses away. When you are paying close attention to learning the moves, that singular task allows you to detach from everything else to focus on the moment.
4) NETFLIX AND CHILL, LITERALLY - Who says you even have to leave the house to go into a fantasy world? Settle down on the couch and bring out the popcorn because a good ‘ol fashioned binge watch session is in order. When it gets to the point where all you seem to talk about are swatches and seating charts, perhaps it’s time to catch a flick and insert some plot discussions into the program. Get lost in the movie and relax your mind in the process.
5) GO ON A FIELD TRIP - Get inspired! Visit an art gallery, a museum, or a park to appreciate the beauty of creation and art masterpieces. Who knows, you might even get inspirations for your wedding styling.
6) IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - Speaking of mood, why not create a mood board together? If you are in the earlier stages of planning the wedding, there is that onslaught of possibilities that can be overwhelming. Rather than be pressured to pluck a theme out of thin air, let it be a gradual and organic process by jointly working on a mood board. Fill it up with your favorite images until a clearer overall concept emerges. Then you can proudly say that the theme was a truly collaborative effort.
The good vibes doesn’t have to be limited to the bride and groom. Make it a team building activity that your entourage can enjoy, pre-wedding style:
ALL A-BOARD. It can be something as simple as setting up a game night to get everybody energized. It could be a BYOBG (Bring Your Own Board Game) gathering or you can stage the event at a board game cafe. Hey, a little bit of friendly competition never hurts.
SING-ALONG WITH ME. Hit the high notes together with a karaoke challenge. Belting out favorite tunes is a Pinoy pastime, so give in to the musicality that’s in your blood.
PAINT BY NUMBERS. For fans of “adulting”, an artistic endeavor coupled with a glass of wine is the perfect way to unwind with pals while dishing about everything and nothing. Luckily, there are special establishments that are built around such a concept.
DIVE IN. You loved it in high school, and you still do it now: Pool party! What better way to cool off and chill out at the same time than by spending an afternoon or evening with your besties splashing around the water without a care in the world.

(All Photos from SHUTTERSTOCK.COM)
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How NOT to Sweat the Small Stuff

A.K.A. The gentleman’s guide on how not to sweat the small stuff

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE BRIDEZILLA IS A REAL THING. We’ve heard a hundred stories before and we know that some brides get the bad rap for being a little “passionate” when it comes to getting the details just right. But wait a minute! A fair share of intense grooms exist as well - brutally frank, won’t mince words, sometimes just a bit too harsh. So where is the fine line between being an ace and being annoying? Well, here are ten make or break stressful instances and how you can maintain that gentlemanly composure.
1) YOUR SUIT MIGHT NEED ALTERATIONS - You reserve the right to get a little critical, especially if you had your wedding suit custom-tailored. Sure, there are things you can go easy on as long as you know what the most important components are of a properly fitting suit.
For example, the sleeves on your blazer should start right at the tip of your shoulder, so that it doesn’t hang awkwardly by looking too big or small. You should be able to button up the blazer without it bunching up on the torso. The fabric of your pants should not be “pooling” at your shoes, so any break in your pants hem should be kept to a minimum. The sleeves should allow a little bit of the shirt cuff to peek through. There are several other rules to find a good fit, but these are some of the most noticeable. You won’t be labeled a diva for trying to get them right.
2) YOU WORRY THAT YOUR GROOMSMEN MIGHT OVERCUSTOMIZE THEIR OUTFITS - Entourage aesthetic rightfully deserves attention too! For the most part, you’ve got your buddies in uniform with the standard issue threads they’ll be rocking to the wedding. And then there are the accessories… If the theme is traditional and there’s no room for those funky graphic socks, don’t be afraid to drop the hint in the convos leading up to the big day. Casually slip words like ‘black tie’, ‘formal’, and ‘conservative’ when discussing the upcoming nuptials. If you’ve got selfies of your suit fitting, send a pic under the pretense of asking if it looks okay. Seeing how dapper you look is a pretty big hint for them to follow your lead.
3) YOUR GUEST LIST IS KINDA SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL - This happens all too often to engaged couples. The guest list is no laughing matter as this basically dictates the allocation of your wedding budget, especially for food and venue.
The key is to sit down with your bride-tobe and list your potential guests while simultaneously sorting them according to absolutely essential (for family and closest friends), celebration staples (extended family and good friends), and acquaintances. Aside from trimming from that list, you can also be stricter with plus ones. Specify on the invitations how many seats are reserved for each guest so that the controlled number comes across as crystal clear.
4) YOU AND YOUR BRIDE-TO-BE DISAGREE ON SOME PLANNING ASPECTS - Just as with other conflicts you face as a couple, it is careful communication
that keeps the peace and helps you reach a compromise. Be organized in presenting the points to each other. Make a pros and cons list to compare, if necessary. For matters concerning budget allocation, bear in mind that you can spend more on one thing, but compromise by reducing costs on another. Now if it’s a matter of taste, try to continue looking for options until you can both come to an agreement, or you can each take on a certain planning aspect and agree to respect each other’s choices in the spirit of fairness.
5) YOUR BRIDE GETS UPSET - Crunch time takes its toll, especially on the soon-to-weds. It could be from the hectic schedule, not seeing eye to eye with your suppliers, or any other small frustrations that start to build up as the days go by. Either way, you can sense that your ladylove is about to have a meltdown, and you don’t know what to do…
Well, this is the time to be the proverbial rock in the relationship. Resist the urge to snap, even when you feel a little frustrated too when she can’t immediately voice out what it is that bothers her. Stress how willing you are to listen to her and show empathy. When necessary, step in and deal with some of the suppliers on her behalf. Seeing the effort you put in drives home.
6) YOU’RE CONCERNED THAT THE BACHELOR AND BACHELORETTE PARTIES MIGHT GET OUT OF HAND - We know, we know. These things can get completely crazy and it isn’t even necessary to start detailing how naughty things can get. But if you’re starting to get a little nervous about what might go down at the stag and hen night, then it’s time to talk it out with your fiancee.
Discuss where you both stand on “adult entertainment” and where you draw the line,  hen let the person throwing the party know what’s cool and what isn’t. Also, remember that it’s a two-way street: If you’re thinking of something less than wholesome, then she can have that too. To be safe, we recommend a joint bachelor-bachelorette party. Because, hello, it’s 2017!
7) YOU’RE NOT THRILLED ABOUT HOW YOUR PARENTS AND FUTURE IN-LAWS ARE STARTING TO TAKING OVER - At first, it was just a simple suggestion about how you can perhaps make the planning more efficient. But now, it seems as though they’ve got a say in everything and, let’s face it, it’s starting to drive a wedge between you and your future wife. But rather than wait for an implosion, it’s time to get proactive.
Depending on which side is being a little overbearing, talk to each other about how it might be a good idea to gently remind the parentals that you’ve both got it covered. And if it just so happens that your parents are the ones who tend to infringe, then it’s time to man up and have a chat with them.
8) IT FEELS LIKE YOUR INVITES WERE JUST SEENZONED - Rather than run the risk of not preparing enough for the sudden influx of non-RSVP guests, bite the bullet and be more persistent. Send follow-up emails after one or two weeks, shoot a PM, or give them a phone call. Better safe than sorry.
9) YOU GET A DREADED ZIT ON THE BIG DAY - Keep calm and carry on. You might be surprised to learn that a little makeup artist intervention does the trick! Yes, grooms get a little help too, in order to keep skin looking non-greasy and mask any sleep deprivation that comes from last-minute wedding planning woes. Turn to your mom or sisters’ makeup artist for some assistance and they can whip out the concealer and powder to work some magic on your problem area.
10) ALL THIS TALK OF WEDDING PLANS IS STARTING TO GET TO YOU - Whether you have a long engagement and a lot of time to figure things out or a short one that has an intense schedule, there may come a point when you feel like you’re going crazy from dealing with wedding details 24/7.
This signals the need for a date night. Tell your fiancee that you BOTH could use a break by going on a date or a short retreat and promise that you’ll come back with renewed energy to get down to business. Practice what you preach by agreeing not to discuss anything weddingrelated during that period so that you get the chance to bond without guilt or pressure.

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Start Newly-Wed Life with a Blissful Trip

Start NEWLYWED LIFE with a BLISSFUL TRIP and create beautiful memories

A VACATION IS A CHANCE to bond 24/7 with loved ones minus the distractions of everyday life. The honeymoon, on the other hand, is all those things, plus the excitement of exploring a foreign land with your forever love. Make things memorable with a destination that presents opportunities to bond and grow together while enjoying all things beautiful. Behold!
SWEETHEARTS IN SEATTLE : Seattle, Washington offers a lot of wholesome fun for romantic lovers. Have a taste of the vintage and the artisanal as you take leisurely strolls along the streets in this picturesque city. Be captivated by the old charm of brick and Victorian architecture seen on the buildings that line the roads. Do not miss the specially crafted beverages in its quaint coffee shops as well as the tour around chocolate factories in the area. And let’s not forget that Seattle is also home to the very first Starbucks on Pike Place, so you can get a peek of how the world-famous coffee company started. Think of it as days of romantic coffee dates with your beloved.
HEAVEN IN HALONG BAY : They say that being able to disconnect from the digital world is the new form of luxury. If that sort of retreat tickles your fancy, then jet off to Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, and get yourselves on a boat that will sail to Halong Bay.
This Unesco World Heritage site features over a thousand limestone formations that look completely peaceful as your vessel moves past them. A popular area on the boat is the roof deck where tourists enjoy lying in the sun on lounge chairs or taking sunrise tai chi or yoga classes. A full stay also includes day trips to fishing villages and kayaking to a secluded beach. And, yes, the wifi or mobile phone signal is pretty terrible, but you probably won't mind with the view in front of you.
MELBOURNE MUSE: Experience art and culture galore in gorgeous Melbourne. With numerous theatres in the area, you can pretty much catch a play or musical for every night of your stay there. Go museum-hopping to expose yourself to modern and historical exhibits ranging from an eerie gaol (traditional prison) to the pulsating energy of contemporary art. For the foodies, a visit to the shop snacks (and an endless selection of artisanal cheese) at the Queen Victoria Market is a must. Experience the high life by traveling to the chic Toorak Village where you can check out the homes maintained by the wealthy as well as window shop at various boutiques. Finally, get to see the rest of Melbourne by going on the Yarra River Cruise.

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Don’t fall victim to these NUPTIAL NO-NOS!


EXCITEMENT, NERVES, AND EXHAUSTION are all par for the course when planning your wedding, and no one will fault you if a couple of things slip your mind. But for the major factors you don’t want to mess up, check out this list of all-too-common boo boos that can land your happy day in some hot water.
BUDGET? WHAT BUDGET? YOLO! You’re playing a dangerous game if you think this once-in-a-lifetime event is worth getting into some serious debt over. After all, there is a tomorrow after that happily-ever after moment. To manage expenses better, planning your budget allocations is the way to go. From there, you can determine what parts you will allow a little more flexibility with.
A MAJOR MAKEOVER SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA... IN THEORY. Yeah, you’ve been busy working while planning a wedding. For the sake of practicality, why not just avail of a full beauty overhaul right before the big day? Well, getting a haircut, hair color, spray tan, and the like could mean not having enough time to let a salon/spa fail properly grow out or fade in time for that walk down the aisle. The last of your major beauty prep should be done about a month in advance.
YOU WERE TOO SHY TO SAY THAT THE WEDDING CLOTHES DIDN’T FIT RIGHT DURING THE FIRST FITTING. It’s easy to shrug it off and assume that it’s just the lining anyway. However, bear in mind that it can take longer to go back and adjust, especially when your clothes are near completion. Don’t be afraid to voice out your thoughts at every step of the way, but do it politely and be concise.
NEGLECTING PARKING WHEN YOU PICK OUT YOUR VENUES. Read: HASSLE. Early as they leave for the wedding, your guests can and will show up late if they can’t find a nearby parking space. And if they have to park too far away, they’ll get to your celebration stressed out rather than chill. Ask about designated parking spaces during the occular inspection, as well as the possibility of parking validation to save your guests time and money.
YOU’RE PLANNING TO PULL A LATE NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING. On your last day as a single man or woman, it is understandable that you may be tempted to go out with a bang. All eyes will be on you the next day, however, so make sure to put in enough time for your beauty rest. Brides, it will take longer on the makeup chair to deal with puffy, sleep-starved skin. Grooms, how are you even going to hide it?
LET THE LECHON IN! A few well-meaning guests want to smuggle in the celebratory lechon or a few bottles of wine, but you didn’t get to ask the venue about it. If management is strict on corkage policy, then you are in for a hefty penalty. Furthermore, some venues will charge corkage by the bottle. Don’t take that for granted and assume that a little sweet talking is enough. If possible, have it in writing.
THE WEDDING HASHTAG IS WAY TOO COMPLICATED. The goal of the official event hashtag is to mark specific posts for the sake of compiling them together. For it to be effective, it has to be unique, catchy, and easy to remember. That said, something like #MarkAndJessicaTogetherFiveEver might not be the most practical. Instead, try a trendy portmanteau and/or include the year to make it more distinct. That first example can be shortened to something like #MARKedByJESS2018 for something short, sweet, and witty.
THE MENU LACKS ENTRÉE OPTIONS. While serving up roast beef, pork loin, and shepherd’s pie sounds like a delicious idea, your meal menu isn’t exactly friendly to the more health-conscious guests. And the label doesn’t just pertain to gym-buff buddies. Some loved ones might have dietary restrictions and it would be insensitive to relegate them to a tiny salad bar. Diversify the dish list with sumptuous fish and vegetable picks so that you can be more inclusive.
RELYING ON ORAL AGREEMENTS. Not having the plans in writing is a disaster waiting to happen! There are more than a few horror stories of weddings going wrong because the supplier failed to deliver. When the time comes for mediation, a client that doesn’t have any solid proof apart from a few text messages will have a harder time sorting things out.
IT SEEMS SUNNY ENOUGH... Summer rains and sun-showers happen. Best to be the cautious optimist in this case and discuss with your coordinator and venue rep a backup plan just in case it drizzles. They are likely to recommend tents or an alternate room you can quickly move to just in case. It also doesn’t hurt to ask if the venue has umbrellas they can lend in case it starts to pour.
YOU FORGET TO SAY ‘THANK YOU’. After the celebration, it is easy for this task to slip your mind in the excitement of setting up a new home. At the very least, send a message or make a call to let guests know that you appreciate the gesture. If you want to go the traditional route, a handwritten note is the formal way to say thanks.
A ‘WOE’rry-free Wedding: Need we say more? Okay, we will! Here are more common wedding mistakes you’ll be glad to dodge:
IN AN ATTEMPT TO KEEP THE WEDDING SHOES IN MINT CONDITION, YOU DIDN’T BREAK THEM IN. You can’t exactly dance the night away when the callouses start forming. Familiarize yourself with your shoes! Add insoles and inserts for a little more hidden comfort.
YOU WENT ON A LAST MINUTE BEACH TRIP AFTER THE MAKEUP TRIAL, AND YOU ARE LOOKING VERY, VERY TAN. In an attempt to de-stress, you’ve gotten distressed! This means a change in foundation shade and possibly a change in the color palette altogether. And if you want the look to be perfect, you’ll need to notify your makeup artist in advance so that adjustments can be made accordingly.
THE BRIDAL REGISTRY? YOU PICKED THE CHICEST, MOST OBSCURE BOUTIQUE IN TOWN! Make room for guests with various budgets. Having two registries (one for big ticket items and another for the more standard stuff) means giving your loved ones more gifting options as well as a pick of which location is more convenient for them to visit.

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Honestly Speaking

Dropping some WEDDING PLANNING TRUTH bombs from brides who look back on their BIG DAY PREP

HINDSIGHT IS 20/20, so they say. And since planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you don’t exactly get a lot of chances for do-overs unless an upcoming vow renewal is on the docket. The next best thing? Finding out as much as you can from the ones that came before you. Here are some useful things other brides wished they knew when they were doing the wedding planning:
“You could be the most organized person in the world and still be dealing with last minute details on the day of the wedding!” -B.A.
Let’s face it: All the binders, e-mails, phone calls, and SMS exchanges are for naught, if your suppliers don’t actually deliver what is expected on the day itself. And it would be a shame if you couldn’t sit back and just savor the event because you were too busy making sure that people did their jobs correctly. That’s where the on-the-day coordinator comes in. Endorse all the prep with peace of mind and enjoy your special day.
“Taking on friends and family as suppliers might not be the best idea, whether free or paid for.” -D.B.
Sure, it’s tempting to take on the offer of this friend or that relative to sponsor one aspect of the wedding, but think twice: Are they good for it? Can they take the time out from their schedule to make it happen? And if they don’t readily provide you with what was promised, are you assertive enough to follow up or emphasize exactly what you want? With the professionals, you at least get your specs in writing to safeguard your interests as well as theirs. The stress you put on your loved ones to hold up their end of the deal might not lead to the tears of joy you were hoping for on the big day.
“No matter how independent you are, family inevitably gets involved.” -O.M.
Even modern couples who agree to split the expenses 50-50 will still have to deal with the odd, overbearing relative. It could be anything from insisting on adding a bunch of people to an already-finalized guest list to suddenly springing on you an archaic family tradition they want you to uphold. It pays to discuss the scenario early on with your significant other. What allowances are you willing to make, and how do you politely shut down those pushy requests that you can’t accommodate?
“It would’ve been so helpful to have a joint e-mail account for all communications with suppliers!” -K.F
.Taking advantage of the digital age means being able to interact with your suppliers even without needing to set up a face-to-face appointment every single time. And to make the back and forth as efficient as possible, it’s ideal for everyone to be on the same page from the very start. This is especially true if you are delegating tasks to your partner. You’ll be able to check that notes and documents have been sent out, so less time for catching up and more time for moving onto the next task.
In the same vein, you could set up a Viber or Facebook group message with your coordinator to make the updates more accessible.


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Artsy Way to say, “Have a seat!”


LET’S BE HONEST: Ushering guests to the reception venue can be quite time-consuming and tedious for your wedding helpers. Traditionally, they have a printed list of RSVPs that they have to consult to share each well-wisher’s corresponding table numbers. But where’s the fun in that? In the time of DIYs, a more clever way to  et your guests going would be to present them with escort cards that they can seek out for themselves after hitting up the registration tables. And this ain’t your usual place cards! We’ve got a number of ways to spice up the seating arrangement search.
THAT’S WHAT’S UP Chill and chat! The couples of today are more inclined to take a casual approach with their nuptials to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during their romantic celebration. A lot of engaged pairs opt to create a setting that encourages guests to mingle, so the goal is to create instances for interaction with planned activities. And instead of offering up strictly fixed seating arrangements, the trend is to replace place cards with escort cards that alert guests of their table numbers without being too specific about the exact place on the table the guest should occupy.
A JOY TO BEHOLD - Presentation is everything. As we mentioned earlier, the main idea is to give off a warm, inviting vibe. For the minimalists, a clean layout coupled with calligraphy spells modern elegance. Those who adore elaborate details will appreciate illustrations, cutouts, and even various textures. A splash of color is always welcome, too!
DO THEM A FAVOR If you’re all about that efficient experience that will reduce the manpower required for the big day, why not present the escort cards with the wedding favors to make it a twofer? The giveaways can be displayed nicely at the registration table, and you’ll be sure that each guest gets to take home one.
NAMES AND NOM NOM NOMS Between the ceremony and the reception, there’s usually a cocktail hour to give the newlyweds time to take photos and freshen up. Incorporate the snack factor into your escort cards by clever presentation. The necessary info on a small piece of card can be attached to a toothpick and served with finger foods or sweets. Guests will have to look for their names to claim their treats. As for the cocktail portion, the escort cards can be attached to the glasses, but remember to use materials that aren’t so sensitive to a cool drink’s condensation.
FINISH EACH OTHER’S... Since weddings are about finding the perfect match, it makes sense that this concept applies to other aspects of the big day, escort cards included. Print out the first half of a popular saying or some catchy song lyrics on the escort cards and let guests try their hand at guessing what comes next. The second half will be framed and on the table. To clue in the clueless, post a small cheat sheet with the completed phrases and a list of the names of guests who are meant to be seated in each table.
CARD TIPDS: Add some pizzazz to your escort cards with these memorable aesthetic elements:
GLITTER - We could all use a little extra sparkle! Tightly packed glitter adds instant texture. You can even make it subtle by going for a single side border, or you could go for something more elaborate with a border that goes all the way around.
WATERCOLOR - Your guests will be tempted to take home the lovely works of art before them. Painted illustrations are a way to channel that custom-made feel, and you can upload the original image to your computer to process it and be able to print it out numerous times.
ORIGAMI FOLDS - Take a cue from the Japanese to showcase neat lines and a 3D design. At the same time, the look is still minimalist and refined.
SLEEVES - Wrapped up pretty and neat, the sleeve adds a little more heft to the escort cards and provides a little peek-a-boo factor.

Plan Your Wedding

Vehicle that Glides with your Personalities


HOP ON IN, because a sleek bridal car is part of your big day look! While you might be busy obsessing over outfits and accessories, the bridal car is actually the first sign of your presence as you pull up to the ceremony venue and as you arrive at the reception location. So why not select a ride that suits you as a couple? Here are six popular bridal car styles you can choose from to be the yin to your personalities’ yang:
LOVE US SOME LIMOS : Enjoying the height of their popularity in the 80s, the limousine—or the stretch limo, to be precise—is still a statement-maker nearly four decades later because nothing showcases luxury like an extreme amount of legroom. To this day, the image of the limo is still closely associated with red carpet
entrances and partying it up in Vegas. GET THIS IF… You have a classic sense of luxury and your motto goes something along the lines of “more is more”. You appreciate the glitz and glamour of making an entrance, Hollywood-style, and there’s not better time than your big day to show it.
MAKE WAY FOR THE COMPACT CUTIES : Compact and subcompact vehicles usually elicit an “Awww!” from passersby because there’s something so adorable (and adorkable!) about having a tiny car. We’re talking about the likes of the VW Beetle and the Mini Cooper and how they look so nice and cozy, especially when you and your significant other step out from the snug space. GET THIS IF… You are known as the quirky couple in your group! Your humorous and fun-loving ways are a perfect match for the petite size and endearing personality that a compact car brings to the party.
Sleek and ambitious, getting a convertible shows off a rebellious streak for the pair who prefers to do things a little more differently. Even in 2018, convertibles are still a rarity in the country, so all eyes will be on you when you have that top down! Of course, this mode of transportation is best for the dry season (preferably February to April) when you get to avoid the rain as well as the full heat of the summer sun. GET THIS IF… You are the outspoken, napologetic duo with the confidence and charisma that make you a bona fide powder couple.
VINTAGE INTERESTS : A well-preserved vintage model is nothing short of show-stopping for carrying with it some hardcore history. Vehicles that are from the 70s and earlier give off major nostalgic vibe and are also a little bit hipster, if that’s the look you’re going for. With this sort of ride, you’ve got the roaring 20s, the swinging 60s, or the groovy 70s theme covered! GET THIS IF… You are genuinely curious about a bygone era and you have an appreciation for history and antiques.
PROJECTING SPORTY AND SWEET : Is this something out of The Fast and the Furious? No, but it is from The Blissful and the Romantic! Hardcore car enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the use of a sports car as the carriage of choice for the wedding. You’all also get to experience driving in a souped up vehicle and that’s not something you’d get to experience every day. GET THIS IF… You are well-versed in the language of modern luxury. Yup, trendy couple alert!
CLASSIC WHITE SEDAN : Now this never goes out of style! The traditional white car is still the most popular choice for most  marrying couples. It is stately, of formidable size and regal appearance that speaks of a quiet, secure confidence. For premium options, think of a Mercedes Benz or a BMW. GET THIS IF… You are firm believers that a classic choice will look great forever. You will never go wrong with this simple yet absolutely elegant choice.
Look no further: These bridal car rental companies have selections that will suit your ride-in-style needs!
ELEGANCE BRIDAL CAR: The traditional bridal car is the forte of Elegance Bridal Car. The company offers pristine white cars ranging from the affordable Honda Civic RS 2017 to a Mercedes Benz. In between are the Hyundai Sonata 2 and the Chrysler 300 C.
A PERFECT DAY WED CAR: For bold choices, A Perfect Day has a wealth of options to offer. Sporty couples can go for the Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro, while the fun-loving set will adore the Mini Clubman. We’ve also spied a Hummer, a pickup truck, and some convertibles in the mix!

A Rolls Royce will always be a classic and a classy choice, from A PERFECT DAY WED CAR
The Bride and the Benz, perfect combination, from ELEGANCE BRIDAL CAR
Transportation by: APerfectDayWedCar Luxury Bridal Cars Manila
Transportation by: Elegance Bridal Rides Bridal Car Services