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2021 Wedding Trends You Need to Know Now

Relaxed, informal, bold colors, and big announcements

We’re not sure if we’ve said it yet, but we at absolutely love intimate weddings. And we love how, now that this is the way to go, couples and wedding suppliers are running with it and making weddings just as meaningful and as beautiful. Here’s our prediction of 2021 wedding trends, some are already being done by couples right now while others are just about to be all over your news feed and mood boards.

Scroll below for 11 trends you can include in your wedding! 

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This is a two-part story and the first installment is on wedding trends to say goodbye to.

1. Individual hors d’ouevres – Cocktail hour gets a makeover with personalized cheese boards and hors d’ouevres. The cheese platter recently became trendy for parties and homes but may not be the safest way to serve guests a light snack before the meal. Wedding suppliers automatically shifted their service and created personal sized wooden boards that can be given to each guest so they can still enjoy some cheese and wine before the meal. While a full grazing board is beautiful in photographs, the mini boards are still just as pretty–and delicious!
2. Color everywhere – Couples are bringing back happy hues and bold tones in their décor choices. We suspect that this is a reaction to bleak times but we love that people are celebrating what they can, however they can. And true love is definitely woth celebrating! Here are some hues you can look up to start your mood board: burnt orange, deep burgundy, and bright purples!
3. Greeneery – Just as indoor house plants have become popular worldwide, this means luscious greenery and foliage will still be a preference for couples planning their décor. We’ll likely see it in ceremony arches, tablescapes, entryways, and bouquet styling.
4. Personalized details ¬– 2020 brides and grooms have already started this trend and we’re sure to see more of it this 2021. A leaner guest list means each person invited to the wedding was well thought of and a person the couple truly wished would physically be at their milestone. To make guests feel just how much fondness and appreciation the couple has, they’re including personalized details from place settings, to welcome boxes, to programs, to hangers.
5. Livestreaming – This is an obvious trend as couples still want to share their beginning with their other loved ones and family. We think there will be new adaptations to livestreaming weddings in 2021 and interactions between livestream guests and the couple will grow to be more creative as more and more couples include this as an essential detail to their wedding.
6. Mood lighting – Dining under a canopy of fairy lights sounds like a dream? For 2021, it may be a reality for guests and soon-to-weds. We’ll see more couples pay attention to the lighting and the mood of their reception, not just the florals and greens of event styling.
7. Odd schedules - Weddings used to only be scheduled on weekends, when most guests were free and didn’t have to miss work or school to attend. But next year we’ll see more weekday weddings and brunch weddings.
8. Living room décor – 2021 will see more couches, pillows, coffee tables, and ottomans incorporated into the styling whether for the bride and groom or even the guests. It’s perfect for the intimate and relaxed feel of weddings because it will feel a bit like couples are entertaining at home.
9. Yellow gold returns – What once was deemed jewelry of our parents’ generation becomes a solid option for today’s couples. Yellow gold bands and engagement rings are of interest to couples again, perhaps after the influx of rose gold as well as the long reign of white gold and platinum. What we’ll see more of for sure will be mixing metals, perhaps a white gold engagement ring paired with a yellow gold band. The key is mixing cool and warm tones with both your metals and stones.
10. Nanomoons and minimoons – Honeymoons didn’t follow after the wedding for some couples pre-pandemic because some preferred to do a grand vacation and planning two major events at once is a tall order. So couples often delayed their honeymoon, either to save up some more or for a conducive time in their work calendar, so they could take two or three weeks off at a destination halfway across the globe. These days, of course, that’s much more challenging than it was. So couples will be choosing minimoons¬–or less than a week off in a nearby destination–or even smaller, a nanomoon, shorter than a minimoon and at a local destination.
11. Social media big reveals – Since everyone can’t be invited to your wedding and livestreaming your entire ceremony and reception publicly is too much, we’ll definitely see more announcements online that couples have already gotten married. This will come with a beautiful visual from the photography or videography team and maybe a witty hashtag.