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5 Covid Wedding Giveaways Your Guests Will Love

Thinking of wedding souvenirs your guests will truly appreciate can be tiresome, and it would admittedly be easier to just go with the usual suspects. However since weddings have shifted since the pandemic, so have our habits and what we think is important. Souvenirs that just take up shelf space in homes are definitely out of the question. And we believe, so are souvenirs that are far too luxurious. Here are five giveaways we’re sure your guests will appreciate even after your wedding day:

1. Formal face masks – Weddings these days are giving formal face masks their entourage or loved ones can wear to the wedding. If your wedding party is small, you may consider sending them face masks that will suit their formal or semi-formal wear. Choose neutral colors like champagne, gray, silver for the ladies and dark gray or black for men. Plus points if your mask includes filters. Make sure to send it to your guests before the wedding if you wish for them to wear it to your wedding. Check out The Masq Collection.

2. Sanitation kits – What’s a better way to remind your guests to practice safety protocols than to provide them with everything they need on the day? Some local government units require hosts to provide guests with sanitation kits. You can either personalize it per guest or add details of your wedding designs, such as your monogram. You can also put a cute message such as this sample from Etsy, “Spread love, not germs.” We suggest 70% ethyl alcohol, just as Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends.

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3. Abaca fans – This giveaway may seem ordinary and run-of-the-mill but at a time when ventilation is important, having a fan handy at all times is very useful. Another advantage: since many are opting for outdoor events, a fan can also keep us cool or help give shade during the day. Since this will remain with your guests after the wedding, consider personalizing each one to make your guests feel how much you appreciate their physical presence.

4. Indoor plants or succulents – Since everyone has grown a green thumb during the pandemic, giving away indoor plants or succulents will surely make newbie plantitas and plantitos happy. You may also think about giving herbs if it reflects your personality as a couple better. A cute tag like “Let your love grow”  as in the photo below would look great.

5. A jar of Kisses – Okay, this sounds a bit ordinary but with the right tag it becomes perfect for a pandemic wedding. Attach “Socially Distanced Kisses from the Newlyweds” and your guests will love the pun as well as something sweet as they head home from your party.

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