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5 Secrets to a Memorable Intimate Wedding

Details, documentation, and 'I do's'

Intimate weddings are here to stay and now that we have had over a year’s worth of experience, idea, and pegs, there is much to draw inspiration from. How can you make your intimate wedding even more special? Here are five secrets to a memorable intimate wedding.

1. Personalize the details

You will not be producing many invitations, seating cards, notes, and what not’s, so why not go all out in personalizing it? Include each guest’s name so they are reminded that their presence in your wedding was well thought of. You can also consider giving thank you gifts that are unique to each guest, if for example you are only inviting both your immediate families.

Take the time to write a short note to each one. This is especially useful when your wedding guest list is close to a handful.

2. Include your personal details.

Personalizing the details can go another way, that is, including the details of your love story and your quirks wherever you can. If you are only having a reception with less than 20 people, you may want to consider requesting for a unique menu that includes details such as your favorite cuisine, or where you had your first date, where the proposal happened, etc. That handful number of guests most likely knows the ins and outs of your story and they are sure to see it in your wedding details.

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Another way you can personalize the details of your wedding is by displaying photos of those you have physically invited to your wedding in the décor. Family photos through the years will make your loved ones appreciate the milestone of the day. Plus points, you can bring home these photos to your respective homes.

3. Make sure to say your wedding vows.

For brides or grooms who are nervous about taking centerstage, the new norm of the intimate wedding is likely a godsend. You will not have to worry about exchanging wedding vows “in public”. If you are livestreaming your wedding, you likely will not feel that you have an “audience”.

Sharing your wedding vows is a special moment. You may consider that it is an opportunity you would not want to pass you by. An intimate wedding also means you do not have to worry too much about writing something too long or “too personal”.

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Tip: Carve out time when you can focus and sit down to write your wedding vows. Give yourself enough time to “let it rest”, and then get back to it after a day or two to edit it. This means avoid writing your vows just hours before your wedding ceremony.

4. Do not skip the documentation.

It may be small and private but you will still appreciate having a hired hand to worry about capturing all the moments for you. Factor in your documentation team of choice into the head count that is allowed in your venue. When you celebrate your anniversaries down the road, you will look back and be thankful that you hired professionals to take your photos and videos and did not leave it up to your loved ones who were guests as well. This allows them to also enjoy your day with you and not have to worry about other things.

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5. No pressure to have an entourage.

Many intimate weddings the past year have done away with bridesmaids, groomsmen, secondary sponsors, and flower girls. Sometimes it is a choice made out of necessity, other times it is to simplify wedding plans. Remember that your wedding means your rules. Decide on what you would like to do as a couple and not what others are thinking.

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