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5 Things We Love About Intimate Weddings

It looks like a smaller guestlist is 2020’s biggest wedding trend. And while a large affair has been all the rage recently, the intimate wedding now gets its turn in the spotlight. If you’re now shifting your wedding plans to follow community quarantine guidelines or are even just beginning to plan, here are five reasons we at love an intimate wedding.

  1. You can really splurge on details that are important to you. So you don’t have to spring for 200 or even 100 dinner plates. You could choose quality over quantity especially when it comes to your reception meal. Splurge on your favorite seafood dish or that superb steak that’s memorable to and your spouse. While we’re at it, who said you have to choose one? You can treat your guests to a delicious meal that will be hard to forget.
  2. You can break all the rules and go for what you want.
    Dancing isn’t your thing? Hire a live band instead or your favorite DJ and enjoy lounging after dinner with your guests and your favorite bubblies. Again you can really splurge on your choices because a smaller guest list will naturally mean smaller consumption. No need to compromise on the bottles you’ll be serving!
  3. Lots of meaningful talk time with your guests.
    It can be difficult to exchange truly meaningful words with each and every guest with a big guest list that goes beyond “Congratulations!” and “Thank you!”. But with a dozen or two? You’ll be sure to talk to each one, hug each one (fingers crossed!), and really connect. Sometimes couples only see each guest during the picture taking that’s organized per table but during an intimate wedding, you’ll definitely be able to encounter and talk to each guest more than once.
  4. You won’t feel too pressured to stick to the programme.
    It will feel much less like you need to stage a large production and much more like a relaxed time of celebration. It will still be good to hire coordination though, just so you and your spouse can really get your mind off making sure everything runs fine. An intimate wedding doesn’t automatically mean everything is DIY. Wedding coordination can make sure all your plans are executed smoothly and you can be bride and groom-chilla.
  5. It’s easy to give a personal touch.
    Personalizing each and every detail of a big wedding is often expected because it’s how the couple gives their big day a personal touch. But with an intimate wedding? Everything can be personalized—even for the guests. Inserting details that harken back to your love story will not be amiss and it won’t be drowned out by all the other events that usually goes on during bigger weddings.

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