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5 Things We Predict Will Remain in Weddings

1. Online meetings

Now that we have all tasted what it is like to cut back on running from one place to another for different meetings, wedding industry experts worldwide agree that many couples and suppliers will continue to take advantage of meeting online. Even when it is safe for us to gather, many couples will opt to do their initial meetings online and save face to face meetings for when it is absolutely necessary just to save on time.

Many international wedding suppliers have also shifted and made adjustments to the way they do businesses. Bridal shops in the US, for example, have already made dress shopping available online to the bride’s loved ones–practically anyone who wants to watch the bride choose dresses–and is still currently being done amid loosening of quarantine restrictions.

Cake artists are doing the same. For cake tasting, the couple can be sent a sampler box and the decision can be made remotely or with a virtual consultation. This setup can be a win for both suppliers and soon-to-weds as it saves on time and allows both parties to focus their energies elsewhere.

2. Outdoor weddings is here to stay

Couples and their guests will continue to choose outdoor settings over completely enclosed and indoor settings, even when more and more people are given the go signal to move freely. This is because we are now more aware and have a better understanding of the reality that well ventilated spaces is the safest. Given our weather, perhaps this could set off other trends: choosing cities with cooler climates and more relaxed attire for guests.

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3. Livestream services will continue on

Remember it was just a little over a year ago when most of us felt like the intimate wedding sounded like a death sentence? Intimate weddings will be staying on too. And livestreaming weddings will be the option couples will go to if they want to share their big day with hundreds. Of course we have also seen how livestreaming weddings has made it easier for couples to include very important guests who live in another timezone. Instead of flying halfway across the world, logging into a livestream link will likely be the preferred choice of overseas guests even when travel restrictions continue to ease up.

4. Sustainablity and less carbon foot print

Today’s couples are hyper aware of the large amount of daily waste accumulated and making sure they hardly contribute ranks high in their value system. This means that even on what we like to call the biggest day of our lives, there is no resting from making sure that everything is sustainable. Yes, even weddings. Couples are opting for suppliers who understand this value and vision and intimate weddings is also perfect for sustainability.

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The pandemic has reminded us all of the inescapable reality of taking care of nature which is why couples will continue to make decisions toward a sustainable wedding. Check this story for some tips on how you can make your wedding earth friendly.

5. Shorter engagements

Couples are also becoming bolder in setting a date as soon as possible rather than the pre-pandemic norm of a year long engagement. Perhaps it’s the reassesment of what is important and essential or the intimate wedding not requiring a year’s worth of prep time, but couples want to start their forever as soon as possible. Apart from shorter engagements and couples being unafraid to set their wedding dates as soon as possible, perhaps this means we will also see more couples who will not prolong proposing or the decision to get married.

Is there anything we missed out? Let us know what you think! And share this article to a soon-to-wed or wedding supplier!