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5 Ways You Can Slash Your Wedding Costs

It's not always going for the cheaper alternative, sometimes it's how you spend

Real talk only–an intimate wedding does not automatically translate to a smaller wedding budget. Yes, it can be cheaper in some aspects but it is definitely not free. Because we know that these days call for wise spending, we came up with tried and tested tips on how to cut your wedding budget considerably. Some of these tips just might surprise you!

1. Keep your guest list to a bare minimum.

The norm of intimate wedding and love in the time of a pandemic means it has become perfectly acceptable to do micro weddings. Gone are the days when you would risk offending friends and extended family if they were not included in your guest list. Perhaps there may still be a few comments but in general, you are likely to receive less flak for keeping your guest list lean.

You can cap your wedding guest list with a number you are comfortable with inviting, financially speaking as well as in light of health and safety protocols. Fewer guests affects many factors in wedding planning–catering, the venue, decor, documentation to name a few. And these suppliers often take up the bigger slices of your budget. That is why putting a cap on your number of guests is a major determining factor on your budget.

If you want to really cut down on your guest list and be sure to avoid possible side comments, stick to inviting only immediate families for both bride and groom’s side.

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2. Use only local flowers.

Locally grown blooms and greens are not just easier on the wallet, they are also friendly on our country’s economy! That’s two wins right away. If you are gathering pegs from international media or stylists, just ask your florist or event stylist how they can achieve a similar look but only using local blooms. Be flexible with the actual flowers and foliage and do not expect your stylist to use exactly every flower in the photo. Many of the beautiful arrangements we see online use flowers that are not locally available and this is one reason why floral styling budgets can easily balloon. Trust your chosen stylist to recreate the look and feel of your pegs–you will be pleasantly surprised at the magic they bring.

3. Go for the photographer/videographer coverage only package.

Documentation is another worthy investment in weddings. Some couples who want to trim the fat of their wedding budget opt for service only or coverage only package. This could mean different things depending on the supplier, but more often than not you will have the photo and/or videography team at your wedding and then turnover of all raw or digital files only to you.

If a friend or relative is a talented photo editor or video editor, they can edit your files. But if editing is included in your package with your photography and/or videography team, you will likely receive your digital files post nuptials. Printing your photos or creating an album can be done after your wedding and at your own pace.

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4. Repurpose your decor.

This is another budgeting tip that involves working with your event stylist. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, your ceremony backdrop can double up as the focal point or photo area of your reception. Ask them if there is a way for you to maximize your ceremony decor or your reception decor. Gathered Creative Co. also shared another sustainable and money-saving tip at Themes & Motifs and's Love Wins Live Forum - Amazing DIY Wedding Styling: give away your table decor as gifts to your guests (watch the episode for more tips on budgeting and styling –eds). Again, communicating clearly and honestly with your suppliers will allow you to come up with creative solutions to your concerns and constraints. Bring your questions to them, no matter how big or small!

5. Sell your wedding dress or buy a pre-loved one.

Hello, Facebook groups! If your membership to various communities and groups has not yet increased since this pandemic, we suggest that now is the best time to start! Apart from asking fellow soon-to-weds like yourselves on some tips and leads, you can also find all sorts of deals in these private communities. Some practical brides sell their wedding gowns, a smart way to minimize the actual expense of your gown. In the same way, many brides do not mind or even prefer to wear a pre-loved wedding gown for different reasons, some being sustainability or lessening the carbon foot print of their wedding and the ease on the budget is a bonus. You will also find in some of these Facebook groups the buying and selling of other wedding items too, from mother of the bride gowns, to candle, cords, and veils, even to wedding packages that were not used!

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Floral arrangement photo from @gatheredcreativeco