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5 Wedding Trends to Say Goodbye To

As the year that rocked weddings comes to a close, we look at the wedding trends 2020 has hit a pause button on

Just as is traditional in Philippine weddings, the holidays have brought upon a slew of weddings. Even if the first half of the year saw many couples and their weddings thrown off course by quarantine and a global pandemic, 2020 is ending with more newlyweds who’ve finally tied the knot.

Here are five wedding trends that 2020 is hitting a pause button on. This is a two-part story and here's our forecast on 2021’s wedding trends!

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1. Buffets – More and more weddings will be adopting the plated meal service, which is also very manageable given a leaner guest list. When a wedding of 300 guests was still considered normal, buffets were generally cost-efficient because it required less wait staff. Now that weddings are often less than a hundred, choosing plated meals over a buffet will not cost quite a jump in the package fees.
2. Destination weddings – At least the international ones, we mean. The recent years have seen us salivate over weddings set in popular beaches of southeast Asia and castles of Europe and the current travel scenario means this trend has officially passed. The destination prenup shoot trend may have also been put to a halt this year. But we hope to see more couples get married in the different gorgeous local spots the Philippines offers as weddings continue to pick up in 2021.
3. Traditional wedding registry – It was easier in years past when a small card was inserted into the wedding invite that included details of the gifting preferences of couples. Lately we’ve seen less of this as guests may unnecessarily step out of their homes to fulfill the couples’ needs. Envelope gifts and gift cards may be a wiser choice in these times, as well as online bank transfers.
4. Whites and cream décor – Color is coming back, perhaps as a reaction to the global pandemic. Couples are bringing more fun into the their surroundings and stepping away from whites and creams. Greenery however, is continuing on to 2021.
5. Template programs – Smaller guest list allows for more flexibility when it comes to wedding planning. We’ve seen two weddings in one day and couples who’ve performed at their own wedding this year. This means couples are exploring activities that they personally want to do on their wedding day as opposed to following the norm or what’s usually done.