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5 Zoom Bridal Shower Ideas Plus Tips

How to host a fun virtual bachelorette party

Weddings have taken a new form and so have the pre-wedding celebrations. Many of us are opting for virtual celebrations or drive by parties to allow us to keep on celebrating with our loved ones safely. Below are five suggestions to spice up your bridal showers plus tips to ensure that the party is memorable and fun.

1. Take a fitness class together.

You can schedule a fitness class together like beginners’ yoga, zumba, or HIIT. Depending on the budget you can either go DIY such as choosing videos on YouTube or book an instructor to join your video call. Amp up this theme with cute workout tank tops and caps for your guests and the bride. Your kit can also include a refreshing drink or a healthy post-workout meal you can enjoy together.

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2. Tap into your creative side.

Painting classes and floral arrangement are other fun ways to celebrate. An activity can make it less awkward for guests who might not know each other yet or are not close. Send kits to make it easy for the guests to participate and to curb any regrets to your invitation. You can ask a florist, a professional or hobbyist artist to lead or teach your group. Another secret to make this kind of party super fun? Make sure their creative kits includes wine or some booze!

3. Sing your heart out!

Karaoke is always a fun option and likely a surefire hit. This kind of bachelorette is best for a guest list of ladies who already have met pre-pandemic or are from one tightly-knit barkada. Pick a playlist theme to make your party extra fun and work it into your food, zoom backgrounds, attire requests, etc.

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4. Miss the kink? Go for a movie night.

We’re sure you won’t need a suggestion list from us if you were hoping for the usual bachelorette party, it’s easy to think up of titles! Perhaps a binge-watch of a certain steamy period piece set in London’s Regency era or would work too! This kind of zoom party can be most fun if you throw in the cockails and don’t put yourselves on mute. Interact as if you would if you all gathered in a room together for a movie night!

5. Try a cocktail mixing session.

Speaking of cocktails, why not send the girls a cocktail mixing kit? If your group of gals doesn’t need a program to have fun, then this might be all you need for your bridal shower.

Don’t forget to zero in on the details for a virtual party the same way you would for a physical gathering. Here are some things you might want to think of:

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  1. Choose a theme that honors the bride or the love story of the bride and  groom.

  2. Ask a creative friend to take care of making a special zoom background or a set of backgrounds for all guests. There’s also Canva for those who prefer the simple route.
  3. Don’t forget to arrange for food for the guests! Tip: Cheese platters and finger foods are popular picks for parties such as these that require a bit of logistics since it doesn’t require that it’s freshly made in order for guests to enjoy.
  4. Think of fun prizes if you are playing games!
  5. Have a playlist ready as you’re waiting for guests to arrive or any time during the party. This will help set the tone and remind guests it’s not your usual zoom meeting for work.

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