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7 Caterers for Your Zoom Parties

Celebrate your big day with guests online via a beautifully packed meal

If you are livestreaming your wedding and want to celebrate with your guests remotely, sending them beautifully packed delicious meals is a thoughtful way to share the love. Many couples who are not ready to host a gathering or can only invite a handful understandably think of translating the reception experience in each home so we came up with our list of caterers, restaurants, and food suppliers who can give your big day that special touch. Gatherings are also only allowed in GCQ and MGCQ classifications which means  an online gathering for your reception is the best option for LGUs in tighter restrictions.

Remember that an actual zoom party isn’t required–you can livestream your ceremony and send them a boxed meal they can enjoy on their own. It can also be a way to say thank you to special people on your guest list who might not be ready to attend your ceremony, such as principal sponsors or children entourage. Another consideration: these picks can also provide you meals for your pre-wedding zoom parties!

Below are seven options, including experienced wedding caterers, restaurant favorites, and a way for you to reach loved ones all over the Philippines!

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Bizu - Bizoom Meals

Exactly what the name suggests–these meals are tailor made for zoom parties! If you’re having a zoom reception, you can still treat your guests who are sheltering at home with Bizu’s favorites like the Salmon Rockefeller Gourmet Set (P1,250) or the 10 Hour US Roast Beef Gourmet Set (P1,155). If you are not looking for a heavy meal to treat your loved ones with, try the Afternoon Tea set (P1,000) or the Petite Graze Box (P1,950 for 2-3 PAX). These are also beautiful gifts to send to your principal sponsors or other loved ones even if you won’t be holding a zoom reception. Bizu is running a 10+1 promo and we highly suggest working with wedding caterers if you are ordering a big number of boxed meals.

K by Cunanan - Celebration Boxes

Just this month, K by Cunanan launches its Celebration Boxes for all couples and clients who want to celebrate online. Choose from any of the caterer’s party sets “and have a curated box of delightful goodness delivered to you and to your loved ones.” Just like any of these boxed meals, you can order and send the Celebration Boxes for just about any special occasion–or even just to elevate your next online get-together! Visit K by Cunanan’s site to know more.

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This beloved wedding caterer began to offer food trays in 2020 and today via, couples can either avail of its Family Feasts or Bento Box Packed Meals. Family Feast can start at P2,600 for 5-6 PAX including Apple and Nuts Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing, Baked Cheesy Lasagna, California Roast Chicken, Apple Braised Pork Belly, Steamed Rice, and Rocky Road Brownies. Bento Box meals start at P275 and go up to P415, which includes California Roast Chicken, Pork Salpicao, Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce, Pickled Vegetables, and Salted Caramel Brownies. We love that we can do all our shopping via a website!

Cibo - EATalian Box

Want to treat your guests to a surefire hit or perhaps even provide a bit of nostalgia remembering the days when you used to meet up at restaurants? That’s likely what you’re going to get when you opt for the Cibo EATalian box, which includes different iterations of the restaurant’s bestselling appetizers, starter, main dish, and drink. A medium box is P1,795 per box while a piccolo or small (set of 4) is P2,975. Non-meat eaters will enjoy the Lean.Light piccolo choice while young guests will love the Club Bimbi Meal (P1,295 or P1,479). You can order via the website and schedule it in advance to get more things out of the way before your big day!

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Passion Cooks

If you want a particular cuisine that played quite a role in your love story to be part of your big day, Passion Cooks’ Set Menus will do the trick. It offers Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Mexican Set Menus starting a P2,900 for 3-4 PAX. Passion Cooks also offers a Vegetarian Menu starting at P2,700 and three options for its favorites, PC Faves 1, 2, and 3. Ordering from its website is also possible and you can easily add on desserts and pastries like Old Fashioned Buttermilk and Cheese Donuts, Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes, and Mini Naked Cakes.

McDonald’s Send to Many

We love this new of option especially because you can now send your relatives and friends all over the Philippines–from Agusan Del Sur to Zamboanga Del Norte to be exact–a treat with just a few clicks. McDonald’s lets you choose form 10 set menus and you can also schedule when it will be sent. Whether it’s more reflective of your personality as a couple or an add on to your treat for your guests, we’re sure this option is worth considering as well! Bonus: Breakfast menu is available on Send to Many. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s Breakfast?

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Here’s another crowd favorite that you can recreate at home. Wildflour and Little Flour offer trays of your favorites like Beef Tapa (P520), Dagupan Bangus Belly (P520), Danggit (P450), and Dried Pusit (P450), etc. You can order via Wildflour To Go, the Wildflour app, or even Grab. If you’re skipping the route of a meal, you may also gift guests with Mystery Box, a curated box of Wildflour’s delicious pastries.

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