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7 Wedding Safety Protocol Reminders for Your Party

Because you cannot over-communicate these in a pandemic­–but you can definitely do it with style

Ensuring that our wedding celebrations are observing safety protocols is now a given for all couples. If you haven’t thought long and hard about how to enforce safety protocols on your big day, here’s our friendly reminder: it is prudent to expect that your guests will likely find it difficult to follow all the protocols at all times. With this mindset, you can plan for “the worst” while “being hopeful for the best.”

First things first, hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best decisions you can make particularly when it comes to observing safety protocols. This saves you and your relatives from having to remind family and friends to wear their masks properly and to observe social distancing.

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Another trend we’ve seen in Covid weddings around the world is displaying reminders around the venue, similar to the signs we see in establishments today. Of course these signs are getting a bit of an upgrade to be wedding-worthy.

Below are 7 signs we found online and available for purchasing on Etsy. Simply buy the file, download, and have it printed! Our tip: print more than one sign and display in different “high traffic” areas.

Scroll down to see the signs! Links to respective Etsy shops below.

  1. Spread Love, Not Germs by PearlyPaperDesign
  2. Hopelessly Devoted to Not Catching Covid by KarinaValleyBoutique
  3. Love is Infectious by KarinaValleyBoutique
  4. How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You by BeingHappyPrints
  5. Welcome, We’re So Happy to See You by BatShtCraftie
  6. Party Like We’re in a Pandemic! by BatShtCraftie
  7. Welcome Family + Friends by MintyPaperieShop
  8. Spread Love, Not Germs by BestCelebrations


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