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8 Ways to Make Your Intimate Wedding Sustainable

Sustainable living is no longer a trend for couples getting married these days. For most, it is the norm. Because even intimate weddings can generate quite a bit of carbon foot print.

Event stylists now recognize that going green and eco-friendly is where intimate weddings are going. Here are 8 ways you can make your intimate wedding more sustainable.

1. Thoughtfully use paper.

This is one of the easiest ways you can throw an eco-friendly wedding. Many celebrations now opt out of printing their invitations because they choose to go digital. If you are sentimental and prefer to save a memento or two, you may consider the kind of paper that you will be using. There are many recycled paper and board choices that are already available in the market. Setting up a website with the details, a private Facebook group, or e-vites are other ways you can go paper-less.

Remember that this can also go for other printed material in the course of wedding planning. If it does not need to be printed, opt to store files and paperwork digitally.

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2. Wear heirloom jewelry.

Proposing with a ring that has been in the family is not only sweet, it is also another step towards an eco-friendly wedding. It does not have to be a diamond if this was not something either of your families had kept. Another way to keep tradition going is by resetting heirloom jewelry and adding in details that would reflect your personality as a couple.

If a conflict-free diamond is your concern, you may also check with your jeweler for certification. Many couples are also opting for substitutes likes Moissanites and Signity Stones which are both man-made and grown in laboratories, therefore no mining takes place. Bonus: it is easier on the pocket and shines just like a diamond!

3. Hire suppliers who understand your vision.

Going green and eco-friendly for your wedding has become a recent trend among couples because sustainability is important to our generation. It can be a challenge to work with suppliers who do not value your desire for a sustainable wedding. When you do find a supplier who embraces your vision, they will be able to bring their creative genius to the table rather than feel limited by your requests.

4. Use potted plants and flowers.

The trend of flower or balloon walls are likely no longer in your mood board if you are going for an eco-friendly wedding, but blooms don’t have to be missing from your wedding altogether. Decorating your tables or focal points with potted plants and flowers is better for the environment than cut flowers, and most especially than cut imported flowers. These pots can double as gifts to your guests.

If you do plan to use cut flowers for your tablescapes, do not forget to go for our local suppliers. Apart vastly reducing your event’s carbon footprint, you are also helping boost our economy.

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Another element you can request for your florist or event stylist to do without are floral foams. This means that flowers may not stand or hold up the way we see in photos, but there is definitely still something beautiful and romantic about how flowers and plants are naturally arranged in reusable vases, jars, and bottles.

5. Skip the confetti during your recessional.

Throwing pre-packed confetti and the traditional rice grains look great in photos but can create quite a waste. If you hope to get this money shot in your album, biodegradable petals or already fallen leaves might be an option to consider.

6. Rent what you can rent.

If items are going to be used only once, consider renting these items instead of buying them. This is especially true in styling and even in clothing. For your styling needs, you may want to either use what you already have in your homes or the reverse–buy new items that you know you want for your future home.

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7. Forego a new gown.

Buy a secondhand wedding gown or recycle a loved ones’ gown if the bride is willing to part with it. The same can be done for your guests who will likely appreciate not having to spend extra bucks on new attire during a pandemic. Choose to set an attire theme that is easy for all your guests and readily available. Some couples do go for a semi-formal attire but choose a color scheme that does not come by easy, which defeats the purpose because guests still have to source for their outfit. Apart from being eco-friendly, this also lessens the burden loved ones take on when they participate in weddings.

8. Choose edible wedding favors.

Mementos and memorabilias have long gone in weddings, couples are now opting for either useful giveaways or something their guests can enjoy. A recent local wedding gave away a basket full of fresh vegetables sourced from local farmers and it made the rounds on social media. These days when we have learned what is essential and what is not, such a bountiful harvest is more tha welcome.

Did we leave anything out in our list? Let us know by commenting. And share this article to help other couples plan their wedding!