Proposals That Pop

A Love That Soars

Jake and Sam Fly High

As professional pilots, Anthony Jake Chanco and Samantha Bachini both know what it feels like to glide, starry-eyed up in the sky. And it was that amazing feeling that Jake had in mind when he organized his proposal to his sweetheart on their third year as a couple. The two met and fell in love during their time in flight school, and they used to fly together frequently. However, working for different companies didn’t give them a lot of “air time” together. It became Jake’s mission to remedy that for their anniversary celebration.

With the assistance of Sam’s best friends and cousin, Jake arranged for him and Sam to fly from Plaridel Airport in Bulacan to Subic for lunch after the groom-to-be’s morning flight with some students. This was in line with their usual tradition of going out of town for their anniversaries. He positioned GoPro cameras inside their plane to document the entire event. The pair had a relaxed Subic lunch date and even enjoyed some coffee afterwards, while Jake subtly awaited the signal of his team back in Plaridel for them to fly back. Finally, the pair took to the sky once more. It was the arrival of the sunset that Jake was aiming for them to catch. Because Sam loves sunsets, he wanted them to share the especially glorious view from 3,000 feet where the sky glowed golden.


Approaching Malolos, Bulacan (an entry for landing in Plaridel), Jake gave his sweetheart full control of the plane to land and taxi back to Plaridel Airport. As they got back, they received instructions from the control tower to “park at any convenient parking bay.”

When they reached the main ramp, tarpaulin posters asked The Question and instructed Sam to park either left or right, depending on her answer. The pair was greeted by Jake’s co-conspirators as they descended the plane, and Jake handed Sam a bouquet of flowers before getting down on bended knee to formally present the engagement ring to a tearful but thrilled Sam.

The feels? It’s just like flying, even without wings.

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