Proposals That Pop

A Piece of History

Ash and Thea’s Period Proposal

There may be a lot of naysayers for long-distance relationships, but Elvin Ashley Agustin and Thea Marie Pias’ nine-year LDR status is living testament that true love finds ways. With the groom-to-be based in Hawaii and his love living in the Philippines, Ash has made it a point to try and return to Manila every year for Thea’s birthday. While it wasn’t always smooth sailing, the effort he put in certainly paid off. Ash was ready to pop the question.

Taking his beloved’s appreciation for travel and history, the groom-to-be decided on a getaway to a historic location. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a collection of restored Spanish-Filipino houses in Bataan that reflects the architecture of a bygone era. The proposal plan was six months in the making, and Ash admitted that the experience was nerve wracking. The five-hour drive felt like forever!


After checking in to their destination at noon and taking a little walk, the pair decided to retire back to their accommodations to rest after the long drive. Ash managed to excuse himself on the guise of having a look around and snuck off to the in-house photo studio that he was already in contact with to finalize the plan. When he got back to the house, Ash informed a giddy Thea that they were scheduled to have a photoshoot. The bride-to-be was equally surprised and delighted that they were to don traditional garb for the shoot.

The pair and the camera crew walked to several different sites to get various backdrops. Ash had a challenging time posing as his costume pants were tight and made concealing the ring box difficult. But Thea was distracted enough by the posing to notice what was coming. Finally, the group reached a stunning part of the property that featured a view of a mansion in the background. The photographer instructed Ash to kneel for a more romantic pose, and that’s when he made his proposal!

The newly engaged pair spent the rest of the evening wining and dining to celebrate.


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