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Don't Think of Wedding Planning as Work

And more expert advice for a joyful wedding planning experience!

Wedding planning is a challenge, and planning one during a global pandemic is more so. Every one wants to save on money, time, and of course avoid stress. That’s why we asked expert and in demand wedding planners and coordinators to share their advice on how you can make the most out of what you have and have a beautiful and memorable wedding. Below are the advice from Christine Ong-Te, Kim Torres, and Path Production. We also got advice from other planners, here.

Christine Ong-Te says:

1. Brace yourselves.

"Thinking of Plan B in the pandemic, you have to brace yourself and you have to make sure you will be able to face the battle in case there’s going to be a different scenario–change of date, change of venue, change of size of guest list–so you just have to be ready. And always think positive, don’t lose hope. Having a small or intimate wedding might be the most special wedding you’ll ever have. So you have to make sure that you have positive energy, positive thinking. Just enjoy the planning, even if it’s like creating Plan B. What’s important is important is that you and your future spouse will be able to celebrate your life as a married couple."

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2. Lower your expectation as needed.

"For example, with your suppliers, you need to learn to manage your expectations especially when you fail to notice that you’re expecting too much from your supplier when we (the client) ourselves did not invest as much in the first place. You need to learn to let go as well and you need to learn to trust your suppliers. With regards to your guest list, there are just things that are beyond your control. Sometimes your guests cannot commit especially during the pandemic. All of you have to do is make a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. You have to strategize. That way you’re anticipating things in the beginning, that way you won’t feel stressed. The bottomline here is that when you get married, it’s more on fun, more on relaxing, more on celebrating your love for each other. It’s not work, don’t think of your wedding planning as work. It’s more about enjoy and having fun in the planning, and trust your booked suppliers and timeline. Don’t overthink and don’t over plan."

3. Do not sweat the small things.

"Focus on your priority, on what you really need, trust your suppliers. There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. Trust your wedding planners because they’re the ones who are going to move you around and tell you what’s steep one, two, and three and everything will follow as long as you have a credible planner. Leave everything to God and the professionals you hired for your event."

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Path Production says:

4. Quality vs. Quantity.

"This is your dream wedding. Always look for quality suppliers than quantity. Don’t settle for less. You deserve it. You deserve the best!"

5. Check, check, check!

"Before you settle with a supplier,  always do your assignment to check their reviews from their past clients. Don’t forget that." 

Kim Torres says:

6. Longer preparation is better.

"You’ll have enough time to organize your schedule and avoid being the couplezilla, bridezilla, groomzilla, or familyzilla. This allows you also to save money because you can allot your budget properly without pressure. You can set aside money every payday. So you can organize and delegate your budget without pressure. More time, no stress!"

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7. Choose the right supplier for you.

"Then trust them and be in love with them. No what if’s, no more changing of supplier, no more checking out others once you’ve booked the supplier you’re in love with. Invest in them, build a relationship with them. It really saves time, no more unnecessary activities like browsing rates. It saves money too, because when you change suppliers your down payments are non-refundable. When you have a good relationship with your suppliers, the more excited you’ll be to see them working for you on your wedding day. Everything will be casual, everything will be natural."

8. Be organized, and don’t be afraid to delegate.

"Use Excel Sheets and the power of digital. Real-time editing saves times instead of rewriting it! Google Drive Sheets are our best friends. You can avoid losing your files since everything is online. Make your own email address that’s separate from work. Learn to delegate, parang sa trabaho lang 'yan. Wedding planning is teamwork, it’s a collaboration of the couple and the suppliers."

9. Know what you want.

"It saves money, time, and keeps you away from stress because you can tell your suppliers what you want. Hindi ka lost, hindi din lost ang suppliers mo. Remember, hindi 'yung suppliers ang ikakasal. Kayo ang ikakasal, so you have to know what you want. You have to tell them what you want to see on your wedding or what you want them to execute. We can avoid repetitive work and wrong execution. Wrong execution leads to redoing things which means time and expenses lost."

10. Know your priorities.

"Know your reason for getting married and why you’re celebrating with a bigger or smaller group. If you want the grand feels or intimate mood, and think about what you want to remember in 10 years or more. Don’t let is be about pleasing your guests or anyone else. It’s a celebration of love between you and your partner as you embark on this new chapter together. Enjoy every moment. Minsan lang ‘to, one take lang ‘to! So happy wedding planning!"


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