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How to De-Stress From Wedding Planning

We asked four husbands how they helped the loves of their lives to cope with the changing guidelines

The stress of planning an intimate wedding or any major event during a pandemic is indescribable, as most soon-to-wed couples say. It is not enough to create plan B. For many, they go up to plan C or even plan D. And even then, things still will not go according to plan. Perhaps that is the most certain thing about pandemic wedding planning–change.

So we asked pandemic grooms, now husbands, how they helped their brides manage the stress that comes with planning an intimate wedding in these times. Most were just as stressed as their brides, and thankfully we have seen that all were more than willing to take the lead when necessary to keep their brides stress-free on their big day.

Here is what they had to say:

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“To be honest, Carrie wasn't stressed till two days before the wedding date. The first time she cried about the wedding was a day before. We thought we were going to lose our third venue and the wedding was less than 24 hours away. I just told her not to worry about it and that I'd take care of it. What I really did was ask help from both our families and delegated tasks as they wanted this day to happen almost as much as we did. I reminded her that it wasn't the time to be emotional since we were getting married in less than 24 hours. We still had lots to do and we decided if we just kept on moving, everything would work out. Thankfully it did!” –Luis Hernandez

“Since I understand that wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming, I helped her by reminding her to pace, take her out on dates ( to give her a breather, and to ask her from time to time if I can help her with anything.” –Earvin Ong

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“Both of us were pretty stressed out during the entire process. One thing I always made sure we both were reminded of was the fact that we're on the same team. Make sure to know when she’s getting more stressed than you are and volunteer to handle a specific part of the planning, with her approval of course.” –Timmy del Rosario

All of Dex and Joy’s wedding planning for a year was thrown off course because of the country’s first ECQ which extended into MECQ. Both their tinghun ceremony and wedding were affected and as Joy describes her husband’s efforts after they were “crushed” by the changing quarantine classifications, “Good thing Dex stepped up his game.” Here’s what Dex did when he asked Joy to just come to their wedding.

“I only had 5 days to prepare everything again. Luckily, I know quite a number of friends who do catering and so I was able to pick one for our date. Fortunately, all our suppliers were still willing to push through despite the MECQ. Since it was all moved to our place already, we just had to do some extra sanitation procedures (wearing of face masks and shields, using UV light and air purifier to disinfect the whole house) to be sure that the venue is safe for everyone.” –Dex Ong

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Thank God for teamwork and partnerships! Intimate wedding planning during a pandemic is definitely giving couples a head start in strengthening relationships. Here are some thing we at suggest you can do to help each other in these times:

  1. Keep dating each other. Make sure to steer clear of wedding planning when you do!
  2. Be honest about how you feel. When it’s becoming too much or too heavy to carry, let your fiancé/fiancee know how you feel. If you know how they can help you, ask! Allow this experience to teach you how to communicate when there’s pressure.
  3. Surprise her or him. Try to find small and simple ways to brighten up their day, especially when you know there are days that are going to be tougher than most.

Is there anything we missed out on? Let us know how you are coping with wedding planning stress!