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Jed and Tin's Filipiniana Wedding

Taking our cue from Henry Pascual’s advice on supporting local and in the name of bouncing back, is featuring Filipiniana wedding styling today and tomorrow. It is also in celebration of our nation’s 122nd Independence Day. Below is a wedding that inspired us, recently published in our Issue 13. And while a wedding this size might be a challenge to execute in the new normal, the styling elements and aesthetics can still inspire you to throw a modern Filipiniana wedding to help our countrymen’s livelihood. Read John and Christine’s love story below.

Lasting Impressions

By Marielle Ong

First impressions last, and Christine Maranan certainly made one on John Guinto. While in high school, Jed got a glimpse of Tin’s endearing simplicity and kindness, which led him to ask for her phone number from a mutual friend.

The duo became inseperable text mates, which graduated into a real-life courtship. As their high school stint drew to an end, Jed took Tin’s hand and traced the words “Will you be my girlfriend?” with his finger.

Eight years later, Jed took Tin’s hand once more—this time, on bended knee—to ask for her hand in marriage. A Filipiniana wedding theme brought a traditional touch to a kilig-worthy modern love story.

Love Wins (#TuloyAngKasal)
Bride & Groom's Wear by: Amonn Velasco
Entertainment by: Muzzique Vox
Photo & Video Company by: Nice Print Photography