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Real Brides and Groom's Tips on Staying Healthy

Apart from planning one of your most important days, staying healthy is just as important to ensure

As if wedding planning isn’t complicated enough, adding the element of a global pandemic makes the task at least twice as difficult. The biggest caveat? That a healthy body and strong immune system is necessary for life in a pandemic. That means cutting back on stress, sleeping well, and eating right–things that are not the easiest to do when you’re planning an intimate wedding!

While it may not be easy, real brides and grooms who’ve tied the knot with intimate weddings during the pandemic shares their advice on staying healthy while doing wedding preps. Because the last thing you would want is for your big day to be postponed because you or your partner fell ill. From making sure to get enough sleep, to minimizing non-essential trips out, here are tips you and your partner can follow to make sure your health is in tip-top shape on your big day.

1. Be faithful with your vitamins and supplements.

Arvin and Kathy Bautista, who were married at Villa Milagrosa say that being consistent with their supplements is one of the ways they played defense against the virus. “Arvin, my family, and I consistently took supplements to make sure our bodies were healthy. We tried to make time for indoor exercises but taking supplements was something we diligently did.”

Chester and Honeylet Chan practiced similar habits. “We bought a lot of vitamins and would take it every day.” Working it into your daily “I love you” and “good night!” sounds like a sweet way to stay healthy together!

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2. Sleep early. Don’t overglamorize the hustle.

“Being healthy comes with with habits, so we would always remind each other to sleep early,” Honeylet says. This tip can be quite a challenge for us who are juggling our daily responsibilities and wedding planning. Remember that proper sleep isn’t an empty promise. If anything, we do not give it enough credit for its effect on our mental and physical health.

Find out what are the things that’s keeping you from getting the right amount of sleep as well as sleeping at the right time. If you are overloaded with wedding planning, remember that that’s where a wedding planner comes in. And during these times, the investment is definitely worth it especially if it means you do not bite off more than you can chew and it allows you and your partner to be healthy.

3. Quarantine 14 days before your wedding.

This is a difficult one to stick to, especially because there are many last minute changes and errands that often take place as your wedding day approaches. One way you can try this tip is to plot out your quarantine into your wedding gantt chart or schedule. This means that you plan not to do anything outside of your home any more 14 days before, including gown fittings, delivering of gifts, etc.

“As much as possible, we avoided going out in the last two weeks to minimize exposure. We had to say no to important physical events even if close friends invited us,” says Kathy Cua-Bautista.

Other couples make sure to lessen their “risky behavior”, such as dining in restaurants or going to gatherings with those not from their respective households. Again, maximizing your wedding planner or coordinator’s work plays a big role during this period.

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The Chans share that they were not able to do this because their wedding planning period only lasted 8 weeks. “We had a lot of errands for the wedding because we only had two months to plan. We just wore our masks and were cautious and careful,” says Honeylet. “We would watch the time and day when we would visit places we needed to go to so that we could go when it was not crowded.

4. Monitor your health two weeks before the wedding.

If number 3 is not possible, at least minimize your errands outside of your home and log your body temperature two to three times a day on the days leading up to your wedding. This way you’ll be able to observe if you need to slow down and take it easy so as not to push your body to the limit.

Remember that the goal isn’t just avoiding the virus before or on your wedding, it is also being healthy enough to enjoy your big day! As much as you can, get good rest on the days leading up to your wedding. Delegate tasks to your entourage or your coordinator.

5. Eat healthy.

Always in a rush because of all your responsibilities and tasks? It can be tempting to settle for a quick fix just to check off more things on your check list. But eating healthy is also a simple way to stay healthy. This is another commitment you can do together with your partner. Eventually it will become a habit for your future family.

6. Follow the safety protocols at all times.

Yes we know that it is now common knowledge that safety protocols are non-negotiables. For Atty. Ernest Levanza and his bride Kat, they took this to heart by having customized masks made for their wedding. They also ensured that there was constant reminder of social distancing on the day of their intimate wedding. There’s many picture perfect ways to execute this on your big day.

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Before that however, make sure both you and your partner follow all safety protocols. Do not skip them especially if you are out and about. Always stay up to date with the guidelines of the government and the local government units (LGU) of your wedding venues. Keeping yourself abreast with the guidelines will also help you and your spouse-to-be to host your wedding with confidence.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic has a unique set of challenges but in the past year, we have seen many couples who have conquered it. And they did so beautifully. Your wedding day will come, no matter the curve balls thrown your way. The most important detail, especially for a pandemic intimate wedding, is that you and your spouse to be are healthy and are able to enjoy this momentous occasion.

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