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Simple and Romantic All-White ECQ Intimate Wedding

'When we just surrendered everything to God, that was when things became clear'

Adrian Christian Uy and Micah Louisse Nepomuceno practically grew up around each other but oddly never met until they were young adults. They went from friends to an exclusive relationship, and on April 10, 2021, they became husband and wife. Their intimate wedding was held at Lucas Studios with just both of their immediate families present.

The biggest curveball of their wedding planning turned out to be what they loved most about their intimate wedding. Just a few weeks before their wedding date, Adrian and Micah learned that Metro Manila was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine again which meant no mass gatherings were allowed. It was not a smooth ride for the couple, who was honest and admitted that they did not take things very well at first. But in the end, Micah says “We were so happy it was just us and our families!”

Below, Micah shares how she and Adrian planned their pandemic wedding, how they dealt with the sudden change of no mass gatherings, and why they decided to push through with their ECQ intimate wedding.

How did you meet?

We grew up in kids church together—our parents are good friends and we even have the same group of friends! But God didn’t allow us to meet until I was 19 and Adrian was 21 at a despedida for a friend. We started out in the most unexciting possible way for some—as friends. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our friendship, anchored in the Lord, is what strengthened our way to where we are today. The four years of getting to know and waiting for each other was all part of God’s plan to carry us to the beginning of our marriage.

What were your wedding plans?

It was a smooth start. A month in and we already booked all the vital suppliers needed to get the wedding running. I’m a very decisive bride and my groom trusted me with the planning as well. Although I didn’t have anything specific in mind coming into the prep season, it all just came together as I was looking.

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Did you have a theme for your wedding? If yes, what was it?

No specific theme. I just wanted everything to be simple, clean, elegant, and romantic, and we got just that! Grateful that we were brought to suppliers who collaborated with us to further beautify the vision I had.

How did the second ECQ change your plans? How did you feel? How did you cope?

This was the biggest hurdle for sure. In the beginning, I had everything planned in my head after booking our suppliers. And just when I thought all was organized, a few days before the wedding, the government announced ECQ which shifted all our plans. It turns out I wasn’t as graceful as everyone thought I was throughout the prep season. This brought out all our worries and fears to the point that we almost decided to postpone and move the wedding to a much later date. But God had different plans as always. When we cleared our heads and hearts from all the anxieties and just surrendered everything to God, that was when the path to pushing through with our initial date became crystal clear.

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What were the other challenges encountered during the wedding preparation/preparing for a pandemic wedding?

1. Having to limit the number of guests—from 30 to 10 to be exact.

2. Having to rearrange the whole concept for the styling days before the wedding due to the limiting of the number of guests.

3. Shift of contracts with the suppliers.

4. Curfew and city to city borders or check points.

5. The need to have multiple plans in case the government shifts the rules and protocols for gatherings again.

How did you handle the challenges?

We made sure to stay prepared through whatever uncertainties. Of course it’s easier said than done. Again, we didn’t take it too gracefully at first.

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How did you feel during the wedding?

We were so happy it was just us and our families! As much as it would have been lovely to have others there, what made everything so much more beautiful was the intimacy of the guest list. Of course all our other friends and relatives were also present via the livestream. It was perfect and we were and still are over the moon. We can’t thank God enough for truly that was a day He made.

What’s your advice for other couples who are planning to get married or will be getting in the time of a pandemic?

1. Pray about it! There’s no reason not to push through if God has put it in both of your hearts to get married.

2. Intimate weddings are beautiful!

3. Keep it in the budget to hire doctors to conduct antigen swab testing for all suppliers and guests. Better to do everything in your power to ensure everyone’s safety than have your wedding remembered as a breeding ground for the virus!

4. Expect a lot of changes and hassle. Be adaptive and willing to adjust accordingly.

5. At the end of the day, a wedding is a one time celebration for your marriage. It’s not an end goal, but a beginning. Be wise about where you spend what you have—either you splurge on your wedding or invest in your marriage.

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The Dream Team

Wedding rings: Ceatella Fine Jewelry | Wedding gown: Casa Morales | Antigen test: First Step and Beyond | Invites: Make Art from the Heart x Omniprinters, Inc. | Venue: Lucas Studios | Styling and Catering: 128 Catering | On the day coordination: Events Simplified | Sounds: Nine2One Pro Lights and Sounds | Photography and videography: Taavi Films | Livestream: The Day We Stream | Hair and makeup: Amos Martin Nuñez | Accommodations: F + G Hostel | Bouquets: After Blooms PH and Casa La Vie