Proposals That Pop

The Playdate

Alfonso and Erica’s Glorious Game Night

Some folks play the game for the glory, while others play for love. When Alfonso Luis Paulino started planning his proposal to his One True Love, Erica Regine Reyes, he sought to bring together special memories from early on in their relationship and a whole lot of excitement from their mutual love of games. The milestone of choice? Batangas in 2007, where the pair officially dated and became a couple. For the proposal venue, it was a board game cafe that would set the stage for the big surprise.

Two months after he first started organizing the big event, it was game time. Alfonso had previously called his and Erica’s family and friends, swearing them to secrecy about what was to come. E-vites followed with instructions for them to arrive at exactly 6 pm and to tell the server that their reservations were for the mysterious Mr. Echo. This would give Alfonso, Erica, and all the other participants in the proposal enough time to settle in and start playing with the board games. The crafty groom-to-be even orchestrated a faux promotional shoot for the cafe in order to get the photographer and videographer crews inside the establishment and all set up without arousing suspicion. He also arranged to have a curtained area for him to hide in right before popping the question.


Using the same shirt and perfume he wore during their first date back in 2007, Alfonso picked up Erica and proceeded to the veranda of the cafe. Their three friends arrived soon after and strategically chose the Exploding Kittens game to be able to shorten or lengthen their play time to keep up with the schedule. Once Alfonso got the go-signal at 6 pm via text from his mom that all their guests had arrived, he excused himself from their group to go to the washroom. Then the song “Take My Breath Away” by Emma Bunton began to play, the same song that was playing during their 2007 date.

A server approached Erica to present her with a Toy Story puzzle game that would earn her a prize if she solved it. After finishing the puzzle, her reward was a Starbucks bottle with a note inside an Army of 2 Playstation game cover that the pair had previously completed. It read, “PLAYER 1 HAS ENTERED - LUIS. Are you ready PLAYER 2? Press Start to Level up. Est.3,874 days ago.”

As she read the note, the couple’s nieces and nephews instructed the curious Erica to head to the first floor of the cafe. Once she took her spot in front of the curtain, Alfonso surprised her with the famous Toy Story line, “To Infinity and Beyond!” written on his back. The couple’s nearest and dearest entered the venue behind her, and the groom-to-be gave his speech as he pulled out a ring box with a Mario and Princess Peach sticker on it and popped the question to the ecstatic Erica.

The boyfriend and girlfriend have now leveled up into soon-to-weds! MO