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Top 12 Wedding Advice from Covid-Resilient Couples

Be grateful, work with your coordinators, and live in the moment

This year brought many couple to tears even before they walked down the altar, because just getting their foot in the door was complicated by a global pandemic. But love always wins. Even though weddings were on hold for a while this year, many have found a way to push through with their plans of getting married. Here we put together the top 12 advice from couples who've gotten married in these trying times. These are great reminders, whether your wedding is grand or intimate, outdoor or indoor, during the time of coronavirus or not. Read on.

1. It’s okay to feel anxious.

 “It is normal to feel anxious and stressed during this time, but don’t get stressed with things that are beyond your control. If you really want to get married, do it. What is important is to be with your loved one and receive God’s blessing.

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2. Remind your partner that nothing has changed.

For the guys, we need to be sold out with our decision. Kaya I was the first one who accepted na okay lang whether it’s going to be small or big. Papakasalan ko pa rin siya. Kasi wala naman nag-bago eh. It’s not the time or the place. Be firm with that decision and it doesn’t matter kung maiba man yung plano or hindi. But it’s that “I’m going to marry you”, and I think kailangan maramdaman yun ng fiancee niyo. That you’re really sold out. Doon nila makikita how you’re going to be leading them as well. Then we’ll see paano natin ito nalagpasan together.

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3. It’s just the beginning.

 “It still and will always be the best day ever, regardless. Be practical. Be flexible. Be open to changes. Let life surprise you. The wedding is only the beginning. There is so much more to look forward to in the journey of marriage.”

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4. You don’t need a lot.

 “It is not what we have, but who we have in the wedding that really matters, may it be a little set-up in a resto elsewhere or a small gathering at the church with 10 guests. As long as you have each other, your loved ones, and the Lord, it will be all worth it.”

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 5. Family is everything.

"You’ll realize after that your life goes on, we do not need all the fancy celebration that we got used to for now, just the primary people in your life. The people whom you call family.”

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 6. Live in the moment.

“When the church door opens, don’t bother thinking about details you might have missed. Just enjoy the moment… Always follow the proper safety protocols. Only take off your masks when taking official photos.”

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7. Be grateful.

“We’re living through a time of curveballs, and we all just have to weather through it and be grateful that there are still things worth celebrating at such a trying time. After all, this is an unprecedented time, so don’t worry about the fact that your wedding may be a little different from how it was done before! Especially during this time, anything and everything can go wrong, but as long as you manage to make it through, the mishaps are irrelevant! It’s the happiness, love, and joy that you’ll remember.”

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8. Work with your coordinators and suppliers.

Be flexible and open to other plans. They must also constantly cooperate and coordinate with all their suppliers, since both parties are affected and paddling though the unpredictability of the times. And if couples will push through the wedding, they must prioritize the safety and health of their guests. They may also optimize the current technology to their advantage.

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9. Focus on what matters.

Plan for a simple wedding--as simple as possible. Always remember that everyone's health and safety comes first. As hard as it may be, let go of the mindset that you have to have a big wedding celebration to make it special. Focus on what matters, and realize that what makes a wedding special is your love for each other and the people who truly matter to you.

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10. Pray a lot.

“Spiritual ka man or hindi, kailangan niyo siyang ipag-dasal. Kasi i-g-guide kayo eh. And kung makikita niyo sa buong process namin, mula proposal hanggang wedding, laging may pattern.”

Sabi namin, Diyos na ang nag-guide sa amin sa lahat ng pangyayari. Nagtitiwala kami sa proseso, ipinag-darasal namin siya, kahit alam namin na problemado kami sa pera, problemado kami sa resources… Napapagaan ‘yung sitwasyon dahil may pinagkakatiwalaan kayo. Hindi niyo kayang i-kontrol [lahat] pero merong may kaya na i-kontrol 'yung hindi niyo kayaDahil kaya Niyang kontrolin 'yun, nandun kami sa, ‘Okay, enjoyin nalang natin ito.’”

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11. Lower your expectations.

Focus on what you want as a couple. This is really a day that should be for your happiness, and you will see that the people who will choose to be there for you want your happiness too. Plan ahead of time, so you will stress less. Don’t expect too much! Expect that some people will not make it and that’s okay. Set your expectations low in terms of weather or last minute problems, so that on the day itself everything will seem like a blessing. Be prepared. Have a nice breakfast and enjoy every moment!

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12. Let the little things go.

You also have to learn to let the little things go, in the grander scheme of things, the marriage is truly more important than the wedding. And yes, the wedding should be beautiful, special, and the absolute best. However I truly believe that God will provide the beauty and the magic you expect to have, even if there will be some things that you initially wanted but will have to let go due to the circumstances. 

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