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Wedding Planners' Pro Tips for Intimate Weddings

Here’s how you can make your wedding memorable and hitch-free according to the experts

What is the secret to an intimate wedding amid the pandemic? More than a year into the norm of intimate weddings and wedding planners and coordinators have now amassed enough wisdom to share what couples should look out for and remember as you plan your intimate weddings. Of course in many ways, a pandemic wedding has its own unique set of challenges. These include constantly changing restrictions, the health and wellness of celebrants and loved ones, and shifting financial priorities. Add to that the usual wedding concerns of two families coming together and what we have is a recipe for a challenge. asked two sought-after wedding planners on their top tips for wedding planning and what we got are these six pointers that all couples must read. Rhed Sarmiento of Rhed Sarmiento Event Planners and Coordinators, based in Metro Manila, and Agnes Tuale of Dumaguete-based Weddings Exquisitely Designed share their top tips below. Here’s what Rhed has to say:

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1. Hire a wedding planner even if your wedding is just intimate. Intimate events during this pandemic have a lot more requirements, such as safety, protocols, testing and etc. If you will handle this by yourself or assign a relative or friend, you might get stressed on the day. Professional planners can resolve issues or problems just in case something comes up.

2. Follow your heart. Even if your event is intimate, follow the things that you want since this is just a once in a lifetime event.

Agnes reflects not just on the past year of weddings with her tips, she also gleans her advise from an entire year of video calls, social distancing, and mask and shield wearing. Agnes says, “If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it is the power if technology to connect us wherever we may be in the world. While your wedding might not have been the celebration you had envisioned, there are still many ways to make this day memorable and magical.” Below are her four tips:

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1. If your wedding turned virtual, design a virtual backdrop or change the background to one of your favorite places as a couple.

2. For micro or intimate weddings, request your family and friends who are not able to attend your wedding to coordinate and learn dances to perform over video.

3. Consider having food or cake delivered to family and friends who live nearby who can’t come so you can eat altogether.

4. Always stay one step ahead by keeping directory of your vendor contracts and compile a list of rules about deposits, rescheduling and cancelling, etc. This way you’ll be fully prepared to take any changing restrictions.

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Rhed Sarmiento of Rhed Sarmiento Event Planners and Coordinators
Agnes Tuale of W.E.D. Weddings Exquisitely Designed