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What About a Drive-By Party?

This might be the next big thing in celebrations

Parties aren’t coming to a halt as we are all finding new ways to celebrate life and milestones. Drive-by Parties might just be the next big thing in the party scene while we are all still navigating our way through these times. Inspired by the drive-by weddings that we’ve seen here and abroad, party organizers and specialists are now incorporating it into other big events such as baby showers and birthdays.

Below are six tips if you are thinking of throwing a drive-by party.

1. Block off a few hours for the party.

Similarly to the usual parties, schedule what time your drive-by starts and ends. If you only have a few cars driving by, you may want to give specific time slots to keep them from overlapping. This will also allow you more one-on-one time with your guests, versus having at least two cars or two families you will divide your attention between. However if you want to keep it short and sweet (no more than 15 minutes if you want to stick to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations), then you can skip scheduling altogether.

Tip: Later in the afternoon might be cooler for both the guest and the celebrant!

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2. Ask your guests to decorate their ride.

This is a new bonding experience for families in the time of pandemic. Decorating their family car so that their loved one sees from afar that they’re approaching is already part of the fun. Families can get creative with this one­–some print photos of the celebrant, tie balloons, create posters–the options are endless!

3. Give your guests something to enjoy as they drive home.

Think of a drive-by party the same way you would a regular party, there has to be something for your guests to enjoy. You would not throw a celebration and not serve food and drinks, right? A drive-by party is the same, you just will not be eating together. But that does not mean you cannot give your friends and loved ones a takeaway bag of food they can enjoy. Just consider what you will be feeding them and how easy it is to eat it in a moving vehicle. No plated meals, here! Think: sandwiches, wraps, and the like. If you want to be considerate, why not include an extra bag for their trash after they eat in the car?

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4. Decorate your receiving area or the outside of your home.

To give your drive-by party a celebratory feel, try balloon arrangements that are larger than life. Your guests will be able to see it from afar and it will build the excitement. You can also set up your cake, a gift table (again to minimize contact), and a giveaway table for whatever you plan to be sending your guests home with.

5. Don’t forget your documentation.

Again, think of a drive-by party the same way you would your usual parties. You would not skip photography or videography for your milestone events. The same goes with your drive-by party. You will love looking back at this event and the unique way your family celebrated it, whether it was a bridal shower, a baby shower, a birthday party or even a wedding reception.

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6. Communicate the safety protocols to your invited guests beforehand.

Let your friends and loved ones know that their safety is a priority. You can remind them that all minimum safety protocols will continue to apply whether or not they go down the car. This might also be a safe option for senior citizens and children to be able to socialize albeit briefly.

If you want to know more about drive-by parties, watch our Love Wins Live Forum Quarantine: Home Celebrations episode featuring Balloonery by Liz and Party Station for more ideas!

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