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Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo are Engaged

‘Siniguro ko muna talagang… ito na yung best version ko’

News of GMA 7 actors Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo’s engagement made news over the weekend, plus their other big reveal: they’re having a baby! But their vlog of the actual proposal plus behind the scenes is what brought us to tears.

Here’s what Dennis said to Jennylyn as he asked for her hand in marriage:

Narating din natin, step by step, dahan dahan. Ito yung mga araw sa  buhay natin na magbabago na talaga. Papasok na tayo sa panibagong level, panibagong stage… Gusto ko lang mag thank you kasi pinili mo ako samahan sa journey na ito.

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Iniisip mo siguro kung bakit ngayon lang nangyari. Hindi pa kasi ako ready noon. Pero siniguro ko muna na talagang… kapagka nangyari yun, ito na yung best version ko. Gusto ko mag thank you kasi tinulungan mo ako maging ganun. Akala ko dati okay na ako pero…

Salamat lang talaga at dumating ka ulit sa buhay ko. Hindi ko alam kung makakahanap pa ako ng pagmamahal na katulad ng binigay mo sakin, kasi talagang sagan eh at nararamdaman ko yun. Ikaw lang ang gusto kong makasama. Ikaw at yung bagong addition sa pamilya natin. Isa yun sa mga pangarap ko. Matutupad lang yung pangarap ko kung papayag kang pakasalan ako.

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The video slows down at the exact moment Dennis asks Jennlyn, and the sliding doors behind them open to reveal a “Marry Me” sign with flower and balloon arrangement by Gideon Hermosa. Dennis gets down on one knee and an emotional Jennylyn soaks it all in before replying–after he places the ring on her finger–“Hindi pa ako sumasagot!” The couple laughs and Dennis asks again, to which she replies, “Oo naman!”

Dennis and Jennylyn were engaged on October 8, 2021 and they also share the news that Jennylyn is in her first trimester of pregnancy. The newly-engaged was set to sign papers for a surrogacy when she found out she was already pregnant. Jennylyn shares in an interview that it was during taping when she felt not quite like herself.

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The two actors first started a romantic relationship in 2010 but ended the next year. And then rekindled their romance in 2014. We love what Dennis said in his proposal, “Iniisip mo siguro kung bakit ngayon lang nangyari. Hindi pa kasi ako ready noon. Pero siniguro ko muna na talagang… kapagka nangyari yun, ito na yung best version ko.”

Take notes on proposal ideas, gents!

Best wishes and congratulations, Dennis and Jennylyn!

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Proposals That Pop

Kris Aquino Reveals Engagement

Love, love, love! Congratulations, soon-to-be Sarmientos!

Kris Aquino surprised everyone on October 24, 2021 with her Instagram post announcing her engagement to politician and former DILG Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento. Like most of her posts, it is accompanied with a long caption she created herself and she explains that  following her older brother former President Benigno Aquino III's passing, "Sure ako, ayaw nya talagang iwanan si “bunso” na walang magbabantay at magaalaga na siguradong pinagkakatiwalaan nya."

She continues, "Somehow i believe there really was a matchmaker in heaven who must be smiling now- i can almost hear his voice telling me, “kristina, tama na, respect the fact na gusto ni Mel ng tahimik na buhay.” And finally, “bunso”has learned to obey."

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Kris goes on to thank Mel, "To my best friend and the man i said yes to spending the rest of my life with, thank you for as bimb said loving me for me, with no agenda, and for being just an overall good and patient man. It’s unreal how much more calm & peaceful i feel now that you’re here."

She did not share any more details of how the proposal happened, just a video montage of various flower arrangements–perhaps all from Mel–and a quick video of the couple attempting to announce their engagement. She says at the end of her post, "We agreed, what’s personal shall remain private so hanggang dito lang ang pwede kong ma share."

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But true to her style, she ends her announcement with a meaty sentence: " much as i am proud to be an Aquino, looking forward na kong maging Sarmiento."

Are we going to see a Sarmiento-Aquino nuptials before the year ends? Or perhaps closer to the bride-to-be's birthday, February? Will it be grand or private? One can only guess! And we can't wait to see what Kris and Mel will share with us!

Congratulations, Kris and Mel! Love, love, love only!

Proposals That Pop

Hidilyn's Engagement - All You Need to Know

Her unique ring was inspired by her win, strength, and passion

Hidilyn Diaz is now engaged! The Philippines’ first Olympic gold medalist gave her sweet yes to her conditioning coach and longtime boyfriend turned fiancé, Julius Naranjo on Saturday, October 16. The weightlifter reveals in her Instagram post that she was duped into thinking there was a birthday celebration, despedida before she leaves again for Malaysia, and triple date with their friends which is why she was invited to dine at Sheraton Manila’s Vubble. “…kaya naman nagvlog pa ako, nagpapicture, at napacute pa ko. Yum pala magpropose na!” she writes in her caption.

A video capturing the whole moment, as shared by Noel Ferrer, shows just how surprised Hidilyn was. “Crazy ka talaga!” she says to Julius, who has gotten down on one knee and did not move one bit even after Hidilyn jests.

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“It's YES! It was a magical moment with @imjulius. I'm grateful to God that He sent Julius into my life, he make [sic] my life easy, alam ng iba kung ano mga sinasakripisyo niya para maabot namin ang pangarap na Ginto sa Olympics together with #TeamHD, nun laro kinilig at masaya ako kasi siya mismo nagsabi God is the center of our relationship, kaya walang duda magYeYES ako dahil swerte ako may isang Julius nagmamahal, nagintindi, at sumoporta sakin.

Thank you sa lahat ng kasabwat ni Julius, magaling po kayo naging meaningful ang gabi dahil sa inyo,” writes Hidilyn in her first Instagram post on her engagement.

The Ring

Julius worked with Manila Diamond Studio to create her one of a kind engagement ring, perhaps one that is most fitting and only fitting for Hidilyn. A solitaire diamond sits in the center of a barbell, and the ring’s setting is of course, in yellow gold. It was “inspired by @hidilyndiaz’s love, strength, and passion. In collaboration with Coach @imjuliius, we brought life to what could only be the perfect ring for her. Another gold for our champ!” says Manila Diamond Studio.

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Inscribed inside the ring is “Tokyo 2020”, which of course is a tribute to Hidilyn’s most recent Olympic win. Hidilyn is also a 2016 Rio Olympics silver medalist, 2018 Asian Games gold medalist, 2019 World Championships bronze medalist, and 2019 SEA Games gold medalist.

The Couple

“I thought it’s a prank. You always do this to me. Thank you so much for loving me. Thank you so much for supporting me. Thank you so much for this,” says Hidilyn in the video capturing their proposal. It appears from the same video that the couples’ friends were outside the Vubble, cheering them on and documenting the moment. When she was asked how she felt, she answered: “Feeling ko, ang haba ng hair ko!”

Julius shares a photo of Hidilyn holding her Olympic Gold Medal with her left hand, now decorated with her engagement ring. His caption is short and sweet, “There’s a first for everything.” Julius met Hidilyn in 2017 at the fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan where he was also a competitive weightlifter. He has since retired from competing and now coaches Hidilyn and is part of #TeamHD. He is also a filmmaker.

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“As her coach and as her partner, I experienced many things. I see her all the time and you go through her emotions, you have to deal with all of that and you also have to deal with the physical pain she goes through,” Julius says in a 2019 interview with ABS-CBN’s Sports U.

Congratulations, Hidilyn and Julius! May all your happiness continue to multiply!

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Proposals That Pop

Pao and Jaycy - Straight Out of a Movie Scene

'What's important to me is marrying the love of my life, who will be my partner forever'

Pablo Olivarez II had a diamond ring sitting at home for almost half a year because he was waiting for the perfect timing to propose. But when things were starting to look better, the real estate developer and engineer didn’t wait to ask for the blessing to marry the love of his life, Carol Joanna Violago. Upon receiving her parents’ blessing, “I immediately booked the venue, hired the stylist, strings, and photo and videographer,” says Pao.

The groom-to-be’s sister invited Jaycy to a special event, which of course was secretly Pao’s proposal. There was a hitch however was that Jaycy, an OB-GYN, forgot to mention to Pao that the day of the event was also her schedule to man the COVID vaccination post which often ran late into the workday.

Read below how Pao pulled off his romantic proposal to Jaycy!

How did you become a couple?

Jaycy: We’ve known of each other since our college days because of friends in the the same circle. During that time, we already got along well as we’re both friendly, easy going, driven, and enjoy competitive sports. Pao was finishing his engineering course in the States, where he was also playing tennis for the university. I was finishing my premed course here in the Philippines while playing soccer for the university as well.

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I guess you could say that during that time, we were still working on establishing ourselves as we were making our own way through life. It was only recent when we realized and admitted to each other that there was a brief time in the past when we did feel something more than friendship between each other, a spark, which we never entertained until we reconnected. Fast forward to seven years later, Pao and I rekindled the connection. A simple direct message of “Hey Jaycy, it’s been a long time. How are you?” has led to our commitment to now until forever. 

What made you, Pao, feel that it was the perfect time to pop the question?

Pao: From the beginning of our relationship, we were working towards a future together. The past 2 years was a validation that I want to continue my life with her as my partner, best friend, and now my future wife and hopefully mother of our children. I just felt that it was time for me to build a stronger commitment to our plans together. I want to always be by her side and be with her forever, and the only way to make that happen is to ask her. 

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Share with us your proposal story!

Pao: My goal for the proposal was to make the day very special for her. I wanted to do my lifetime promise with her in front of God and in front of our families. First off, I had to get the perfect ring for her. It was sitting for 4 or 5 months because I was looking for the perfect timing. The circumstances brought about by the pandemic became an obstacle for this. Eventually, when things started looking better, I asked permission from her parents at least two weeks before the proposal. I visited them while she was on duty at the hospital. I was one hour earlier than planned sitting outside the house, thinking how the situation will play out. When they gave their blessing, I immediately booked the venue, hired the stylist, strings trio for music, and the videographer and photographer. I asked my sister to tell her to reserve the date by inviting her as Ninang for her daughter’s baptism. Everything played out well from then on. 

Jaycy, please tell us what it was like from your point of view!

Jaycy: When Pao and I started dating, attraction to each other was easily followed by an early establishment of respect and trust through very open communication. Falling in love just happened so surely. Pao and I have been setting goals and plans for quite some time already. He was never short of expressing how much he loves me. Even more, he goes beyond my expectations! I had an inclination that Pao was going to propose to me, I just really didn’t know when. 

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Every month, I send him my duty schedule. It’s funny that for the month of September, I forgot to put down that I was scheduled to man the COVID vaccination post on Sept. 21. I received the message of his sister to reserve the date for Baptism, a few days before it. Initially, I even requested to exchange my scheduled post, but it was a little short notice so I wasn’t able to get a reliever and just went through with the schedule, hoping that I wouldn’t be late for the “Baptism”.

By luck, the vaccination ended early (usually it could last until 8 PM or so) and I was able to get ready on time! That whole time, Pao knew I was at the vaccination site and not once did he hurry me. He was really composed and relaxed about the whole situation!

When we got to the venue, we walked through the restaurant until we got to the door leading to the plaza. There, I saw an empty plaza square with lights and flowers laid all over the cobble stones, a beautifully lit church as the back ground, faint string music playing, and a romantically lit sign saying “Marry Me”. I started crying the moment I realized what was happening. He took me towards the sign, gave me a beautiful speech proclaiming his love for me, went down on one knee and asked me “Will you marry me?”. My answer then and for our future days to come will always be yes.  

What are your wedding plans?

Jaycy: Most likely setting the date to second quarter of 2022. Wedding planning just started! To be honest, never really envisioned what my wedding would be like. Most important to me was marrying the love of my life who I know will be my partner through forever. 

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The Dream Team

Photography by Nice Print Photography | Venue: Las Casas Quezon City | Styling by Midle Events Styling Services

Proposals That Pop

Justine and Shekinah - When The Time is Right

‘What I wanted to say wouldn’t come out. I just knelt down and told her I prayed for this for a long time’

Church played a major role in Justine Embile and Shekinah Borbe's love story, making it fitting that he leaned on their friends to execute his proposal. Justine noticed Shekinah when he was volunteering while she was responsible for gathering church volunteers. From there and thanks to a common friend, close friendship grew into love.

Justine confesses that though he wanted to ask for Shekinah's hand in marriage and prayed about it, he was still nervous to take the leap. Below, he shares what gave him the confidence to ask the love of his life for her hand in marriage and when he knew that the time was right.

What made you feel that it was the perfect time to pop the question?

Justine: I asked God first when is the right time to propose and I received this advice, "give space for God, He will work at it.”

How did you come up with your proposal plan? What was your inspiration for it?

Justine: I wanted a simple but one of the greatest moments ever in our life. I want it to be memorable and for our friends to be there. My friend suggested that I do it in a church setting as my alternative plan if there were sudden restrictions in our quarantine protocols because I also want our family’s safety.

I wanted to propose to her at our favorite place in Intramuros or their family’s place with few people there it but there are restrictions due to the pandemic. Her mom wanted for us to have it with our group of friends. So my alternative plan to propose was to do it at church right after Sunday Service. I asked for help from her workmates for the plan to work. I wanted to surprise her and make sure she would have no hint that I will propose on that day. And since we want our close friends and families to witness our special day, I invited them to be there online.

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What are your tips for planning a proposal?


  1. Give space for God to work on it and listen to Him.
  2. Seek help from your friends. Your community will really reach out to you as you allow them to journey with you.
  3. Set the right time to talk to her parents and to ask for their blessing to propose.

Please share with us your proposal story in your own words.

Before proposing to Kinah, I thought to myself, ‘What if I'm not ready?’, ‘Am I financially stable?’, ‘What if she says no?’ But God assured me when I read Psalm 66:20, "Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!". This reminded me how God loves and blesses me that no matter what happens, God is in us and He hears our prayers.

On the day of my proposal, I knew I would surprise her and believed that she would say yes to me. But before that I didn't know how to plan the surprise and I was nervous. Thankfully I had help to execute my proposal. What I wanted to say to Kinah wouldn’t come out. I just gave her flowers, knelt down, told her that I’ve prayed for this for a long time, and then asked her to marry me.

I shared in private what I wanted to say during my proposal. The best thing that has happened to me is not only to hear her “Yes” but listening to and obeying God's voice.

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Kinah, tell us what it was like from your point of view/perspective!

Months before he proposed, I’ve been asking and seeking God to ensure that this is where He is leading me. My mom once asked me and told me that it seems like Justine will propose. I was shocked. I did want it to be this year and even added this as part of my faith goals for the year. But at the same time, I worried and thought about the future. Are we ready? Are we mature enough? Is this really the right time? Lots of my friends are getting engaged or getting married, am I got carried away by them that’s why I wanted to also have that’. Those were my thoughts and questions that I wrestled with.

I know God wants me to trust and obey Him that everything will fall into His right timing. So I waited, but proactively waited. I prayed to God, I would go on with my life and not be burdened by my thoughts about it.

When Justine proposed, I didn't have any clue. And I was reminded to enjoy. “So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.” (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13) Enjoy! That is the reminder.

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Proposals That Pop

Noy and Chey - A Proposal Without the Question

He played with the decor to give his plan a bit of humor inspired from a meme

Mikhail Kevin Cruz first connected with Cheyenne Echo Chua via Instagram stories. She posted something that piqued his interest, and from there a friendship blossomed into romance. ‘“I remember praying and asking God if I decide to pursue her, would God be with me?” Noy says. They went from friends to a couple, all during this pandemic, so why not engaged and married too?

“She already knows that I want to marry her so the moment I received the blessing from her family to marry her, my cousins and I started planning the proposal.” True to Noy’s personality, he playfully switched the balloons prepared from ‘Will you marry me’ to ‘You will marry me’ before he actually knelt down on one knee. Some may call it confidence, others can call it ‘claiming it’. What we know for sure is Chey still gave Noy her sweet yes.

To keep his beloved from picking up on his plans, he arranged for his proposal to be on a day that was meant to celebrate him. Despite the bad weather, which almost caused Noy to postpone his proposal, things still went according to plan when they arrived at the venue.

Below, Noy recounts their love story and how he planned his unique proposal that (sort of) didn’t pop the question.

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How did you become a couple?

It started when I saw her Instagram Story of a 3D-rendered kiosk, it was then when we started chatting. We became close friends and from friendship, it developed into something more. I remember praying and asking God if I decide to pursue her, would God be with me? At first the answer was wait, so even though I wanted to court her, I was waiting for God to say ‘Go’. And the moment God said go, I had second thoughts. He he. But God assured me He will be with me. So on that day, we had a zoom call, and I asked her if I could court her and she answered yes. We enjoyed the courting phase and then we became a couple.

What made you feel that it was the perfect time to pop the question?

She already knows that I want to marry her so the moment I received the blessing from her family to marry her, my cousins and I started planning the proposal.

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How did you come up with the proposal plan? What was the inspiration for it?

We did something simple. First we secured the ring, then I asked for her family's blessing. Then we looked for a place and date and my cousin suggested inflatable ‘Will you marry me’ balloons, which I played with and came up with ‘You will marry me’ instead, which is inspired by a meme.

How were you able to turn the plan into reality? Was it difficult during these times?

My cousins were excited. One of them suggested that we do it at our Graduate School graduation (my cousin and I both studied Urban and Regional Planning) so that Chey won’t have any hint of our plan. The plan was for my family and I to fetch Chey at her house–after I fetch her, my cousin will fetch her family and I will make a stopover so that they can arrive at the proposal venue first.

At the venue, Cafe Thalia, was our friend and my other cousins who were preparing for us to arrive. We did encounter a few problems beyond our control–first was the weather, there was heavy rains in the morning, which was kind of scary, I almost canceled the event. But while I was praying, God reminded me that the rain will stop when I need it to stop, and guess what? It did stop when we fetched Chey. Another problem was we actually got vaccinated the day before the proposal, but thankfully Chey felt better the moment we arrived at the venue. It's actually us planning and God giving us His favor the whole time.

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Tell us how it happened!

When I heard that her family was already at the venue, we left the gasoline station (or our stopover to buy us time). When we arrived, everything was set. We entered the restaurant and it was all just as planned, everyone was upstairs and the lights are turned off. When we walked up, she was surprised and confused whether the surprise was for me or her, up until I showed her the ring and asked will she marry me. It took a while–but she said yes! We all celebrated with dinner that night, just intimate fun with our families.

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Venue: Cafe Thalia

Proposals That Pop

Kim and Pochai - London Lockdown Proposal

This couple went from workmates to life partners

Michael Kim Genilo and Rubie May San Miguel met when both nurses flew to UK to work. From colleagues, they became flatmates, and eventually, romance blossomed. Though the pandemic caused a delay and a change in Kim’s proposal plans, he still managed to pull off a memorable proposal that included London, the city where they met and fell in love.

Below, Kim talks about how he surprised Pochai, and how he created and pulled off plan B despite London’s strict lockdowns–and how he made it work for them!

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How did you become a couple?

Both of us are nurses from the Philippines who went to the UK in the same cohort/batch. We are working in the same hospital as operating room (theatre) nurses. Poch was then working in pediatric theatres while I was working in adult theatre. After our free accommodation from the hospital, we found a flat to rent as our starting place to live in together with other batchmates. As we were living together that was the time when we started to get along and started to go out. We took our OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) exams together and passed the exam together. We have a lot in common in terms of food preferences, values, principles, and beliefs, which made us get along so well.

What made you, Kim, feel that it was the perfect time to pop the question?

We have been together for more than two years now, and the more we spend time with each other, the more I realize that she is the woman I want to spend my lifetime with.  I was longing to pop the question since last year but due to Covid pandemic everything got cancelled and I postponed. The very moment that I asked the question was perfect, right outside St. Paul’s Cathedral at the heart of London city.

How did you come up with the proposal plan? What was the inspiration for it?

The original plan of the proposal was in the US when we were planning to go for a tour of Arizona, the Antelope Canyon. Due to Covid pandemic, all plans from 2020 were cancelled and I had to find a way how I could get hold of the ring. The ring was actually bought from the Philippines with the help of my mom. I was able to send the ring here in the UK through one of our closest friends from work who went home in the Philippines for a short holiday. As soon as they got back, I started re-planning and thinking of how I will pop the question.

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Tell us about the planning process. How were you able turn the plan into a reality?

As soon as I got the ring (April 4, 2021), I was trying to coordinate the plan with some of our closest friends. I wanted to make it memorable and at a place that represents London, where we met and started our love story.  I requested a colleague who happens to also run a photography business , Roy Santos, to capture the moments.  

During the planning phase, London was still on lockdown (due to second wave) and will ease lockdown starting April 12, where non-essential shops will start to open and operate again. I have a friend from work who advised me why not do the proposal on the 11th of April (the last day of lockdown) primarily because there are less people in the area and we will be able to maximize the area with less people. In less than four days, I together with close and trusted friends planned everything as an ordinary pictorial day. I was really worried that Pochai might have an idea to the point that every time I come home from work, I always check her nails if she polished it.

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Sunday, April 11, came and I was really worried and thinking of a script to say as I bend on one knee. We started going around the city and just as an ordinary pictorial day, we just posed and kept going. As soon as we reached St. Paul’s Cathedral, there was a phone booth outside, we posed for the photo, just typical fun photoshoot until I asked the question: Will you make me the happiest man? And knelt down on one knee.

Please share with us your proposal story in your own words.

As much as I wanted the proposal to be grand, I could not pull off the plan that I had in mind. With the current situation, everything was made simple yet magnificent. Everything was just perfect—the weather, the friends who backed me up, places were not packed as per usual, and the perfect moment she said “Yes”. Despite the one year delay of this proposal, it is always and still an exquisite milestone in our lives as a couple. It is a start of something much more beautiful, of building our future together.

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Proposals That Pop

He Planned His Valentine's Proposal Four Years Ago

'We knew that a proposal only happens once in our lives so we made sure it leaves a lasting imprint in our lives'

When Jan Mikhail Cua Ybañez spotted Janice Cassandra Ayo Rivera, he was instantly smitten. But the road to the first date was much longer. Both Jan and Janice were students at University of San Carlos and it took two years from when he first laid eyes on her, a common friend, a made up interview as a school requirement for the two to exchange numbers.

On Valentine’s Day in 2013, Jan asked Janice out. “We enjoyed our first date, talked for hours, and felt like time had wings. We felt so comfortable with each other as if we knew each other for a long time already when in fact, it was just our first date,” Jan says.

Throughout their years together, Jan and Janice often celebrate Valentine’s Day at Shangri-La Mactan but for many years, Jan had reserved his proposal spot and would not take Janice there. “I guess I can say I’m a hopeless romantic. Imagine having my proposal plan for four years and fast forward to 2021, all I needed was tweaking and fine-tuning.

Jan worked with Cebu’s premier events organizer, Tonette Carcel of Tcarcel Events Planning to bring his plans to life. “I knew that a proposal only happens once in our lives and I wanted to do it right, with a bang! Memorable, meaningful, momentous. It was exactly how we wanted it to be to mark our next important stage in our lives, which is marriage,” Jan says.

Below, Jan shares in his own words what he planned and how he made sure his grand plan would surprise Janice and set them off to the next chapter of their lives.

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Tell us about the proposal.

The Blueprint was the same as it has been in the last four years ever since we started celebrating Valentine’s Day at Shangri-La Mactan which was a lovely and intimate dinner by the sea under the beautiful stars and the windy breeze that the Island of Mactan could possibly offer. So this time around, it wasn’t much of an ordeal in that sense since there was not much of a deviation.

On D-day, I picked her up in usual fashion, all set and good to go for our scheduled dinner date. Nothing special or anything out of the norm was being done yet since of course, everything was kept incognito and the surprise wasn’t until an hour after.

The drive to Shangri-La Mactan from Janice’s house took about an hour to get there so we had ample time to talk and enjoy the drive. From my end of the fence, it was a challenge for me to hold it all together–emotions, the plan coming to together and the whole propsal itself.

So the soonest we got to Shangri-La Mactan, we then proceeded to the actual spot of where the proposal would be and Janice had no idea that were heading to the Observatory in Shangri-La, which is the most romantic spot in the resort.

Years ago, I have always been hopping from one spot to the other for our Valentine’s Day date which was of course, on purpose. I wanted to save the best spot the resort could possibly offer for the most important event in our relationship which was the Proposal.

So then as we were on-board the resort’s shuttle to the spot, Janice was incessantly asking me “where are we having our dinner this time around?” Of course, the surprise was about to unfold and I just kept playing along.

Mind you, everyone in that specific spot had already been oriented by Tonette, my event organizer, of what was about to unfold minutes we arrived. Thing is, everyone played along as if nothing significant was to happen.

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We then approached the Observatory and Janice started to notice how “extra” the setup leading to the spot. She kept asking, “what’s going on?” The whole place was beautifully decorated than usual and more so than in our previous dates.

None of the questions she asked was answered properly by me simply because the whole time, it was part and parcel of the Blueprint. As soon as we got the middle part of the stretch, I knelt on my left knee and reach out the ring from my pocket.

From that specific moment, it was all a bliss and we both were caught up in that special moment that we shared and when I asked her the question, it was a big yes from Janice! Right after the big Yes, fireworks then started in our background to signify that the whole Proposal was a huge success!

Minutes after, our beloved Family and Friends joined us and shared that special moment with us. The whole plan was a huge success and we capped it off with a wonderful dinner with the people who matter most to us.

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How did you feel during the proposal?

We were bursting tears of joy all the way around and we felt like we were on Cloud 9!

We couldn’t find the right words to fully express how we both truly felt during the Proposal but one thing is certain and that it was a whirlwind of emotions. Happiness, Gratefulness, Appreciation, Full of Love, Tears of Joy, and all else that is bundled in the same category. For a lack of a better word, it was life-changing as well.

We knew that a Proposal only happens once in our lives so we seized the moment and made sure it leaves a lasting imprint in our lives and etched forever.

The proposal presented itself as a special and monumental event in our relationship which signifies that we were both ready and more than willing to take it to the next level. Marriage has always been our goal since the very beginning and here we are, making it official for a lifetime of partnership and commitment.

Indeed, God is the Author and Architect of our love story, a love story like no other. It was a good seven years of being in a relationship and we definitely look forward to spending the rest of our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Ybañez.

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The Dream Team

Photography by Leftfielder Photography | Planning by Tcarcel Events Planning | Venue: Shangri-La Mactan

Proposals That Pop

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are Engaged

It's game on for the celebrity couple!

It’s raining celebrity engagements and proposals! Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna shared their big news on March 30, Tuesday, with a series photos, the first being her left hand squeezing Derek’s face and boldly showing off a pear-shaped solitaire diamond ring on her ring finger. The caption reads, “Game Over”.

Based on the photos and video, Derek’s proposal included “Will you marry me?” neon lights, candles, and celebratory balloons. Derek and Ellen confirmed their relationship in February 2021 after rumors. Derek writes in his post:

"Since the day we first met @maria.elena.adarna the chemistry between us has been undeniable, its so strong that i have to catch my breath at times. I've always said that love is intangible, something you can't see or touch...but now I believe otherwise. The chemistry between us that has left me reeling at times has made me see, feel, and grasp this unexplainably deep love i now have. When I look at you I see love and when I touch you I embrace love. Lasth night we were surrounded by so much love. I am honoured and grateful that you said YES BUT most of all Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you..."

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Ellen’s completely surprised reaction–where she covers her mouth with her shirt­–is giving us all the proposal feels! After her “Yes”, the newly-engaged couple pose with their sons.

Are we going to be seeing these boys with a special role for the upcoming wedding? Or are we going to see more pear cut engagement rings this 2021?

One thing is certain, we’re not complaining with all these high-profile engagements and weddings! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

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Proposals That Pop

Benny and Sherry - Proposal Delivered

He disguised himself as a same-day delivery driver to surprise his girlfriend!

Benicio Fabro and Sherry Kathleen Te met in 2016 when Sherry joined Benny’s tour group of Lake Pandin, San Pablo, Laguna. They stayed in touch via group chat after the visit and Benny made the first move by messaging her privately.

Benny and Sherry began dating and in 2020, he felt it was time to “level up our relationship. Nasa tamang edad na din kami at hindi na kami bumabata.” With the help of his officemates Jeff, Emerson, and Sarah, Benny thought of a unique way to propose to Sherry: by disguising himself as a same-day delivery driver.

Sherry often receives deliveries from Benny so when he video called her to say that a delivery was on the way, she was looking forward to “another milk tea or some sweet dessert since that’s my favorite,” she says. The couple hadn’t seen each other for three months during ECQ and Benny wanted Sherry to have a very special birthday. So he scheduled to propose the day before Sherry’s birthday. He proposed on 21 June 2020.

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“I was shocked when I saw a tray of eggs in front of me,” Sherry says. “She was hesitant to accept the delivery, but I insisted that she check the eggs,” Benny says. Sherry couldn’t recognize Benny underneath his disguise, not even his voice! Benny borrowed a friend’s Lalamove jacket, and he made sure to wear a cap, sunglasses, and of course, a mask.

“The Lalamove driver asked me to open and check it. I thought he wanted me to check if there were cracked eggs. When I opened the tray I was surprised to see ‘Will you marry me?’ on the eggs. Then he knelt down and asked for my hand,” Sherry says.

Sherry still couldn’t believe what was happening, her initial reaction was to hit Benny’s arm. “Eventually, I answered, ‘Yes!’ and I was crying the whole time.” Benny gifted Sherry with her engagement ring, plus a cake, and flowers. “We celebrated my birthday as the most extraordinary day of my life during the lockdown,” Sherry says. Benny and Sherry are planning for their intimate wedding in 2022.

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