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Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are Engaged

It's game on for the celebrity couple!

It’s raining celebrity engagements and proposals! Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna shared their big news on March 30, Tuesday, with a series photos, the first being her left hand squeezing Derek’s face and boldly showing off a pear-shaped solitaire diamond ring on her ring finger. The caption reads, “Game Over”.

Based on the photos and video, Derek’s proposal included “Will you marry me?” neon lights, candles, and celebratory balloons. Derek and Ellen confirmed their relationship in February 2021 after rumors. Derek writes in his post:

"Since the day we first met @maria.elena.adarna the chemistry between us has been undeniable, its so strong that i have to catch my breath at times. I've always said that love is intangible, something you can't see or touch...but now I believe otherwise. The chemistry between us that has left me reeling at times has made me see, feel, and grasp this unexplainably deep love i now have. When I look at you I see love and when I touch you I embrace love. Lasth night we were surrounded by so much love. I am honoured and grateful that you said YES BUT most of all Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you..."

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Ellen’s completely surprised reaction–where she covers her mouth with her shirt­–is giving us all the proposal feels! After her “Yes”, the newly-engaged couple pose with their sons.

Are we going to be seeing these boys with a special role for the upcoming wedding? Or are we going to see more pear cut engagement rings this 2021?

One thing is certain, we’re not complaining with all these high-profile engagements and weddings! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

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From @maria.elena.adarna
From @maria.elena.adarna
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Proposals That Pop

Benny and Sherry - Proposal Delivered

He disguised himself as a same-day delivery driver to surprise his girlfriend!

Benicio Fabro and Sherry Kathleen Te met in 2016 when Sherry joined Benny’s tour group of Lake Pandin, San Pablo, Laguna. They stayed in touch via group chat after the visit and Benny made the first move by messaging her privately.

Benny and Sherry began dating and in 2020, he felt it was time to “level up our relationship. Nasa tamang edad na din kami at hindi na kami bumabata.” With the help of his officemates Jeff, Emerson, and Sarah, Benny thought of a unique way to propose to Sherry: by disguising himself as a same-day delivery driver.

Sherry often receives deliveries from Benny so when he video called her to say that a delivery was on the way, she was looking forward to “another milk tea or some sweet dessert since that’s my favorite,” she says. The couple hadn’t seen each other for three months during ECQ and Benny wanted Sherry to have a very special birthday. So he scheduled to propose the day before Sherry’s birthday. He proposed on 21 June 2020.

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“I was shocked when I saw a tray of eggs in front of me,” Sherry says. “She was hesitant to accept the delivery, but I insisted that she check the eggs,” Benny says. Sherry couldn’t recognize Benny underneath his disguise, not even his voice! Benny borrowed a friend’s Lalamove jacket, and he made sure to wear a cap, sunglasses, and of course, a mask.

“The Lalamove driver asked me to open and check it. I thought he wanted me to check if there were cracked eggs. When I opened the tray I was surprised to see ‘Will you marry me?’ on the eggs. Then he knelt down and asked for my hand,” Sherry says.

Sherry still couldn’t believe what was happening, her initial reaction was to hit Benny’s arm. “Eventually, I answered, ‘Yes!’ and I was crying the whole time.” Benny gifted Sherry with her engagement ring, plus a cake, and flowers. “We celebrated my birthday as the most extraordinary day of my life during the lockdown,” Sherry says. Benny and Sherry are planning for their intimate wedding in 2022.

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Proposals That Pop

Congratulations to Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert!

Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert just announced their engagement over Instagram! The newly-engaged couple reveals Vin proposed on December 12, 2020 but have kept the news to themselves till today. “We’ve been savoring our precious moments and we are ready to share our joy and excitement! WE ARE ENGAGED!” Sophie writes in her Instagram post.

“We’ve grown up together and I look forward to growing old together. Good luck @itssophiealbert, you are stuck with me for life. We are engaged!!” writes Vin in his version of the engagement announcement. The actors met and started their career in 2012 in TV5’s reality show Artista Academy. Before announcing their engagement, Sophie broke the news of another milestone. “WE ARE MOVING IN TOGETHER!!! One of the reasons we’ve been so MIA is cause [sic] it has been quite a stressful process trying to get our home ready and finished. It’s moving a lot slower than we expected, but we’re hopeful that our home is coming together veeeeery slowly, but surely!! Konti nalang! Kapit lang!!”

The couple also dropped what seems like an engagement shoot session on Sophie's Instagram account.

Vin and Sophie have been in a relationship for the past eight years. In a 2019 interview with Boy Abunda, Vin has said this about Sophie:

"We’re in a point in our lives kasi na I don’t know–ramdam ko talaga na mahal na mahal ko siya eh. Na wala nang iba. Kung mawawala siya sa akin, tingin ko 'di na ako mag-aasawa. Tatanda akong mag-isa. Tingin ko, I’ve changed a lot because of her."

Looks like Vin won’t be growing old alone. Congratulations and best wishes to the love birds! We can’t wait to see your wedding!

Photo from @itssophiealbert
Photo from @vinabrenica
Photo from @vinabrenica
Photo from @itssophiealbert
Proposals That Pop

How To Propose While in LDR - Via Zoom

This Zoom-posal didn’t let LDR keep him from proposing

Timothy Ng and Dennilyn Joyce Castelo met while working in the same hospital and in 2020, opportunity knocked on Thobie’s door which brought him to the US. “We’ve been in LDR for a year now,” he says.

Thobie’s been planning to propose to Joyce since he relocated but due to the travel restrictions and bans, it made proposing in person quite the challenge. He will likely only be able to return home this year for a short period, “so it’s better to focus on the wedding when I get back home and do the proposal now,” he says.

So how does a boyfriend halfway across the world surprise and propose to his girlfriend? Not without accomplices, of course!

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Thobie enlisted the help of his family, his mom and sister, to surprise Joyce. His mom took care of securing the ring and finding the venue, while his makeup artist sister who is part of the wedding industry helped elevate the surprise through styling and photography for her future sister-in-law.

The plan was to invite Joyce to a dinner “for her Uncle’s birthday” and the proposal would happen over video chat. When Joyce arrived at the restaurant, a small area was decorated with photos of the couple, a balloon and flower arrangement, and a red heart cake with the question, “Will you marry me, Hon?”

But it was the print out of Thobie’s face turned into a mask and worn by one of their loved ones who got down on one knee while Thobie proposed over Zoom that made the proposal light hearted, memorable, and unique.

Thobie and Joyce are currently planning for their 2021 wedding in the Philippines. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

Scroll down to see the photos of this Zoom-posal!

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The Dream Team

Photography: Mark Vitasa Photography | Styling: Nybie Anne Marie Ng | Cake: The Taste Of Czaczacza | Flowers: AMORE by Erek Cruz | Location: Miguel and Maria Cafe & Resto | Ring: Imelda's Jewelry | Photo prints and mask: Matthew Anthony Ng | AVP: Mikko Angeles and Raj Marasigan

Photographers by: Mark Vitasa Photography
Proposals That Pop

Takaya and Chloe - Saying Yes by the Snowy Alps

‘I wanted at least one thing in 2020 that she could look back on fondly’

Takaya Miki and Francine Chloe Ramirez met while Chloe was an exchange student in Japan at Takaya’s university and the two were part of the same barkada. “Being in the same barkada really did help strengthen our relationship. I was on exchange for a year and by my second semester, we started dating,” Chloe says. “To this day, we don’t know the exact date of when we became a couple. We just went with the flow.”

Takaya says he knew it was the right time to propose because of where they were at in their lives. “We’re both growing up. We’re becoming adults and we’re continuously helping each other grow and better ourselves over the time we’ve been together.” He adds, “Topping it off with a crazy year and Chloe not being able to see her parents, family, and friends back in Manila, I wanted at least one thing in 2020 that she could look back on fondly.”

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The proposal was originally planned to happen during a ski trip in Finland where Takaya has many fond memories. “I thought it was the perfect spot to get on one knee because of the northern lights,” Takaya says. Since his initial idea would not work out, Takaya planned a ski trip to Hakuba Valley which he calls “a winter paradise in the alps of Nagano”. Takaya and Chloe are currently residing in countryside Japan “where life is still pretty normal”.

Chloe recalls that when the two stopped to rest by the side of the mountain to take in the beautiful view, that was when Takaya setup a camera to record the moment. “Nobody was around and it was so serene seeing nature at its finest,” she says.

“I wanted to record it in secret so I laid the camera and my ski gear all messy so she wouldn’t notice. We talked and took some nice pictures of the scenery and then I thought it was the perfect time to just pretend to take photos together, but really I was going to surprise her,” Takaya says. “The location, the weather, the atmosphere, pretty much everything was the best way possible. I really had nature on my side, and most importantly, she said yes!”

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Proposals That Pop

He Proposed During Their Donation Drive!

Jholo and Maica: Giving Love Everyday

For a month, Jholo Granados and Maica Chavez were preparing for a thanksgiving event with SOS Children’s Villages Philippines. The couple was busy buying and collecting for their donations when Jholo realized it was the perfect time to propose to his girlfriend, Maica.

Jholo originally wanted to propose during a trip to Israel which they were planning for 2020. After the lockdown was implemented, Jholo fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. “After my confinement, I just knew I had to do it. It was now or never,” Jholo says.

Luckily Jholo’s nieces were the perfect accomplices. Larissa Casingal is a production designer while Kim Torres is a wedding planner and director. Kim planned a surprise, after a surprise, after a surprise for Maica and Jholo says it was well executed. They also arranged for a caterer since it would be a mini reunion of sorts for the groom-to-be’s family.

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Jholo and his nieces were able to set up the proposal without Maica realizing that this was going on during their thanksgiving at the orphanage. When Jholo was scheduled to say a few words after the event, it was the cue for the proposal. A large “Will you marry me, Maica?” sign emerged together with a balloon backdrop and a bouquet by Gideon Hermosa.

Maica of course said “Yes!” and the couples’ thanksgiving event became even more memorable. They ended the day with fireworks, which was a sentimental touch for the couple. “On the day of the proposal, I got nervous and was jokingly saying to cancel everything and just have dinner. I was too nervous! But I am glad Maica said ‘Yes’. Our first date was during the Pyrolympics, so that was the best surprise after the proposal.”

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The Dream Team

Conceptualization, coordination, and direction: Kim Torres Events | Photography: Chapter One Studios | Videography: Wishing Well Films | Catering and styling: Juan Carlo the Caterer | Band and sound system: 3rd Avenue | Bouquet: House of Hermosa by Gideon Hermosa | Mobile bar: Manila Craft Mixes & Brews | Host: Edroy Lim | Balloons: Liza Lugue-Alviedo | Fireworks: Dragon Fireworks | Venue: Palazzo Verde | Couple’s area setup: Larissa Casingal | Kids and crew meals: The Food Station and Cocina de Maceda

Scroll down to see photos of Jholo's proposal to Maica!


Caterer by: Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc.
Venue by: Palazzo Verde ( formerly Fernbrook Gardens )
Wedding Planner by: Kim Torres Events
Proposals That Pop

Jerick and Steff - Better Than a Dream

'Be creative and full of surprises since we only get to ask our partners once'

In 2013, Steff Someda was offered a cup of coffee “care of Sir Jerick” at a new café she frequented near her place of work. “Little did I know that this man would become the love of my life,” Steff said.

Jerick Chua originally wanted to propose in La Union in 2020 but travel restrictions and Steff’s busy schedule made it too difficult. He devised a new plan and luckily, a friend invited them to visit his rest house in Tagaytay for the weekend and that set Jerick off to finalizing his proposal. He worked with an event stylist to transform the home and made sure they were out and about Tagaytay while it was being setup.

After dinner, the party headed back to the home and Steff was made to ride in a friend’s car that had the child lock on to stall her. “When we arrived at the house, I pretended I had to go to the washroom and quickly headed to the proposal spot where I waited for her,” Jerick said.

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“My mind went blank! I had absolutely no clue he would be proposing that day and that entire moment was very overwheling. I really thought I was dreaming! Thank God it wasn’t just a dream,” Steff said.

Be creative and full of surprises, since we only get to ask our partners once,” Jerick advises. We want to make it memorable for them. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your friends and family. They will help you happily to see you move to the next chapter of your life.”

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Watch the video of the proposal here.

Photos and video by Story Snaps Studio | Styling by Party Empress Styling and Catering

Scroll down to see the photos from Jerick's proposal to Steff!

Proposals That Pop

Earvin and Jirah - A Pleasant Surprise

Don't let the pandemic stop you from proposing–Earvin

For former schoolmates turned workmates turned couple Earvin Ong and Jirah Bonsay, a pandemic is no reason to stop your marriage plans. Earvin first planned to propose in 2019 and then adjusted his plans to mid-2020, and he wisely used the time in quarantine to get himself ready for the next step of marriage as he planned his proposal to Jirah.

Jirah says she had a bit of an idea that something special would be happening on October 29, 2020, since the 29th is their monthsary and Earvin’s accomplices made her slightly suspicious. But Jirah let it go and didn’t pry.

Earvin proposed at the Bonsay home and he requested for Jirah’s workmates to call on a meeting to distract her as he and her family prepared downstairs. Earvin then join the zoom call and asked her to meet him downstairs, and that’s when he popped the question in front of her family and yes, still on the zoom call.

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I felt like I was floating as everything was unfolding in front of me, one by one. It was a joy for me to connect everything and see it happen as I figured it out. But of course I didn’t really figure everything out and that made it even better. Seeing Earvin downstairs really made me excited and I was just thinking, ‘This is it!’” says Jirah.

Earvin wrote down everything he wanted to tell Jirah in a letter, of course except for the magic question “Will you marry me?” And he advises men who’re planning to propose to plan ahead, ask for her parents’ blessing, prepare a back up plan, and pray. “Don’t let the pandemic stop you from proposing–but of course follow safety protocols.”

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Proposals That Pop

Arvin and Kathy - Beating the Odds

Arvin Bautista and Kathy Cua met as officemate but their love story, all the way up to their proposal, was riddled with many hurdles. Only two years after meeting did they start a friendship. And after two attempts at courting did Kathy agree to accept Arvin as a suitor. As Arvin says in the interview below, it was likely because their journey toward the altar took years, many tears, and prayers that a mere three day preparation for his proposal seemed apt. Kathy was planning to meet her friends on the weekend and Arvin says, “I can’t say that there was any inspiration for the proposal, it was just the perfect timing to turn a random Saturday meetup to something a bit more special.

Read below how this couple overcame the differences of their cultural background.

How did you become a couple?

Arvin: Kathy and I met as officemates in 2012 but the relationship started off on the wrong foot. It took two years of us being officemates until we actually became friends. As we started doing the same activities–travelling, attending church–our friendship grew. I’ve always cared about Kathy but never thought about pursuing her because of the difference in cultural background. But two years ago, I decided to give it a try and see where it goes. She said no to me twice when I asked if I could court her, but on April Fools 2018, she said Yes. Our courtship had a very rough start because of the cultural background–there were tough conversations, lots of crying, and uncertainty if we’ll ever get to really be a couple. Thankfully, we had a handful of married couples who helped us. Their advice, wisdom, and prayers, helped us to navigate the challenges that we faced along the way.

What made you feel that it was the perfect time to pop the question?

Arvin: Because of the pandemic, the only place we could meet was when I would visit their house. This opened up opportunities to interact more with her family, especially her parents. The lockdown also forced some classes to be available online so I was able to take up learning Fookien which improved my interaction with her parents. We were able to celebrate birthdays in their house, which made me feel like I could start asking for her parents’ permission to marry Kathy. Thankfully, her mom and dad gave their blessing, and this was the moment I was sure that I would ask her to marry me.

How did it all happen?

Arvin: On the morning of the proposal, I had the bouquet of flowers delivered at my house. In the meantime, Kathy’s friend went to True Boss early to setup balloons and pretend it was the store's anniversary and even asked the store crew to pose in the spot where I should be proposing. I tried memorizing what I was going to say, but felt like I would end up forgetting it. So, I wrote it down in a letter–I know that she appreciates written letters so this would be something she’ll like to keep. 

When I arrived, they were already seated near the door beside the balloon decorations. I had a bouquet in one hand and a mini tripod with my phone on the other hand recording the video. The security guard in the establishment opened the door for me as I entered, the song from Something in the Rain played, and that’s when Kathy turned around and saw me. After removing my mask and sanitizing my hands, we stood beside the balloon decors and I read my letter for her. I knelt down on one knee and asked her the words I didn’t think I could ever ask her, “Will you marry me?” 

She said “Yes”, hugged me and we started taking photos. We video chatted with some of the important people for us, and some people dropped by to congratulate us. Some may say that the planning and execution for the proposal was very short, I only did it in three days, but from our journey as a couple, we’ve shed many tears, and prayed for years, that this moment would come.

Kathy: It was a normal Saturday for me. I had planned to meet with two of my friends at a tea store. There was nothing out of the ordinary for me even as they have requested a color-coordinated outfit and that there was balloon setup for the store's anniversary. And so when Arvin arrived at the venue, I was surprised me to see him that day. As soon as I realized phone cameras were out and were focused on us, it dawned on me that this may be a proposal. As Arvin went down on his knees, I already knew what I wanted to say! I have been waiting for this day for a very long time.

Proposals That Pop

Dinner is Served

Charlie and Mae’s Anniversary Special

How do you surprise someone you can never surprise? Charlie Grifaldo pondered this long and hard when he sought to propose to JC Mae Navarro Antonio. In the end, the simpler way proved to be the most effective way.

Prior to the day, the groom-to-be already met with Mae’s parents to discuss his proposal plans. Both parents were thrilled at the news and immediately gave their stamp of approval. Charlie then proceeded to reach out to Mae’s best friend to assist with organizing the big event.


On the afternoon of August 3, 2018, Charlie invited his sweetheart to celebrate their fifth anniversary with a romantic dinner at Antonios, Tagaytay. The restaurant took on the feel of a sanctuary as the pair pretty much had the place to themselves. A server led them to a table by the window where the cool breeze wafted in and they were treated to a serene garden view. However, the nervous Charlie had to take a quick restroom break for a couple of deep breaths in order to compose himself.

“As I went back to the table,” Charlie said, “I felt like I was walking towards my future.”

Just as the couple started with their salad course, a server who was in on the grand plan approached the two to offer to take their photos. It was then that Charlie knelt in front of Mae, which felt to him like a movie scene in slow motion. All he could see was her face and all he could hear was her voice. He spent many sleepless nights working on his big spiel, but at the moment, all he could muster was, “I love you. Will you marry me?”

Mae responded with a resounding “Yes!” and the newly engaged pair proceeded to have their most delightful dinner yet.