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Spotlight On - Designer Yto Gonzaga

'I just want to be a part of the couple’s once-in-a-lifetime moment. Seeing the smiles on their faces while making their dreams become a reality'

Art and design came naturally for fashion designer Yto Gonzaga, who grew up in a community of thriving artists in Angono, Rizal. “Growing up in a community filled with so much talent in the arts made me love the craft even more,” he says. As a designer, Yto plays up the femininity of his brides and clients by mixing “classical elements with contemporary edge”.

But weddings, in particular, is an event Yto approaches with a sense of wonder. “I just want to be a part of the couple’s once in a lifetime moment. Being in this industry is so fulfilling. It’s so much more than a business”.

Yto shares with his design process and his tips for brides and grooms who are choosing their designer.

What got you interested in fashion/weddings?

It all began when I was in grade school. I’m so much into arts. I started to paint. My interest grew and when I entered high school I started attending workshops to further hone my skills from world-renowned homegrown painters in Angono, Rizal. Growing up in a community filled with so much talent in the arts made me love the craft even more. I even started painting my barongs. Seeing my barong pieces made me realize that it’s not just about paintings, I can even create beautiful masterpieces that people can wear. Equipped with love for the arts and painting skills, I finally decided to take Fashion Design in Slims. Here I am right now, a fashion designer who will make your dreams come true.

Tell us about your style when it comes to creating for weddings.

My style is known for its elegance and beauty, combining classical elements with contemporary edge. My signature design sensibility captures the essence of femininity, allure, and glamor while invoking sophisticated luxury because of the utmost intricate details without breaking the bank.

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What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer for weddings?

The answer is very simple. I just want to be a part of the couple’s once-in-a-lifetime moment. Seeing the smiles on their faces, while making their dreams become a reality. Being in this industry is so fulfilling. It’s so much more than a business.

When it comes to the creative process or design process, how do you start creating for your clients?

I believe that listening and understanding your client’s vision is one of the most important things. Clients should be able to channel their personality in what they wear. I also share what I’ve learned from decades of experience. This helps the client in envisioning what he/ she wants for the wedding while looking their best.

Any tips for brides and grooms when it comes to creating their wedding wear?

Have faith in the process. Choose a designer whom you trust and feel comfortable with. As a designer, I suggest that it is best to choose a theme/ motif that you really love. I would also suggest to consider the venue (outdoor/ indoor), weather conditions (Will the day fall on a rainy/ dry season), etc. These conditions are often forgotten about. Last but not the least, listen to your designer’s creative inputs, this will allow you to further enhance your vision.

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What is your favorite moment/part about weddings?

My favorite moment will always be the entrance of the bride. All eyes are on the door while it slowly opens. As the bride slowly walks down the aisle everyone is gazing at her, from her face down to her most special dress of her lifetime. All of the people most especially the groom is in awe seeing her most beautiful face. Emotions are just so overwhelming. This will always be my favorite part.

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All photos courtesy of Yto Gonzaga

Designer Yto Gonzaga
Spotlight On

Spotlight On - GEO and Me Bridal

‘The fashion designer and bride’s visions should be aligned when it comes to how the gown looks’

Timeless, elegant, and intricate–these are the words that come to mind when you first lay your eyes on GEO + Me’s Bridal Collection. Medy Magsipoc, the designer behind the brand, says this is exactly the kind of bridal gowns she enjoys creating. “I tend to design timeless looks by creating classic details and the romantic look with remarkably elegant gowns.” From the detailed bodice to the full skirts, brides will surely feel like royalty or a celebrity in Medy’s creations.

The bride’s big moment of walking down the altar is Medy’s favorite as well, but she also cites one more proof that she’s done her job: when brides twirl and take selfies in their gown. “It is a sign that she is satisfied and beautifully confident in my creation.”

Below, Medy tells how she inherited a love for fashion and weddings, and how she ensures that her brides and grooms feel the best on their big day.

What got you interested in fashion/weddings?

I became interested in fashion and weddings because of my parents’ influence. Seeing them making some wedding gowns inspired me that someday I’ll be able to make one too. The wedding day is a very special occasion for every woman. To make this more memorable for her, a dream wedding gown of her choice is a must. As a fashion designer, I’m here to help them fulfilling their dream of having a memorable one.

Tell us about your style when it comes to creating for weddings?

I tend to design timeless looks by creating classic details and the romantic look with remarkably elegant gowns. I dream that someday I have my own name in the wedding industry by producing quality work for brides.

What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer for weddings?

I really enjoy when I see my bride smiling, twirling and taking selfies because it is a sign that she is satisfied and beautifully confident in my creation.

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When it comes to creative process or design process, how do you start creating for your clients?

The fashion designer and bride’s vision should be aligned when it comes to how the gown should look. When it comes to my creation process, I always consider the personality of my client, the time of the day the wedding will happen, and then I sketch designs for her (three sketches, so she can choose among them). I am committed in all my designs. I like the elaborate beaded details. It is important is the wedding dress fits the client well.

Any tips for brides and groom when it comes to creating their wedding wear?

A wedding is a celebration of love between two people and every single detail of it should be meticulously scrutinized. Custom-fit wedding wear is one of the essentials for every bride and groom-to-be to be. My tip is that for every couple to wear gowns and suits which reflect their personality and signifies who they are for that special moment.

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What would you say is your favorite moment in weddings?

On your wedding day, there are a lot of great moments that will happen. Lots of emotions will come out. My most favorite part about weddings is each time I see my bride walking down the aisle and seeing her husband-to-be waiting at the altar. It is a moment when I can feel their love for each other. It is also a fulfillment on my part every time the wedding guests give praises and admiration to my creation.

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GEO + Me Bridal starts at P20,000 for minimalist gowns. To know more and to book GEO + Me Bridal at The Philippine Wedding Summit, visit GEO + Me’s Online Booth. The bridal fair runs until July 25, 2021, 11:59 PM PHL time.

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Spotlight On - Designer Kat Corpus

'I want our brides to get that heart-stopping look from the groom as she walks down the aisle'

Even after a decade and a half in weddings, Kat Corpus still says the moment a bride first fits her final wedding gown will always be her favorite. Tears are sometimes shed, especially from the bride’s family members, when they first lay eyes on the brides-to-be.

Kat’s story begins with sketches as a young girl and creating designs where she could, as part of the cheering squad and for prom. After studying fashion, she then started designing for TV, magazines, newspapers in 2007 and her creations have been worn by celebrities and politicians.

Weddings hold a special place in Kat’s heart. “Being a designer for weddings is such a great blessing. Not only can I do what I love most every single day, but I get to be part of their love story and their wedding journey."

Below, Kat shares with how her creative process and her tips for brides and grooms:

What got you interested in fashion and weddings?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated with dresses, gowns, and how fashion trends change over time. Even as a young girl, I would always sketch and do doodles on my sketchbook and design outfits for school plays, our cheering squad, and even my prom. It has always been a dream to become a fashion designer.

I’ve always seen fashion as a form of self-expression and art. I get excited to see the process of how my ideas turn to fruition. My passion for fashion even intensified when I took up fashion design in Fashion Institute of The Philippines. It expanded my outlook and perspective on different techniques and hand-crafted details. I have always had a soft spot for wedding gowns, the intricacy of its details, the different cuts and silhouettes, and how you make sure that you turn your bride’s dream wedding gown to reality.

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Tell us about your style when it comes to creating for weddings.

I like dreamy, romantic and timeless designs. I like creating my own pattern and details; hand-crafted floral appliques, laser cuts, intricate beadwork, combination of different laces and hand woven embroideries. I love working on intricate details.

My style, I would say would still depend on the bride I’m designing for. Every bride is unique and I want to make sure that her personality exudes in the dress she’s wearing. May it be a sleek clean cut or a dreamy princess gown, it has to be unique and elegant and not too overwhelming. We make sure that every gown is created with love, time and effort. I want our brides to get that heart-stopping look from the groom (and the guests) as she walks down the aisle.

What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer for weddings?

There’s always something magical about weddings. It is like the “happily ever after” of a fairytale. Being a designer for weddings is such a great blessing. Not only can I do what I love most every single day, but I get to be part of their love story and their wedding journey. Creating their gowns and suits doesn’t really feel like work at all. I enjoy the process. You get to meet their families and actually be part of their families’ special events and milestones. I love how I see my brides and groom grow and build their own families. The smile and happiness on the couple’s faces, even their families and entourage is the most rewarding and gratifying feeling.

A wedding dress isn’t just like any dress. It is the most special dress a woman will wear in her life. It is something that she will keep and can even pass it on to her daughter. And to be the one to make that for a bride, it is like leaving an imprint on their hearts as well.

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When it comes to the creative process, how do you start creating for your clients?

It’s very important to get to know your client, her personality, what she wants, and also her body type. I always start with an initial meeting, may it be face to face or via zoom. I want to get to know the client/bride first. Knowing your client’s body type is very important so you can see what silhouette best suits her.

Then we talk about what she wants, her dream gown, or pegs if she has any. From my initial conversation with our bride, I get to know her and see her personality. Then I can already start with the design process.

The client is actually the best inspiration when creating a design. As a designer, you also have to be versatile, you have to also consider what your clients want and need. After which, we have the sketches and swatches presentation. Once the client picks the design, we then proceed with the creation process. For our first fitting, we don’t only let them fit the lining, but we let them fit the gown itself without the hand stitched details but with the base lace already, if the garment has one, because we also want them to see and feel how it will turn out. Then we proceed to the detailing, which is my favorite part.

Detailing a gown requires intricacy and perfection. You have to give every piece the same amount of passion, time and effort.

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Any tips for brides and grooms when it comes to creating their wedding wear?

Choosing what to wear for your wedding day is very important. You should feel good to look good. You should consider the venue of your wedding, if it’s hot or in a cold weather place. Being comfortable in your wedding attire is very important because you will be wearing it the whole day. Always dress comfortably and appropriately. You will enjoy the ceremony and the occasion more if you feel elegant and comfortable.

Deciphering what to wear for your wedding isn’t always easy. The bride might have a lot of ideas in her mind and it can really be confusing. Follow your heart when choosing what to wear. It is also good to have a good relationship with your designer. You should be comfortable talking to her and never be afraid and timid to ask questions. You will be working with her for quite some time and after all, your designer will be your fairy godmother for your wedding. It does not matter whether you have 500 or 50 guests, what’s important is you are wearing your dream wedding gown and you feel good. Remember that your wedding day is the most special day in your life.

After all your years in the wedding industry, what would you say is your most favorite moment/part about weddings?

Seeing them fit their finished gowns and suits. I would even see tears in my brides and sometimes their parents, when they see their daughters in a wedding gown.

The heartwarming thank you messages and appreciation from your clients keep us doing what we love to do. Especially when you see the bride walk down the aisle, that is such an incredible feeling. And all of those things are the most priceless reward for me and my team.

See Kat Corpus’ Intimate Wedding Gown Packages at The Philippine Wedding Summit until July 25.

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All photos courtesy of Kat Corpus

Kat poses with Camille Prats, wearing a Kat Corpus transformative wedding gown, and VJ Yambao
Camille Prats and VJ Yambao full entourage by Kat Corpus
Abby Villaurel's wedding gown by Kat Corpus
Rhian Ramos wears a Kat Corpus wedding gown for a teleserye
Gown by Kat Corpus
Gown by Kat Corpus
Gown by Kat Corpus
Bridal gown by Kat Corpus
Bride Kaisie Del Carmen San Pablo, wedding gown by Kat Corpus
Bridal gown by Kat Corpus
Bridal gown and entourage by Kat Corpus
Designer Kat Corpus with her design
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Spotlight On - Designer Ericka Evangelista

'We make sure that the wedding gown reflects beauty that is already within our brides'

From a young age, Ericka Evangelista was already certain she was in love with designing. The wedding designer remembers sketching on note pads and creating her prom dress at the back of her notebook but it was not a straight path to fashion design for Ericka. After gaining experience in the corporate world, Ericka took a leap of faith and formally studied fashion design in 2018.

“Doing weddings really came as a surprise,” Ericka says. It was a happy accident perhaps, a turning point she now looks back on fondly as it set her course into weddings. “More than creating dresses, I love being able to create wonderful memories with [my brides].”

Below, Ericka tells her story and her style, plus her secret to creating beautiful wedding gowns.

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What got you interested in fashion and weddings?

Growing up I really loved watching Project Runway and would draw on the reseta pads that my mom takes home, using my pink glitter gel pen. That’s when I knew that I had a love for designing. It took one degree and four years working in sales as a business development manager before I actually found the courage to fulfill that dream.

I studied fashion design in Slims Fashion and Art School late 2018. Then first started getting work designs from my office friends and former workmates. Doing weddings really came as a surprise. I did a wedding gown for my friend Karen, whose original wedding gown was ruined 30 days before her wedding. I volunteered to do her gown, and the rest is history. The colored wedding gown trended online and I became a wedding gown designer ever since.

Tell us about your style when it comes to creating for weddings. 

My style motto is really to do classic romantic gowns. Ethereal pieces that do not overpower the bride. It is all about making sure that we get the best silhouette for her and integrate her personality in the dress. We want to make sure that however she looks during her wedding, it reflects the beauty that is already within her.

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What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer for weddings?  

I love making my clients my friends, too! I enjoy meeting them, talking for hours, and getting to know who they are! It has been such a privilege to be part of their journey, and I always love hearing about how they are doing with their wedding plus some side chikka about how they’re doing in life. More than creating dresses, I love being able to create wonderful memories with them.

When it comes to the creative process or design process, how do you start creating for your clients?  

We really start first with the best proportions and silhouettes for the client. So we let them try our sample gowns, then after we see what looks best for them, we then integrate their personality in the dress. Usually we send thee to four proposal sketches, then once approved by the client, we proceed to creating the gown.

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Do you have any tips for brides and grooms when it comes to creating their wedding wear? 

Do not be afraid to dare different when it comes to your wedding gown! Let your true self show in what you will wear on the biggest day of your life!

To know more about Ericka Evangelista or to book her for your wedding, you can visit her online booth at the Philippine Wedding Summit 2021: A Themes & Motifs Online Bridal Fair. From June 26 to July 5 and exclusively at the Philippine Wedding Summit 2021, Ericka Evangelista is giving away P10,000 to P17,000 worth of discounts. Visit her online booth to know about her packages.

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All photos courtesy of Ericka Evangelista

Karen, the bride who launched Ericka into wedding designs
Her colored wedding gown trended online.
Ericka says she also enjoys becoming friends with her brides and grooms.
Ericka ensures that her clients' silhouette and personality is considered in her designs.
Spotlight On

Spotlight On Bela Maraña Makeup

Bridal makeup shouldn’t mean altering the appearance

By Marielle Ong

Main photograph by Gabatan Digital Gallery | Makeup by Bela Maraña | Hairstyle by Wella Basbas | Gown by Marsha Berbon | Jewelry by A. Bernardo's Jewelry | Model: Laurice Trasmaño-Lopez

Bela's photo by Mark Vitasa

For some celebrants, their milestone occasion is the perfect opportunity to take on a massive transformation for just one special day. But bridal fair top-booking makeup artist, Bela Maraña, adheres to the belief of staying true to your own personal brand of beauty. Read on to see why she makes a convincing case. 

The Real Beauty Philosophy

Bridal makeup shouldn’t mean altering the appearance,” Bela stresses. “It should just enhance what’s already there.” And even if there might be a few areas that could do with a spot of concealer, the goal is still to cover up in the lightest possible way. Too much makeup comes across as cakey and flat, a big no-go in the era of HD photo and video. You can see Bela's latest shoot with here.

For a debutante’s makeup, I don’t like making them look more mature,” she confesses. “I want to maintain that youthful look they already have.” Additionally, this artist enjoys working on her clients’ eyes. She places importance on the fact that emotions can be felt from looking at the eyes alone. It’s a powerful statement-maker that deserves more attention. 

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The Fresh Feels 

It seems that the trend is shifting towards a more simplified version of glam these days. Bela observes, “Most of my brides and debutantes want fresh makeup looks. Clients want natural-looking base that still manages to hide imperfections.” Bela achieves this with the help of some airbrushing. While it provides a full-coverage base, it also feels lightweight on the skin and lasts all day. For eyes, smokey neutrals and warm color palettes are frequently requested. Bushy, natural brows are ideally paired with those peepers. 

For a dose of star power, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, and Kathryn Bernardo are the fave pegs of clients. Bela, on the other hand, loves Megan Young’s wedding makeup. The light and simple look has a timeless appeal. 

Building Good Habits 

In anticipation of the big event, there are a couple of habits a celebrant can pick up to achieve good skin. Starting a pre-bedtime skincare ritual, including eye cream, moisturizer, serums, etc. will help improve your skin while you snooze. For daytime, be religious with sunscreen application. Try to get six to eight hours of sleep, if possible, for the entire week before the big day. And as for the major no-no, stop getting facials a month before. It’s possible that your skin may suffer a reaction, especially if you were not getting regular facial treatments to begin with. 

Right before your makeup artist arrives, Bela recommends washing your face with ice water to invigorate the skin for a fresher canvas. 

End the night right 

Finally, the time comes to remove the makeup. Bela emphasizes the importance of being slow and deliberate. “Take your time,” she says. “Double cleanse starting with an oil-based cleanser followed by a facial wash. Remove any leftover makeup with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water.” Rest up, but never forget to take it all off. 

Contact Bela Maraña through her Facebook page, @belamaranamakeup, or email at; +63 977 383 3769.

Photography by Randolf Evan Photography borrowed from Bela Maraña Makeup Facebook Page
Photograph by Primatograpiya Studio borrowed from Bela Maraña Makeup Facebook Page
Bela Maraña started in 2015. | Photographed by Mark Vitasa
Hair & Make Up Artists by: Bela Maraña Makeup
Spotlight On

Spotlight On: Splendido Hotel, Garden Venue

By Marielle Ong

Photographs by Studio 1 Photography

A wedding celebration might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a golf course and country club, but Splendido Taal’s charming location and idyllic countryside feel will make a believer out of anyone. Allow us to inspire you:

A Garden Sanctuary

Picture a well-manicured lawn surrounded by trees, soft sunlight filtering through the branches. A nearby lake sparkles in the background, the very picture of serenity. Parque Al Lago is a beautiful venue for an outdoor, garden-themed wedding. The wide, open space can be transformed into a ceremony venue, cocktail setup, or dining area. All it takes is a little imagination.

Simply View-tiful

Another way to get the al fresco experience for a more intimate party is to host your event at the Ladera Veranda. The space has a picturesque view of the Taal lake. It’s the perfect balance of the great outdoors and the Golfer’s Lounge’s exterior.

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Great Indoors

For an indoor event, imagine a high-ceilinged space with Spanish design elements. Wood-paneled ceilings and entryways add a relaxed warmth to the ambiance. A fireplace and Spanish tile accents create a cozy cottage feel. You can enjoy the all-weather area with your nearest and dearest at the Ladera Lounge.

In Close Company

An intimate indoor affair will thrive in La Esquina. The modern, minimalist interior looks fantastic with a contemporary rustic theme. But sky’s the limit on the ways you can plan and play with your big day’s motifs.

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Food for Thought

Once you’ve picked out a venue, it’s time to talk cuisine. Ladera Catering, Splendido’s in-house culinary service, creates sumptuous Spanish-Medittarenean and Filipino dishes that encapsulates the Tagaytay dining experience. You and your guests will be tempted to dig in right away.

Scroll down to see photos of a wedding spread and setup at Splendido Hotel!

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Photo & Video Company by: Studio 1 Multimedia Productions Inc.
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Star in Your Own K-Drama: SilverMoon Studios

Korean fairytale photography comes to Manila

By Marielle Ong

Dreamy, ethereal, romantic. When you look back on the memories of your engagement and wedding, it’s that excitement of being swept off your feet that will immediately bring you back to those very special days. And while love is all around when you’re feeling it, having a stunning ambiance does add a complementing aura to those photos. Hannah Patriarca of SilverMoon Studio paints us a picture of how they make things more magical.

The One-Stop Shop

Before there were exotic destinations to traverse with the prenup/wedding photographer, there was the photo studio to capture the happy couple’s formal best. But in an age where the demand has shifted towards a more unique look, how does the standard photog home base evolve to retain its relevance? This particular studio has a finger on the pulse.

SilverMoon Studio is the first and only indoor and outdoor studio in the Philippines,” explains Hannah. “You can shoot with any weather condition. You won’t be restricted by the time of day or [the hassle of moving around from location to] location.” So if practicality is a major factor in organizing your shoots, look no further. Plus points: Now that it might be a while before we do international travel again, shooting with SilverMoon Studio is a safe way to achieve those pegs!

K-Style Sweetness

There is a distinct appearance to the photos produced by SilverMoon that reflects the SoKo style of wedding photography. It’s a minimalist approach that puts the focus on a natural-looking environment. (Most notably, the studio has a cherry blossom garden setup that looks straight out of a Koreanovela wedding scene!

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The photographer and director, who are from Korea, then take into account the more technical requirements of getting gorgeous shots such as the choice of lens, the placement of natural light, and the time of day. And while trends may come and go, the team always makes sure to address the fundamental needs of a good photo: suitable composition and lighting.

Simply Happy

Because less is more, props and decorations can take a backseat. “We observe the body language, facial expressions, general good vibes, and contagious smiles,” reveals Hannah. They take their cue from those factors to immortalize those natural, unguarded moments and then some. As for posing like seasoned pros, well, the team also provides ideas on the best poses for each layout.

Smooth Shootin’

Even though many are used to projecting and flexing for their IG feeds, a pro-level photo session can still make even the most socmed-savvy subjects a little nervous. The solution is to get to know the studio and its facilities for better preparation. “Before we put our clients in front of the camera, we like to give an overview of the shoot schedule to ease any tension or confusion,” Hannah says. This is followed by a tour of the studio with suggestions of possible themes. “We view our clients more like visitors and we want them to feel at home [in the setting].”

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SilverMoon Studio is located at 6 Rustia Cubao, Quezon City; tel. no. 7901-5505; silvermoon.phSilverMoon Studio Facebook,

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Photos courtesy of SilverMoon Studio

Director Su Young Moon
Photographer Jinil Choi
Photographers by: Silvermoon Studio
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Spotlight On: La Rosa Bridal, Robes Worn by Celebs

This bridal detail can still be donned at your intimate weddings preps

By Marielle Ong

The hottest bridal accessory in town isn’t a shiny bauble. It’s a piece of clothing made from elegantly crafted fabrics that the bride can enjoy before her wedding--yes even in pandemic weddings and intimate weddings at home. Luxury bridal robes are a rising fashion trend that we just can’t get enough of. Even Heart Evangelista's been spotted wearing this proud local brand for lounging at home during this quarantine season. Other celebs we spotted? Isabel Oli-Pratts and Valerie Concepcion. Apart from adding a dose of glam to your wedding preps photos, you can wear these robes as loungewear for your wife life!

Let’s dive deep into the details with leading local brand of luxury robes, La Rosa Bridal.

Glamorously Getting Ready

Aside from having a comfortable outfit on as you get your hair and makeup done, the bridal robe undeniably adds a hefty dose of glam to the bridal preparation pics. The same goes with the bridesmaids, since the matching outfits are reminiscent of the slumber party days. Just BFFs bonding in style!

Palette Push

We’re quite familiar with the standard detailed shots of the flowers and the invitations, but did you know that the color and design of the bridal robe is another way to interpret your theme and color palette? Think light-colored and lacy for the demure bride with classic theme, or picture sheer and jewel-toned for soon-to-weds with bolder tastes and dramatic aesthetics.

Ready to Go

Though La Rosa’s robes have a bespoke feel to them, the big surprise is that the brand has over fifty designs and colors to choose from that are all ready to wear, on-hand, and ready to ship. (Yes, they even accommodate rush orders!) The robes are actually free size, but customization with a one-month lead time is possible for petite or plus size clients. Further alterations are also offered by the company for those tiny tweaks to make the fit more precise.

Blushing Brides

When tackling the subject of current trends, the La Rosa brides lean toward classic designs with a little flare. Puff sleeves are a popular pick for having a timeless look while still adding drama to the resulting photos. Blush tones and champagne shades offer a distinct touch of color and some refreshing contrast to the white wedding gown that the bride will soon be stepping into.

Squad Goals

While the brides usually get the license to sport the more dramatic robes, the bridesmaids or your family members can take it easy with the more playful pieces. We’re seeing a lot of floral prints in pastel tones or fun, vibrant colors. For a low-key version of the entourage ensembles, single-color outfits also spell elegance. And FYI, The bridesmaids’ robe lengths are usually shorter compared to the bride’s floor-length number. There’s always room for flirty and fun!

For more information visit or call (0917) 799-5631.

Photos from La Rosa Novia Facebook page and Instagram.

Meghan, a La Rosa Bridal Bride, on her big day
A red bridal robe is a dramatic contrast to your white wedding gown.
Simi wears her La Rosa Bridal robe on her wedding day.
Pink champagne is a popular choice among brides today.
Remy Cruz, designer and founder of La Rosa Bridal. Photograph by Nicolai Melicor
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Why You Should Choose Your Wedding Bands with Care

By Marielle Ong

As a luxury item, jewelry is often bought or given during special occassions or to commemorate milstones. With one of the biggest life events being a marriage, selecting wedding bling for keeps is a must. We discuss the permanence of wedding rings to a union with Kenneth Mau, president of J’s Diamond.


Elegance and Experience

The story of J’s Diamond began back in the late `90s in Hong Kong as a designer’s workroom. The company expanded to the Philippines in 2012 and has since opened several locations in prominent malls. To produce fine pieces, J’s Diamond employs a mix of traditional casting and cutting-edge technology. Thus, able to do both traditional desgins and more innovative ones.


A Sound Investment

Pricey as they might be, the pieces you don from your wedding day onwards are long-term inverstments. Says Kenneth, “They are the few tangible things that will be with you and your partner after the wedding celebration.” So apart from the photos and videos of the big day, your engagement and your weddings rings will instantly trigger those sweet memories anytime you look at them. Moreover, it’s always good to have a subtle reminder of your Forever Love, especially during times when you are physically apart.


The Golden Touch

There may be a lot of experimentation going on with metals and jewelry design, but the not-so-surprising fact is that a classic is forever. J’s Diamond specializes in 18K gold engagement and wedding rings. Naturally, it’s the high-quality craftmanship and authentic, Gemological Institute of America-certified diamonds that speak volumes.


A Great Selection

With so many designs to choose from, how should a couple go about it? Perhaps take a cue from Marie Kondo. “Choose a ring design that will bring joy and love to your hearts every time you look at it,” advises Kenneth. The rings will summarize your love story, so it makes sense that it should spark joy. In fact, it’s that aha moment that the J’s Diamond team values so much from its customers. “It brings us so much happiness whenever we see their smiles and excitement as they pick up the rings they ordered,” says Kenneth.


Finding The One

The perfect proposal partner (aka The Engagement Ring) can be a source of great anxiety for potential grooms. But Kenneth offers some practical advice. “First, set a working budget beforehand,” he instructs. “Second, choose a diamond that is brilliant and will really stand out.” Then all that’s left is to bear your partner’s personality in mind, and The One will simply call out to you.

This article was first published in Inspirations Magazine Issue 14.

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Wedding & Engagement Ring by: J's Diamond Jewellery
Spotlight On

MING'S GARDEN : A Not-so-Secret Gem in Tagaytay

Spotlight On:
Discovering Ming’s Garden, a not-so-secret gem in Tagaytay

Written by: Marielle Ong

As far as captivating venues go, Ming’s Garden has an equally interesting story to back up its serene aesthetics. Event Manager and Consultant Elaine Estrada-Arzadon gives us a closer look at a garden paradise.

A Timely Transformation : Sometimes, beauty is best shared with the world. What started as Lola Ming’s Garden, the space that housed former First Lady Amelita “Ming” Ramos’ plant collection, got a makeover and expansion that evolved into Ming’s Garden. The three hectare property is now home to a full-service events venue. There’s even a fully operational restaurant in the premises that’s open to the public, called Mozu at Ming’s. “We wanted to be part of something bigger,” says Elaine. “We wanted to create timeless memories with all of our guests.”

Open yet Intimate : The area may be sizeable, but events at Ming’s Garden are held in intimate open spaces. This has a lot to do with the location’s somewhat secluded vibe. You’ll have fun with your family and friends while maintaining a sense of privacy. The company can cater to small, indoor pocket events for 20-40 guests. For a moderately sized event like a wedding, its al fresco garden area can accommodate 100 150 guests. And for a grand celebration of up to 400 guests, Ming’s Garden offers its air-conditioned greenhouse-type space.

"We wanted to create timeless memories with all of our guests."

Fine Features : Tagaytay is no stranger to destination weddings, so event venues aren’t exactly a rarity in the region. But the central location of Ming’s Garden beside the main highway makes it easily accessible, even to the unfamiliar. Both San Antonio de Padua Parish and Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish are only 10 minutes away, while St. Benedict Parish in Nuvali and Our Lady of Lourdes Church are just 30 minutes away. Another main feature is the lush, well-kept garden that will provide numerous opportunities for photo ops and detail shots.

A Festive Feast : In addition to creating regular meals for customers, Mozu at Ming’s serves as the venue’s in-house caterer. Its specialty is sumptuous Filipino fare featuring crowd favorites like Crispy Tinapa Rolls, Chicken Soup with Lemongrass and Kamias, Gising-gising, and Bagnet Kare-Kare. With the garden ambiance in full effect, the accompanying celebratory feast sounds like the start of a local countryside vacation, an idyllic way to begin married life, for sure.


Venue by: Ming's Garden