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Dappy and Kyna - Headed Straight for Love

“We did not shy away from these challenges because we made sure that we were equipped”

Dappy Reyes and Kyna Pasamba's love story is the stuff of a romantic comedy. Guy spots girl during a job interview, guy can't stop thinking about girl, girl couldn't care less. On their first date, as the script–we meant fate–would have it, it ended with Dappy and Kyna sharing a single umbrella as they finished their ice cream. 

Dappy and Kyna's wedding, like many others, was adjusted and readjusted to make it suitable to the government guidelines. But because research and information was their best friend, the couple confidently pulled off a "grand wedding" complete with choir and orchestra at the ceremony and a live concert for the reception. Of course live music was a must for the only daughter of Bernie Pasamba of Bernie Pasamba Music Consultancy, and Vocalismo Choral Group, and as Kyna says, it was also strategic because it allowed guests to skip conversastion (or opportunities for transmission).

Below Kyna talks to how they prepared for their wedding and ensured that safety protocols were followed throughout:

What was your wedding plan?
Kyna Pasamba Reyes (KPR): This was not the original plan. The original plan is a 300-guest list with a 16-piece orchestra and 10 piece choir. We cut down the guest list from 300 persons to 50 persons, and reduced the 16-piece orchestra to a double string quartet. We also had to cut short the program.

We also had to ensure that all government protocols are complied with: contact tracing, social distancing, wearing of face masks and face shields, adhering the maximum seating capacity of the church and restaurant for the private dinner, no games (close contact), sanitation of event areas etc.

To minimize conversations, we staged a flash mob and a live concert for our guests. This was essentially our program.

We also conducted a survey of our guests to know who was willing to attend, before actually sending the formal invitation to them because we have to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum seating capacity of the venues. This also helps us finally decide if we will move the private dinner at a later date (i.e., when the number of people who will physically attend the wedding will exceed the maximum seating capacity of the venue.) This is very unlike a pre-covid wedding where the couple first send out the invitations to their guests, and then the guests respond to the RSVP. (They talk more about this process in their Love Wins: Live Forum guesting here –Eds)

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What were the challenges to planning your wedding?
KPR: First challenge was finalizing the guest list. Many of our friends and relatives actually wanted to attend so we had to “filter out” a number of our guests, and limit formal invitations for physical attendance to our closest family members and friends. Second challenge is ensuring that we will comply with all government directives to ensure that we aren’t transgressing any IATF guidelines. Third challenge is creating the website and FB Facebook group–channels where we could consolidate information and updates that our guests may need to know about a pandemic wedding. Fourth challenge was keeping abreast of IATF guidelines, which were constantly changing every two (2) weeks. We had to adjust the wedding invites, program etc. so as to adhere to these changes.

We addressed these challenges head-on. We did not shy away from these challenges because we made sure that we were equipped with the necessary information which would help us ensure the safety of our guests and the success of the wedding. We also engaged the best suppliers in the wedding industry who are, likewise, equipped with their own safety measures and equipment, and knowledge of the health and safety protocols of the government.

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How did you feel on your wedding day?
KPR: Nervous yet ecstatic. Though we initially wanted a big wedding, our intimate wedding turned out to be grand in its own way. A historic one, to say the least, which we could share to our future children and grandchildren.

Are you still planning on a bigger wedding?
KPR: Yes, if the opportunity presents itself. Right now, we are focusing on our careers, and building a bigger family. We’re definitely planning a “grander” first year anniversary.

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Wedding Planner: Kasalan Coordinations Services (Liza Alvideo) | Reception Venue Styling: Randy Lazaro Events & Lifestyle | Church Flowers: Manny Aldaba | Photography: JCTEE Photography | Videography: Phoeben Teocson Cinema | HMUA: Lourd Ryan Ramos | Wedding Gown and Barong: Francis Libiran | Entertainment: Bernie Pasamba Music Consultancy, and Vocalismo Choral Group | Invitations: The Write Impressions | Livstream Video: Picsure Cinema

Bride & Groom's Wear by: Francis Libiran
Entertainment by: Bernie Pasamba and the Music Masters
Florist & Event Stylist by: Randy Lazaro Events and Lifestyle
Hotel by: Hilton Manila
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Jensen and Arden - The First Step is Marriage

The wedding is only the beginning

By Joaquin Reloj

Jensen Sy and Arden Fernan celebrated their very intimate wedding on October 10, 2020, at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod despite pressing circumstances they had to face due to the pandemic. Their ceremony was followed by a tropical-themed reception held at the groom’s residence. The newlyweds went for a nature-filled wedding to keep the light, easy, island vibe of Cebu.

In Jens’ recollection of their love story, it becomes evident that some people are truly just meant to be together. Indeed, love is able to transcend past time and distance. “We met back in freshman year of high school through Arden’s first cousin who happened to be one of my best friends. Everybody knew I had the biggest crush on Arden. We met up again 10 years later after I came back from Australia where I graduated Uni, and the rest was history.”

During their preparations, they encountered several challenges given the restrictions under quarantine guidelines. The couple wanted to prioritize everyone’s safety, including their own, which is why numerous cancellations had to be done. “We had to cancel a number of suppliers and rebook a few flights. Nothing was certain until the day of our wedding. We were very much looking forward to getting married, but we were equally aware of the need to avoid undertaking any unnecessary risks in the current circumstances,” he says.

They were able to find solace in the fact that they could still share this special moment with some of their closest friends and family, albeit virtually. “Technology played a very big role in our wedding. It was also an opportunity to get creative and still have our family and friends who couldn’t make it in person celebrate with us virtually.”

Although the couple’s original plan was to have a big wedding celebration with around 500 people, they drastically trimmed their guest list down to 36 people so as to keep the same date for their ceremony. Nonetheless, everything went better than they could have imagined. “It felt right. We were so happy, relieved, and at peace that our prayers were heard, everyone was safe and everything was perfect,” he says.

The key to their successful wedding lies in their trust and communication between each other and their wedding planner. Jens says, “We managed our expectations from the start and of course, with the help of our wedding planner, Ms. Stanz Catalan, everything was taken care of.”

We realized our intimate wedding with our closest families and friends was everything we ever wanted and more. That was our big celebration.

The couple advices openness in the face of alterations and that, whatever happens, your wedding day will forever hold a special place in your lives. “It still and will always be the best day ever, regardless. Be practical. Be flexible. Be open to changes. Let life surprise you. The wedding is only the beginning. There is so much more to look forward to in the journey of marriage.”

The Dream Team

Planning and Coordination: Stanz Weddings | Bridal Gown, Groom’s Suit, Entourage Gowns  and Suits, and Masks: Philip Rodriguez | Event Stylist: Wild Reverie Creative Studio | Church Event Designer and Reception Drapings: Pink Flora Flowers and Events, Inc. | Livestreaming and Reception Tent: Zion Productions | Photography: Leftfielder Photography | Videography: Cebu Orange Films | Hair and makeup: Shyra Qyumbi | Host: Paulo Varela | Entertainment: VD String Edition | Invitation: twenty O four | Bridal and Entourage Loungewear: eve the label | Bridal Nightgown and Robe: Linea Donatella

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Chad and Kristelle - From Merienda to Marriage

Do not worry about the ‘moment’ being snatched away. It definitely won’t–Chad

by Joaquin Reloj

On October 1, 2020, Chadwick Jerald Tsai and Kristelle Erica Kua were finally able to seal the deal after almost eight months of pushing their ceremony back. The rustic-themed wedding ceremony and reception was intimate. Both oevents were held at the groom’s house, transformed by Teddy Manuel.

The couple first met each other back in high school but eventually lost communication as time passed. Chad decided to make a move on Valentine's 2018.

“Last February 14, 2018, I invited Kristelle for a merienda. From there we got to hang out more often and I started courting Kristelle. After one year and eight months, I proposed to her during our family trip to South Africa,” Chad says.

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The couple had originally planned to have their wedding ceremony in Boracay on March 17, 2020. They were also looking to hold their wedding reception in Manila, but they decided to cancel this event even before the lockdown was imposed. As the days moved closer to March 17, they were beginning to feel the pressure of whether to push through or move to a later date. This was the biggest challenge they had to face.

“Our families and friends would check on us from time to time since all the flights of our guests were on the weekend ECQ was going to start. But most of us were positive we could still go as a lockdown was impossible to comprehend that time.”

Ultimately, they decided to move the wedding to a later date to better prioritize the health and safety of all their guests

“We both did not have any expectations on the day, We still remember the night before, it was really raining hard. Kristelle jokingly said ‘Nako, baka hindi nanaman matuloy. Baka ma-Ondoy naman tayo.’ But everything went perfectly on the day. It was a very solemn and heartwarming ceremony with the people closest to us—our families,” Chad says.

“After experiencing an intimate wedding, we both can say that we wished we did it sooner! Do not worry about the ‘moment’ being snatched away. It definitely won’t, as your loved ones will be there for you in a lot of ways." The couple suggests a zoom after party with friends or like them, a zoom party during the wedding preps. "You’ll realize after that your life goes on, we do not need all the fancy celebration that we got used to for now, just the primary people in your life. The people whom you call family.”

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Styling: Teddy Manuel | Groom’s Suit and Bridal Gown: Boy Kastner Santos | Hair and makeup: Angelica Amante | Photographer: Nelwin Uy | Videographer: MJ Films | Catering: Classic Chef

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Nikko and Bea - Drowning in Love

“I think that’s a blessing from God, that we were able to enjoy that day and enjoy the program and we felt safe. For a minute—and obviously we’re so aware of what’s happening in the world and our country—but for a minute, we got to really just drown in love and in that day,” Bea Fabregas says in her Wedding Q&A vlog with husband Nikko Ramos

The two were married on October 4, 2020 with just their immediate family and four friends each. Bea says that not having all the friends and family she had hoped would be at her wedding day was the most difficult detail she had to accept. Thankfully, Nikko knew his bride’s biggest “non-negotiable” and surprised her with a drive-by greeting which brought Bea to tears. He also surprised her with voice overs by their closest DJ friends for segments of their reception (the two met as DJs), something the two imagined to one day have at their wedding even before they were engaged.

Below, Bea talks candidly about the challenges of an evolving guest list, unromantic swab tests, and why being selfless is the secret to wedding planning—and marriage, we think.

What were some of the most memorable moments of your wedding day?
There were so many things that I loved about our wedding day! I suppose every bride feels the same way. However I think getting ready in the house I grew up in was such a special moment. Pre-pandemic I always imagined myself just getting ready in a hotel, hopping into an elevator to a ballroom and tying the knot. But God had other plans! I don't think I ever imagined dressing up at my parent's house, it was my very own Father of the Bride moment. 

The drive-by of course that my husband Nikko secretly arranged was just mind blowing. I did not expect it at all, and I was an absolute wreck when I saw friends and family in their cars. I keep saying we made the best of the situation at hand, and I feel that even if every bit of me wished that they could all be inside with us, this was the perfect "solution." It was incredibly magical, and it still feels like a dream every time I look back on it.

What were some of the challenges and how did you overcome them?
Gosh, there were too many challenges. The guidelines changing every 2 weeks. Not knowing if it would even be possible to have a wedding. Trying to figure out the head count. Arranging the swab tests before the wedding (which is NOT romantic at all). I can't even pick one. I won't lie and say it was a breeze, because it was very stressful. But Nikko always reminded "one task at a time." and so that's how we pulled it off. We couldn't obsess over details because there was so much uncertainty! I also have to give credit to my sisters and my best friends who constantly prayed with me, believed with me, and encouraged me that our wedding was going to be beautiful no matter what the situation looked like on that day.

What was your vision for your wedding?
I will be honest, I never had a dream wedding. I never even had a dream dress! The only thing I really envisioned for our wedding was having all our family and friends there. Which is why it was especially heartbreaking when it hit me that our headcount was only going to be 22 people. Immediate family and 4 friends each. I kept thinking, ‘Wow I don't have lots of specifics or demands or non-negotiables, but the one thing I want, I can't have.’ I wrestled with the idea, prayed, cried it out, and really asked God to give me peace.

So I guess the idea for the wedding with 22 guests (the 8 friends were not even able to attend the ceremony due to head count limitations) was to just take everything in. For everyone to feel safe despite what was happening in the world, and for them to feel how special it was for us as a couple to have them there. When it comes to styling, my vision was basically one word: maaliwalas. I had lots of help from my amazing best friend Bea Marquez who picked out all the pegs for me. 

What’s your advice for couples planning the pandemic wedding?
Even if it's your big day, you have to learn to be selfless. You have to think of the safety of everyone, that should be the top priority. You don't want to look back on that day thinking you didn't take all the precautions necessary. You also have to learn to let the little things go, in the grander scheme of things, the marriage is truly more important than the wedding. And yes, the wedding should be beautiful, special, and the absolute best. However I truly believe that God will provide the beauty and the magic you expect to have, even if there will be some things that you initially wanted but will have to let go due to the circumstances. 

Watch Nikko and Bea’s Wedding Q&A vlog here.

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Photography: Pat Dy | Videography: Jason Magbanua | Catering: K by Cunanan | Dress: Martin Bautista | Groom's Suit: JE and Co | Wedding bands: JMA Jewelry | Flowers: flowerworksph | Styling: Lori Castrence | Styling direction: Bea Marquez | Groom's ceremony shoes: recraftsman | Groom's custom Kobe shoes: rg_skills

Bride & Groom's Wear by: Martin Bautista
Caterer by: K by Cunanan Catering
Photographers by: Pat Dy Photography
Videographers by: Jason Magbanua Wedding Videography
Wedding & Engagement Ring by: JMA Jewelry Center Inc
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Jass and Jen - Don't Lose Hope

We came to a point where we were tired of planning... what were were just thinking at that time was "We want to get married," ‘yun lang.

Alfred Jason Fetalvero and Jennie Lynne Dela Cruz met online and became friends but didn’t think it would be anything more. After realizing that they were going out and talking daily, they declared themselves a couple and got engaged four years later. 

Jass and Jen experienced the “never-ending wedding planning” because they kept adjusting the details due to the Taal eruption and Covid-19. They were certain of one thing: a church wedding in 2020. With the help of their suppliers, the two pulled it off in July 31 at St. John Nepomucene Parish Church in Alfonso, Cavite. Their reception followed at Hacienda Solange Private Events Place.

The Fetalveros share how they prepared for their wedding below:

What were the challenges in planning your wedding?
Just when we thought everything was already settled a year before our supposed May 9, 2020 wedding, Taal volcano erupted and Covid-19 broke out. It was a never-ending planning because everything was so uncertain until the wedding day. We had to quickly look for another church because there was a confirmed case in Chapel on the Hill, our first ceremony venue. We pencil booked six possible wedding dates just to get a common schedule for all our suppliers. We didn’t want to cancel our contract because we know that this pandemic has put all of us in very difficult situations. We downsized our guests from 150 PAX to 20 PAX.

How did you handle these challenges?
We lifted everything to God. We came to a point where we were tired of overthinking and planning. We did not care anymore how our wedding would look, what were were just thinking at that time was "We want to get married", ‘yun lang. And I guess that’s what this pandemic taught all of us, to reflect on what’s really important and to focus on it.

How did you feel during your wedding?
We were so nervous! There was relief when all our major suppliers arrived at the venue. We were afraid they might not get through the checkpoints since most of them came from Manila.

Advice for couples planning their wedding?
Don’t lose hope. Trust each other. And trust your suppliers.

Scroll down for their wedding photos!

The Dream Team

Photographer and videographer: Parkershot Studio | Ceremony venue: St. John Nepomucene Parish | Reception venue: Hacienda Solange | Bridal gown: Bryan Peralta Designs | Bridal shoes: Marnivost Shoes | Entourage dresses: Zoo Label & Style Staple | Groom’s Suit: The Fine Gentleman | Hair and makeup: Kat Alegonza Hair and Makeup Artistry | Bridal Bouquet: Gathered Creative Co. | Flowers: Estrella’s House of Flowers | Cake: Dainty Cakes and Pastries | Accessories: February Lifestyle | Band: Manila Wedding Singers | Host: Cece Nicolas-Mariano | Favors: Mad About Herbs | Wedding planner/coordinator: Kiss the Girl Events | Cocktails: Cake Studio | Photobooth: Party Photobooth Cavite | Pet Clothes: My Pooch Totty | Bridal Robe: La Rosa Bridal | Crew Meals: Kroo Meals PH

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Bride & Groom's Wear by: Bryan Peralta Designs (Impetus by BP Manila Inc)
Photo & Video Company by: Parkershot Studio
Venue by: Hacienda Solange Inc.
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Mike and Haze - Tears of Joy

“I was in tears that finally, we are getting married and all the hard work paid off”

Mike Jerick Miralles and Hazelle Mackmaw were engaged on February 2018 and set to marry in April 2020. After postponing their wedding once due to the pandemic, the couple set a new date which unfortunately fell upon yet another MECQ status. Finally, they secured September 19, 2020 as a wedding date but their orginal church broke to them the news that it would close for a 15-day quarantine.

“As much as Mike and I loved that church, the logical thing to do was to transfer to a different church as everything was already set–the booking of the restaurant, cake, airbnb, makeup, photo and video, the coordinator, our families, and our little wedding tribe,” Haze says. With just a week left, the couple changed their ceremony venue and were wed at St. Jerome Emiliani & Sta. Susana Parish. The Miralles’ reception was held at Neil’s Kitchen.

We found comfort in each other, that constant communication and that eagerness to be together as husband and wife. Surprisingly during the whole repeated postponement of our wedding and modifying our whole wedding plan, Mike and I seldom fought,” Haze says. She adds, “We did our assigned tasks and updated one another with the progress up until the day before our wedding. We did everything as a team, with the help of our coordinator as well.”

Haze says, “Mike was happy and a bit teary eyed, but I on the other hand knew that I would cry. After Tears were already forming as I got out of the car until I walked down the aisle. I was crying until I reached the altar. My parents were crying, most of the people inside the church were in tears as well. They were tears of joy–I was in tears that finally, we are getting married and all the hard work paid off. Finally we are here officially getting our blessing from the church.”

See the photos of Mike and Haze’s wedding below.

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The Dream Team:

Coordinator:  PATH Production | Hair and makeup: The Art of Makeup by Joel Miguel | Photography and videography: Smart Shot Studio | Wedding gown and entourage gowns: Louie Almenaza | Reception: Neil’s Kitchen

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Rex and Redj - Ready for Anything

“When the church door opens, don’t bother thinking about details you might have missed. Just enjoy the moment”

Ramoncito Rex Cruz and Redjine Maritoni Boller’s wedding plans of 500 guests and two bands in a hotel's grand ballroom morphed into an intimate party for 50 at the groom’s garden. But the grandeur that befits the occasion remained, thanks to Rex and Redjine’s suppliers who were able to adjust to the smaller guest list. That and the couple’s readiness to go all in–“High risk, high reward, in terms of wedding date, venue, and church,” says Redj. “Always follow the proper safety protocols. Only take off your masks when taking official photos.”

When asked if the Cruzes still plan on celebrating with a bigger guest list later on, Redj says, “Nope! What’s the point? We actually appreciated the intimacy of having just our closest friends and families witness our union. Of course we missed a lot of people, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The couple, who met at Rex’s gym, share a love for sports, mixed martial arts, and working out. They were able to incorporate this passion into the details of their wedding. The bride says the best wedding planning advise she received was from a happily married friend who said, “When the church door opens, don’t bother thinking about details you might have missed. Just enjoy the moment.”

Scroll down to see the couples’ wedding photos and full list of suppliers.

The Dream Team

Wedding Gown and Veil: Diana Dress by Vera Wang | Custom Bridal Mask: Mak Tumang | Bridal Bag: Carolina Herrera | Groom’s Suit: Bergamo | Bridal Swarovski Belt: Atelier Debbie Co | Bridal Shoes: Sophia Webster | Bridal HMUA: Albert Kurniawan | Entourage HMUA: Karmela Jabla | Bridal and Entourage Robes & Dresses: Atelier Debbie Co | Bridal Reception Coat and Suit: Atelier Debbie Co | Bridal Stylist: Regi Cruz | Bridal Car: R33 CAR Exchange as gifted by Erick Arejola | Church: St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish - Bgy. Magallanes, Makati | Church and Reception Choir: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra | Reception & Church Stylist: Michael Ruiz Event Styling | Photography: Adrian Ardiente | Videography and Live Streaming: Treehouse Story | Wedding Coordination: Kim Torres Events

Wedding invitations was inspired by a sporting event poster.
The bride's wedding gift to the groom, a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan.
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Bym and Joyce - Celebrating the Small Wins

'This is married life, right? Facing challenges together, getting stuff done, and in the end, enjoying our small victories' –Bym

By Misha Fabian

Theirs is a romance that began in the office. Roberto Miguel H. Buhain III and Christine Joyce S. Placino met at work, which they fondly recalled was the beginning of their long-distance relationship. It was an LDR in the sense that Joyce was from Fairview, Novaliches, while Bym was from Las Pinas City. Their middle ground? Their office space in Makati City. They went out to have merienda in Maginhawa one day, and they soon had an official first date at a restaurant in Glorietta after work. Dozens of dates and a couple of months later, Bym moved to another agency located in Bonifacio Global City. However, this did not stop their budding romance. They continued to date until they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Five years later, Bym proposed. The couple wanted to celebrate their fifth anniversary with a trip to Taiwan, and there, at the Houton Cat Village, Bym got down on one knee and asked Joyce to marry him. During that time, it was only Bym and Joyce… and, well, a whole host of new feline friends. The couple laughs when they recall how Bym tried to document the moment by propping up his phone on a nearby bench. However, their proposal ended up getting photobombed by a cat’s butt.

They began planning their wedding right after their engagement in October 2019, which they planned to have less than a year from when they got engaged. Bym works in advertising, while Joyce works in the PR industry, so neither of them are strangers to planning and executing an event. They did away with a coordinator because they felt that they could DIY their wedding
planning, and they immediately got to work on putting together their "wedding deck”. They used their weekends to scout for suppliers, and they even prepared their own Gantt chart to make sure everything was running smoothly.

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Everything was going so well that they were all set for their wedding by January of 2020. All they needed was to have their marriage documents processed in April–six months before their planned wedding date as required by the church. At that point, the couple thought of it as a waiting game, a countdown to their big day.

However, they were thrown for a loop when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Bym and Joyce were aiming for an intimate wedding celebration during the period they dubbed as 2019-2020 BC, or Before COVID-19. They had initially planned for 130 guests, and they wanted to hold the ceremony at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Makati with a reception to follow at an event space in McKinley Hill. However, because of everything that happened, they had to cut down their guest list to 15. They also scrapped their plan for a reception. This is what they had to say about their change of plans: “In a way, we stripped down our nuptials to only the bare essentials – a church ceremony with a casual family lunch right afterward.”

They had a difficult time adjusting their plans during the earlier part of the lockdown as they opted to stay indoors and many of the offices they needed to go to were closed. This left them roughly three months to switch to Plan B. Apart from needing to plan out a new wedding celebration, they needed to secure their documents required to get married. Perhaps their biggest challenge was securing a date for their family planning seminar because Metro Manila was placed into ECQ again. They needed to get to Las Piñas to get a marriage license–just three weeks shy from their wedding date. However, with a ton of optimism and being grounded on the reality of the present situation, they were able to pull through. While it wasn’t
the ideal time to get married and push through with a church wedding, the couple accepted that they needed to be flexible with matters and resolve each challenge that came their way by sticking to what they can control. They also made sure to communicate with their suppliers their concerns about their safety to make sure that their wedding was as safe as possible.
They needed to downsize their original plans, but in a way, having to keep their wedding small made it all the more special for them.

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The couple finally tied the knot on September 17, 2020 at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart. While it was not the wedding they had originally planned, they still thought it was perfect. Their wedding had been stripped of all its trimmings, but it made it feel all the more personal and special. “Ultimately, we were tired, but fulfilled, and the thought of just doing everything ourselves felt absolutely right. I mean, this is married life, right? Joyce and I, facing challenges together, getting stuff done, and in the end, enjoying our small victories,” said Bym.

Their advice to couples planning a wedding or getting married amid this pandemic? “It’s okay to be sad about it because it’s really sad, but then one has to remember why they’re getting married in the first place and what matters–and that is to make that lifetime together official. And that the friends and loved ones who truly celebrate your love, will understand and still be happy for both of you. We’re living through a time of curveballs, and we all just have to weather through it and be grateful that there are still things worth celebrating at such a trying time. After all, this is an unprecedented time, so don’t worry about the fact that your wedding may be a little different from how it was done before! Especially during this time, anything and everything can go wrong, but as long as you manage to make it through, the mishaps are irrelevant! It’s the happiness, love, and joy that you’ll remember.”

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Catering: K by Cunanan | Cake: Mary Grace | Flowers: Smitten Floristry | Guest Tokens: The Grazing Girls | Photo & Video Documentation: Carlo Acetre Photography | Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands: Little White Pouch | HMUA: B Delgado | Groom’s Suit: Cornell’s Tailoring | Bridal Gown & Shoes: White by Vera Wang | Bridal Mask & Hair Accessory: White Label | Church: National Shrine of the Sacred Heart Parish

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Lennard and Corina - Marriage is the Goal

'I already accepted that our wedding is not going to be the wedding that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl... but I also decided to walk down the aisle wearing the wedding dress of my dreams'

Lennard Constantine C. Serrano and Corina P. Cac already booked their 2020 wedding after Lennard proposed in 2019. Of course their wedding plans took a turn and everything had to change when their original reception venue informed the couple that they could no longer operate anytime soon. This hitch sent the couple down a new direction for their wedding.

Because they wanted to stick to their original wedding date, October 10, 2020, the couple searched for a new reception venue and church. Lennard and Corina fortunately ended up with their dream church, Manila Cathedral, because the pandemic now freed up the date and Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant for the reception. 

The couple shares more about their journey to the altar and their tips for a pandemic wedding (including a separate livestreaming supplier!):

What did you make sure to have for your wedding?

Lennard and Coreen: First, the zoom supplier. We have a lot of relatives and friends living abroad, and we wanted them to be present, even if only virtually. So we decided to get a separate professional zoom supplier, who can focus on the livestreaming of the wedding.

Second, the photographer and videographer. We opted to continue with the professional photographer and videographer so that we will have beautiful photos to serve as the memories of our wedding. 

Finally, the church. While we, as lawyers, know that is easier to get married civilly, we decided to have a church wedding instead. This is considering that our families, who are all catholics, have been reminding us that sacred vows, like the vow to be faithfully married forever, must be done with the blessing of the Church. And thus, with the influence and guidance of our families, we both happily agreed to say our vows in church, in front of God and our families.

Coreen: For me, my wedding dress. As a bride and given the current situation, I've already accepted that our wedding is not going to be the wedding that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. Be that as it may, I decided to walk down the aisle wearing the wedding dress of my dreams. And so I told my designer, Banggo Niu, to continue with the design using the lace that I've always wanted.

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Tips for couples planning their wedding?

Be flexible and open to other plans. They must also constantly cooperate and coordinate with all their suppliers, since both parties are affected and paddling though the unpredictability of the times. And if couples will push through the wedding, they must prioritize the safety and health of their guests. They may also optimize the current technology to their advantage.

What were the most memorable moments of your wedding?

Coreen: My walk down the aisle. To me, it felt like the culmination of the rollercoaster planning, which we did for almost two years. I was very happy to see some of my families and friends present in church. I know that it was not an easy decision for them to attend physically and I felt their love and support at that time. To top it all of, I felt very at peace when I saw Lennard waiting for me at the altar. While I have been waiting for our wedding day to come, at that moment, I cannot wait for the day to end and start living and enjoying married life with him already.

Lennard: When the door and curtains of Manila Cathedral opened. It was the first time I saw Coreen in her wedding dress. I was filled with mixed emotions–excitement, anxiety, eagerness, happiness–that finally what we have planned was actually happening. In the end, all these emotions were overwhelmed with the joy of getting married to my special one, and this resulted to my genuine smile while waiting at the altar with my family. 

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What has getting married during a pandemic taught you?

It taught us to focus on marriage.  For us, this is getting the blessing of the Church through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and of course receiving the blessing of our parents. The pandemic also taught us that while it is nice to prepare for a beautiful wedding which the guests can enjoy, we should be more prepared for married life. To us, the fun of a big wedding reception is nothing compared to the joy and contentment of knowing that the day after the wedding, we will be sharing our lives forever. 

Finally, we realized that our families will always be there for us, through good times and bad. These unprecedented times have definitely posed restrictions and challenges, but with the support, love and understanding of our family and friends, we have managed to still pull off an enjoyable and memorable wedding. And this is what we prayed for, a happy and safe wedding. 

Church: The Manila Cathedral | Reception Venue/Caterer: Barbara's Heritage Restaurant | Wedding Invitation and Favor: Print and Co. | Wedding Coordinator: Kiss the Girl Events | Bridal Gown: Banggo Niu | Groom's Suit: Joemar Habana | Photographer: Nicolai Melicor | Videographer: The Spark Series | Zoom Live: Kim Torres Events | Bridal HMUA: Pong Niu | Bridal Bouquet: Amaranthus Florist & Event Stylist | Bridesmaids Bouquet: Little Dried Studios | Wedding Cake: Miel's Cake Design | Host: Nadine Smith | Musician: Libante Strings

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Weddings That Inspire

Daryl and Kim - Finding Their Way Back to Love

Their wedding was the first time they saw each other since the lockdown

By Joaquin Reloj

Photos by Honeycomb PhotoCinema

Despite all the adversity this year continues to produce, for Daryl Tan and Kim Cheng, August 17, 2020, is a date they will forever cherish. This date manifests the culmination of their love as they celebrated their wedding ceremony at their home.

Daryl and Kim first met in 2016. They were introduced to each other through a family friend. Unfortunately, after only dating for a month, they had to separate and cut ties due to personal reasons.

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A few years later, they reconnected. As the popular saying goes, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, you were always meant to be.”

“Last December 2019, we reconnected via Facebook. Daryl asked me out again and we dated for seven months before we got engaged,” Kim says, as she happily recalls their wonderful love story.

The Wedding

The couple initially wanted to have a church wedding at Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows for their pre-COVID wedding plans. They were also planning to accommodate a guest list of around 300 people for their reception at Crown Plaza, Ortigas. “We wanted to share this once-in-a-lifetime event with our family and friends, but sadly we decided to cancel the venue and church because of this pandemic.”

The biggest challenge they faced during their wedding preparations was the limited movement due to the implemented quarantine guidelines. Everything had to be rushed which added to the stress they were already experiencing from all the sudden changes.

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When asked how they were able to overcome this hurdle, the newlyweds simply gave importance to clear communication and compromise between each other and the people they trust.

“We usually give each other opinions and from there we talk about the best possible solution for us, but we also asked some of our friends for their opinion.” In fact, they practically achieved all of their planning without being able to see each other for a long time. The couple expressed this as they shared how they felt during their ceremony.

“We were nervous and excited at the same time because it was also the first time we will be seeing each other because of the lockdown.

For couples who are thinking of doing the same thing, Daryl and Kim want to emphasize the silver lining underneath all the hassle of planning a wedding during a pandemic. “Getting married this time of pandemic is also good, it is also cheaper and you can only invite those people very near to you to witness this once in a lifetime event.

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