Proposals That Pop

An Engaging Errand

Lyle and Julia’s Surprise Stopover

Lyle Apalisok and Julia Villostas’ love story was blessed since the beginning. The pair met at church and became friends, but it took years before they became a couple. According to Lyle, “I can really testify that love at His sight is better than love at first sight.” That gradual blooming of their love gave Lyle the confidence and assurance that their relationship was ready for the next level, so the proposal planning officially began.

When Julia’s sister and brother-in-law arrived from abroad, Julia joined them for a mani-pedi to be followed in the evening by a dinner with their family. Afterwards, they headed to the house of her “brother-in-law’s friend” to pick up a package. Unbeknownst to Julia, this was actually a rented house that Lyle had decorated especially for the occasion.

The group arrived, and Julia was convinced to come to the house for a lookaround. She entered the backyard and found it filled with candles and rose petals. When she entered the house, she noticed the hanging photographs and all the sunflowers, her favorite blooms. That was when Lyle appeared to ask for her hand in marriage.

Their family and friends were overjoyed, and the engagement was sealed with a prayer to bless the blissfully engaged couple. The celebration continued with a celebratory dinner at their proposal venue.