Proposals That Pop

Dolphins’ Delight

JUSTIN and KRISTEN’s Playful Proposal

THEY SAY THE ART OF LOVE is the art of persistence and consistency. Such is how JUSTIN MENDOZA describes his and ladylove, KRISTEN MORADOS’ love story. It might sound like a cliché to others, but the love at first sight that Justin felt was undeniable. The people around them knew that he was crushing hard, but they didn’t suspect that he already saw her as The One even before they were in a relationship. In fact, he was already running proposal scenarios in his mind!

It took two years of courtship and four years of being in a relationship before the timing felt right to finally pop the question. Because the consistently romantic groom to-be regularly surprised Kristen with romantic dinners, she never suspected that something major was about to go down. It also happened to coincide with Justin’s upcoming birthday. With his sweetheart’s love for animals—dolphins, in particular—in mind, Justin wanted to fulfill her childhood dream of swimming with dolphins.


The clever groom arranged for the photo and video team to double as coordinators at the venue to ensure that everything would go according to plan whilst also being documented. Accompanied by a dolphin “accomplice”, Justin swam over to Kristen with the engagement ring carefully knotted in a necklace around his neck. With the dolphin by his side, he finally revealed that his birthday wishes through the years had always been to marry his one and only love, Kristen. Through tears and laughter, his bride immediately said yes!

The couple would later find out that their cute dolphin companions had done flips during the proposal, celebrating their happiness along with them. It was all caught on camera, thus making the memorable moment extra special.

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