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Earvin and Jirah - A Pleasant Surprise

Don't let the pandemic stop you from proposing–Earvin

For former schoolmates turned workmates turned couple Earvin Ong and Jirah Bonsay, a pandemic is no reason to stop your marriage plans. Earvin first planned to propose in 2019 and then adjusted his plans to mid-2020, and he wisely used the time in quarantine to get himself ready for the next step of marriage as he planned his proposal to Jirah.

Jirah says she had a bit of an idea that something special would be happening on October 29, 2020, since the 29th is their monthsary and Earvin’s accomplices made her slightly suspicious. But Jirah let it go and didn’t pry.

Earvin proposed at the Bonsay home and he requested for Jirah’s workmates to call on a meeting to distract her as he and her family prepared downstairs. Earvin then join the zoom call and asked her to meet him downstairs, and that’s when he popped the question in front of her family and yes, still on the zoom call.

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I felt like I was floating as everything was unfolding in front of me, one by one. It was a joy for me to connect everything and see it happen as I figured it out. But of course I didn’t really figure everything out and that made it even better. Seeing Earvin downstairs really made me excited and I was just thinking, ‘This is it!’” says Jirah.

Earvin wrote down everything he wanted to tell Jirah in a letter, of course except for the magic question “Will you marry me?” And he advises men who’re planning to propose to plan ahead, ask for her parents’ blessing, prepare a back up plan, and pray. “Don’t let the pandemic stop you from proposing–but of course follow safety protocols.”

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