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Ernest and Kat - Love is a Decision

‘Our wedding was the finish line to the race we started years ago. Now, we’re in a new race’

It started with an ROTC Corps Commander who ordered his subordinates to ask for a college freshman’s number. Atty. Ernest Levanza was instantly smitten by Maria Katrina Corpuz. Both were students at the same university. Texting led to first run of their relationship, which unfortunately ended. The second run again started with a simple text from Ernest, “Dinner?”

Kat was scheduled to study in Australia by this time and although both were not big believers of LDR (long-distance relationships), they knew that they were worth the shot. Ernest and Kat made it work, with Ernest visiting Kat frequently. When the pandemic hit, Kat flew home and finished her studies online. Ernest proposed in August 2020 the two began to plan their “simple wedding”. The couple’s intimate wedding was held at Holy Family Parish GMA and the reception at Mango Grove.

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Ernest reveals that they were mistaken–a pandemic wedding isn’t necessarily simple to plan. The changing government restrictions alone was enough to make the planning a challenge. Below, Ernest and Kat shares how they overcame changing venues and suppliers just three days before their wedding day:

Why did you have to change your plans just three days before the wedding?

A week prior to the wedding, we had everything finalized. However, the government issued certain restrictions. It classified weddings as a “non-essential event” and then prohibited non-essential events in hotels and restaurants in areas under GCQ. We were supposed to have our reception at a restaurant in Quezon City. So change of plans, but we decided that no matter what, we will get married on our day. We transferred to Cavite, an MGCQ area. So we had to change most of our suppliers considering that all of them have out of town charges. Sometimes, equivalent to the rate of their service. We had three days to plan the wedding.

How did you manage that?

Mrs. Sheena Corpuz, matron of honor, contacted all the suppliers and possible venues for the church and reception. She gave us the options with prices. We didn’t have the benefit of time, so there are decisions that were made with a “what the heck” mentality. We handled the challenges by realizing our limitations and being decisive on matters. Lessen the factors you take into consideration such as what other people will think. Should we talk about the suppliers who didn’t want to refund? Nevermind. Refund was a challenge.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

The wedding was our finish line of the race we started years ago. Now, we’re in a new race.

What are your tips for couples planning their weddings?

Be updated with government regulations. Minimize risk right from the very start. Be decisive. Take into consideration our recommended suppliers.

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The Dream Team:

Photography and videography: Wally Gonzales | Stylist: Tipping Point Collective | Entertainment: Madz and Dzhei | Hair and makeup: Ella Tamayo | Florist: Bezalels Floral Design | Grazing table: Lady Marz | Church: Holy Family Parish GMA| Reception: Mango Grove | Invitations: Invitations by Ten | Bridal Gown by Studio Miranda | Groom’s Suit: Suit it Up MNL | Guest Souvenirs: Noah’s Garden of Succulents and Cacti | Principal Sponsors Souvenirs: Mi Casa | Cake: Flour and Bake PH