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Star in Your Own K-Drama: SilverMoon Studios

Korean fairytale photography comes to Manila

By Marielle Ong

Dreamy, ethereal, romantic. When you look back on the memories of your engagement and wedding, it’s that excitement of being swept off your feet that will immediately bring you back to those very special days. And while love is all around when you’re feeling it, having a stunning ambiance does add a complementing aura to those photos. Hannah Patriarca of SilverMoon Studio paints us a picture of how they make things more magical.

The One-Stop Shop

Before there were exotic destinations to traverse with the prenup/wedding photographer, there was the photo studio to capture the happy couple’s formal best. But in an age where the demand has shifted towards a more unique look, how does the standard photog home base evolve to retain its relevance? This particular studio has a finger on the pulse.

SilverMoon Studio is the first and only indoor and outdoor studio in the Philippines,” explains Hannah. “You can shoot with any weather condition. You won’t be restricted by the time of day or [the hassle of moving around from location to] location.” So if practicality is a major factor in organizing your shoots, look no further. Plus points: Now that it might be a while before we do international travel again, shooting with SilverMoon Studio is a safe way to achieve those pegs!

K-Style Sweetness

There is a distinct appearance to the photos produced by SilverMoon that reflects the SoKo style of wedding photography. It’s a minimalist approach that puts the focus on a natural-looking environment. (Most notably, the studio has a cherry blossom garden setup that looks straight out of a Koreanovela wedding scene!

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The photographer and director, who are from Korea, then take into account the more technical requirements of getting gorgeous shots such as the choice of lens, the placement of natural light, and the time of day. And while trends may come and go, the team always makes sure to address the fundamental needs of a good photo: suitable composition and lighting.

Simply Happy

Because less is more, props and decorations can take a backseat. “We observe the body language, facial expressions, general good vibes, and contagious smiles,” reveals Hannah. They take their cue from those factors to immortalize those natural, unguarded moments and then some. As for posing like seasoned pros, well, the team also provides ideas on the best poses for each layout.

Smooth Shootin’

Even though many are used to projecting and flexing for their IG feeds, a pro-level photo session can still make even the most socmed-savvy subjects a little nervous. The solution is to get to know the studio and its facilities for better preparation. “Before we put our clients in front of the camera, we like to give an overview of the shoot schedule to ease any tension or confusion,” Hannah says. This is followed by a tour of the studio with suggestions of possible themes. “We view our clients more like visitors and we want them to feel at home [in the setting].”

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SilverMoon Studio is located at 6 Rustia Cubao, Quezon City; tel. no. 7901-5505; silvermoon.phSilverMoon Studio Facebook,

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Photos courtesy of SilverMoon Studio

Director Su Young Moon
Photographer Jinil Choi
Photographers by: Silvermoon Studio