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Vyctor and Anna - Waiting Was Worth It

'Seeing all our loved ones, celebrating with us, it was the happiest'

Vyctor Kristoffer Rilloma and Anna Genilee Andal met as university students and it was Vyctor’s voice that caught Anna’s attention. Vyctor sang at a party and Anna says, “The kilig I felt that day when I watched him perform was the kilig I felt when we became husband and wife.”

After relocating their reception venue brought about by guideline changes, Anna says seeing all their hard work was “heartwarming”.

Read Anna’s account of their love story and pandemic intimate wedding planning:

How did you meet and fall in love?

My husband and I met back when we were in college at University of Batangas. We belong to the same department, I was a sophomore Information Systems student and he was a freshman with the same course. We were introduced by a common friend, little did they know that Vyctor already got my attention when he performed at their Acquaintance Party. He sang Lucky by Jason Mraz, I can still remember him wearing a floral dark brown polo while performing.

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From then on, I had a secret crush on him but of course it was not a secret from my friends. The kilig I felt that day when I watched him perform was the same kilig I felt when we became husband and wife. We have been a couple since October 2010. He proposed on my birthday, November 3, 2017. It was a month long preparation by my family, my cousin who was the number one accomplice. Everyone in my family, and his, already knew that he was going to propose on my birthday. By the way, he was in Saudi when he planned it, he proposed through a long letter he wrote. The letter, a cake, a bouquet and the engagement ring which almost did not make it (it was shipped from abroad to the Philippines and was received three days before my birthday), it was all a surprise. It was definitely a “Yes” and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It was a ten years and eight months of being in a relationship before we got married, and true enough, it was all worth the wait.

What were your wedding plans?

Our wedding was supposed to be on September 20, 2020. But due to the pandemic, we decided to reschedule. We chose August 2021 but decided to have it on an earlier date due to some advice from our parents that August is considered “ghost month” and the finalized date was June 21, 2021. Having to move from one date to another was really stressful, having to inform and confirm the availability of the suppliers, editing of invitation inputs, it was really a challenge but then another challenge came, our original venue is located in Alfonso, Cavite, an eight minute drive from Chapel on the Hill. But Cavite was included in the NCR Bubble, so the venue had to limit the capacity to 30% inclusive of the suppliers. I broke down when I learned of this, but then we had to come up with a better idea for us to still be able to have our dream wedding with our loved ones.

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So two months before our wedding we decided to change our venue. It was a big decision to make but I can say that it was the best decision. We decided to have our reception at Grand Terraza Event Center, a 45-minute drive from the chapel. It was quite far but it can accommodate our preferred guests and suppliers because of its big function hall. Luckily, we pulled it off with the help of our suppliers. After the many changes and challenges that we encountered on our wedding preparation, seeing the beautiful output, hearing all beautiful comments from our families, it was really heart warming.

What was your theme or motif?

Our motif was pink and rose gold. I am fond of the color pink so lucky me, my husband let me chose our motif. My robe was a customized robe by the same designer who made my gown. I ordered the robe online, but then my designer and I had a collaboration of ideas to make it fancier, the ruffles in my robe was my idea and the puff sleeve was my designer’s idea.

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For my gown, I just told my designer that I want to feel like a princess on my wedding day, and he made me a princess ballgown which weighed almost 20 kilos. That’s what they call “tiis ganda”!

I think one of my most memorable moments on our wedding was when we were walking down the grand staircase of Grand Terraza for our entrance as husband and wife, while the song Forever was being played. It was really magical and romantic. Seeing all our loved ones who were there to celebrate with us, cheering for us, it was the happiest. I was very nervous that time because I’m not really used to being the center of attraction but that day, I just enjoyed and felt the warmth of love that we’re receiving.

What’s your advice for couples planning their wedding?

Our advice for other couples who are planning their wedding in the time of pandemic: just enjoy the process, it was really challenging but when you and your partner are able to enjoy the whole preparation, the result will also be successful.

Don’t focus so much on the small details. Always look at the bigger picture and at what you really want to on your wedding. It is good to listen to others’ advice but what really matters is you and your partner’s decision, because in the end, it is still your wedding, not anyone else’s.

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