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Wacky and Vernie - How Love is Built

This architect couple wanted a natural, raw, and laidback engagement shoot

Eugene Carlo Sta. Ana and Ma. Bernadette Adelaine Fandiño met and fell in love when their thesis was underway, which naturally meant their shared passions was a central theme of their prenup photoshoot. “We officially became a couple and our relationship kept growing while we passed our thesis, graduated, and soon started our careers and became architects,” the couple says.

Wacky and Vernie’s intimate wedding is set for early 2022. Wacky proposed to Vernie during their eighth anniversary as a couple. “It was all a blur, it was magical,” says the couple.

Below, Wacky and Vernie share their love story and how they planned their “natural, raw, and laidback” prenup photoshoot.

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How did you meet and fall in love?

We were introduced by Vernie's cousin who is Wacky's friend on her college graduation party but didn't get to really know each other until a few months later during a chance encounter. We started chatting and talking regularly about thesis to share ideas being that we had similar thesis topics. From there, our conversation grew and it became a daily thing talking about everything as we grew closer and closer together. Eventually we officially became a couple and our relationship kept growing while we passed our thesis, graduated, and soon started our careers, and became architects.

When did the proposal happen?

On our eighth anniversary, Vernie prayed at church. "God, I think I'm ready."  The first time she realized that she is ready to take our relationship on to the next level, not knowing that Wacky has been planning to propose on the same day. We were having our usual anniversary dinner and while talking about the future, Wacky got down on one knee and suddenly proposed, it was all a blur, it was magical, Vernie answered "Of course”.

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What was your prenup shoot theme?

Natural, raw, and laidback. This is our original concept except for the regal set that was suggested by the photographer. So happy with how it turned out!

Why did you decide on this theme? Any special reason?

We always wanted our engagement photos to be as natural and relaxed as possible so that it can reflect who we are and our story. Architecture, car, road trips, and our love for sunsets!

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

Right after we got engaged, we thoroughly researched for our major wedding suppliers, checked their portfolios, and shortlisted suppliers that matches our taste. We then scheduled a meeting with them and shared our ideas and concept on how we have envisioned our wedding. We made sure that we booked all the suppliers that we are most comfortable with. 

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What advice or tips can you give to couples planning their prenup photoshoot during this time?

Find a good photographer who can match your vision. Feel free to consult and discuss with your team your ideas. Trust the creative directions of your photographer.

Relax and enjoy the shoot. Be natural, your emotions will reflect on the photos. 

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