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Benny and Sherry - Proposal Delivered

He disguised himself as a same-day delivery driver to surprise his girlfriend!

Benicio Fabro and Sherry Kathleen Te met in 2016 when Sherry joined Benny’s tour group of Lake Pandin, San Pablo, Laguna. They stayed in touch via group chat after the visit and Benny made the first move by messaging her privately.

Benny and Sherry began dating and in 2020, he felt it was time to “level up our relationship. Nasa tamang edad na din kami at hindi na kami bumabata.” With the help of his officemates Jeff, Emerson, and Sarah, Benny thought of a unique way to propose to Sherry: by disguising himself as a same-day delivery driver.

Sherry often receives deliveries from Benny so when he video called her to say that a delivery was on the way, she was looking forward to “another milk tea or some sweet dessert since that’s my favorite,” she says. The couple hadn’t seen each other for three months during ECQ and Benny wanted Sherry to have a very special birthday. So he scheduled to propose the day before Sherry’s birthday. He proposed on 21 June 2020.

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“I was shocked when I saw a tray of eggs in front of me,” Sherry says. “She was hesitant to accept the delivery, but I insisted that she check the eggs,” Benny says. Sherry couldn’t recognize Benny underneath his disguise, not even his voice! Benny borrowed a friend’s Lalamove jacket, and he made sure to wear a cap, sunglasses, and of course, a mask.

“The Lalamove driver asked me to open and check it. I thought he wanted me to check if there were cracked eggs. When I opened the tray I was surprised to see ‘Will you marry me?’ on the eggs. Then he knelt down and asked for my hand,” Sherry says.

Sherry still couldn’t believe what was happening, her initial reaction was to hit Benny’s arm. “Eventually, I answered, ‘Yes!’ and I was crying the whole time.” Benny gifted Sherry with her engagement ring, plus a cake, and flowers. “We celebrated my birthday as the most extraordinary day of my life during the lockdown,” Sherry says. Benny and Sherry are planning for their intimate wedding in 2022.

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