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Coffee and Workout Date Themed Pre-Nup Shoot

Look no further than your favorite dates for your engagement session just like this couple

Jay Tulao and Hanna Liwag’s love story is calm and consistent. They naturally transitioned from talking for months, to meeting up for coffee and workout dates, to officially becoming a couple. Jay proposed to Hanna with the help of her cousins and pretended the weekend beach trip was an errand he had to run for his mom.  As they prepare for their intimate wedding, the couple decided on an engagement shoot theme that showed their usual activities as a couple: coffee and working out.

Below, Hanna shares the secret to enjoying a photoshoot session for a couple who “tends to be awkward in front of the camera.”

Tell us about your love story.

We were talking for about five to six months before we decided to finally meet up in person. A once a month meet up became every other week and onto a weekly thing spent over coffee, movies, food trips, working out at the gym, a yoga class, a run, a bike ride. He was consistent. After 2 years of dating, we officially became a couple.

How did he propose?

On a weekend beach trip to Batangas with my cousins, he had this alibi of needing to make a side trip to their family's house in Tagaytay to take a drone shot of the property for his mom. She has not visited the place since the volcano eruption and the start of the pandemic so he needed to take photos and videos to take back and "report" to her. Turns out, he had the proposal planned at the roofdeck of the house with the drone shooting the whole thing.

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What was your idea or concept for the engagement shoot?

We wanted something simple, light and easygoing, nothing too formal nor "scripted". We both love coffee and working out together so we zeroed in on these ideas in coming up with the shoot.

Was there any challenge in doing a prenup shoot?

We kept the shoot simple, taking in consideration the logistics put into it. We were lucky that our venues were all nearby so it did not pose as a challenge for us.

What are your tips for couples getting married when it comes to planning and executing an engagement shoot?

Our coordinator did a really good job in booking the place for us and guiding us through preparations. She rallied us in keeping a schedule, making sure to remind us of the things we needed to bring and making sure everyone was well fed.

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It is also important to convey to your photo team about the look and feel you are going for while also allowing them to showcase their signature style. Doing research, creating a mood board and making an ocular to the venue/s allowed us to properly prepare and optimize our time. We didn't get a stylist but did a dress rehearsal and practiced posing too as we both knew that we'd tend to be awkward in front of a camera.

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The Dream Team:

Photography by NQ Modern Photography | Makeup by Ish Sison Makeup Artistry | Coordination by Eventist Manila | Hair color by Azta Urban Salon | Location: Granville Cafe and Alex III Restaurant in San Juan