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Gerva and Ina - Written in the Stars

'I think that a wedding set at the time of COVID motivated our loved ones to go the extra mile to make us feel their presence and support'

Their story sounds like a movie, or maybe these days it may be more apt to say a K-Drama opening scene—one fateful day, Giacomo Gervasutti and Ina Feleo were both in San Marco square in Venice Italy. They spotted each other from across the street and must have been instantly smitten with each other. Gerva walked over to Ina who was seated at a bench under the trees by the water with her mom and sister and told her it was illegal to feed pigeons in Venice. “And that they might fly above me and poo on my beautiful hair,” Ina recalls.

“That day he gave me a photograph he took and wrote his email address at the back. A year later, he came to the Philippines, and the rest is history,” she says.

Gerva and Ina were married last December 1, 2020 at Pinto Art Museum with only a wedding party of 20. “The good thing about a small wedding is you can focus on all the details about your wedding. It became very personal. Part of our menu was even cooked by the groom himself,” Ina says.

Below, the actress and filmmaker Ina shares a bit more about their wedding:

What were your wedding plans?

Originally we were planning a church wedding with our family and friends in Palawan. But due to the pandemic, it became impossible to fly in his friends and family from Italy, and we couldn’t have a gathering of 100 guests for sure. We still plan to have that wedding when things are back to normal.

Our wedding exceeded both our expectations. It was beautiful and as magical as when we met for the first time in Venice everywhere we looked. Since we were only 20 in total, we got to smile and chat and see each of our guests happy for us. In a way I think that a wedding set at the time of COVID motivated our loved ones to go the extra mile to make us feel their presence and support. Both my husband and I received surprise videos made by our friends and my cousins that brought us to tears and overwhelming love. I now highly recommend intimate weddings!

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Was there anything you made sure to have at your wedding?

We made sure the setting would be nice. Because even if it was a civil wedding, we still wanted it to be aesthetic. We also made sure to hold it in an al fresco venue and with enough space so that everyone could still be socially distanced. Everyone wore masks and shields too. Music was a must for both of us. We took a lot of time choosing the songs to play pre-wedding, both our marches, champagne cheers, first dance, until the reception. We also wanted there to be a lot of good wine and food. So even before the ceremony our guests were already drinking wine and eating some cheese, fruits, and chocolate. We made sure to focus on the details and our personal touch because people remember the details. The cake has to be good because even if the food is not so good, the last thing you will be eating is the cake. We made sure it wasn’t just pretty on the outside but really yummy on the inside. Make your wedding look like your wedding, not somebody else’s, so do what you want even if it is not what others would like.

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Any tips for fellow covid brides and grooms?

Focus on what you want as a couple. This is really a day that should be for your happiness, and you will see that the people who will choose to be there for you want your happiness too. Plan ahead of time, so you will stress less. Don’t expect too much! Expect that some people will not make it and that’s okay. Set your expectations low in terms of weather or last minute problems, so that on the day itself everything will seem like a blessing. Be prepared. Have a nice breakfast and enjoy every moment!

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The Dream Team:

Photos and Videos: Nice Print Photography| Designs and flowers: Edgar Littaua | Cake: Bizu | Food: | Bride’s dress: Martin Bautista | Makeup artist: Jigs Mayuga | Hairstylist: Jaime Sy | Rings: Little White Pouch | Wedding coordinator: Rommel Dela Cruz


Photo & Video Company by: Nice Print Photography