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Pao and Jaycy - Straight Out of a Movie Scene

'What's important to me is marrying the love of my life, who will be my partner forever'

Pablo Olivarez II had a diamond ring sitting at home for almost half a year because he was waiting for the perfect timing to propose. But when things were starting to look better, the real estate developer and engineer didn’t wait to ask for the blessing to marry the love of his life, Carol Joanna Violago. Upon receiving her parents’ blessing, “I immediately booked the venue, hired the stylist, strings, and photo and videographer,” says Pao.

The groom-to-be’s sister invited Jaycy to a special event, which of course was secretly Pao’s proposal. There was a hitch however was that Jaycy, an OB-GYN, forgot to mention to Pao that the day of the event was also her schedule to man the COVID vaccination post which often ran late into the workday.

Read below how Pao pulled off his romantic proposal to Jaycy!

How did you become a couple?

Jaycy: We’ve known of each other since our college days because of friends in the the same circle. During that time, we already got along well as we’re both friendly, easy going, driven, and enjoy competitive sports. Pao was finishing his engineering course in the States, where he was also playing tennis for the university. I was finishing my premed course here in the Philippines while playing soccer for the university as well.

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I guess you could say that during that time, we were still working on establishing ourselves as we were making our own way through life. It was only recent when we realized and admitted to each other that there was a brief time in the past when we did feel something more than friendship between each other, a spark, which we never entertained until we reconnected. Fast forward to seven years later, Pao and I rekindled the connection. A simple direct message of “Hey Jaycy, it’s been a long time. How are you?” has led to our commitment to now until forever. 

What made you, Pao, feel that it was the perfect time to pop the question?

Pao: From the beginning of our relationship, we were working towards a future together. The past 2 years was a validation that I want to continue my life with her as my partner, best friend, and now my future wife and hopefully mother of our children. I just felt that it was time for me to build a stronger commitment to our plans together. I want to always be by her side and be with her forever, and the only way to make that happen is to ask her. 

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Share with us your proposal story!

Pao: My goal for the proposal was to make the day very special for her. I wanted to do my lifetime promise with her in front of God and in front of our families. First off, I had to get the perfect ring for her. It was sitting for 4 or 5 months because I was looking for the perfect timing. The circumstances brought about by the pandemic became an obstacle for this. Eventually, when things started looking better, I asked permission from her parents at least two weeks before the proposal. I visited them while she was on duty at the hospital. I was one hour earlier than planned sitting outside the house, thinking how the situation will play out. When they gave their blessing, I immediately booked the venue, hired the stylist, strings trio for music, and the videographer and photographer. I asked my sister to tell her to reserve the date by inviting her as Ninang for her daughter’s baptism. Everything played out well from then on. 

Jaycy, please tell us what it was like from your point of view!

Jaycy: When Pao and I started dating, attraction to each other was easily followed by an early establishment of respect and trust through very open communication. Falling in love just happened so surely. Pao and I have been setting goals and plans for quite some time already. He was never short of expressing how much he loves me. Even more, he goes beyond my expectations! I had an inclination that Pao was going to propose to me, I just really didn’t know when. 

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Every month, I send him my duty schedule. It’s funny that for the month of September, I forgot to put down that I was scheduled to man the COVID vaccination post on Sept. 21. I received the message of his sister to reserve the date for Baptism, a few days before it. Initially, I even requested to exchange my scheduled post, but it was a little short notice so I wasn’t able to get a reliever and just went through with the schedule, hoping that I wouldn’t be late for the “Baptism”.

By luck, the vaccination ended early (usually it could last until 8 PM or so) and I was able to get ready on time! That whole time, Pao knew I was at the vaccination site and not once did he hurry me. He was really composed and relaxed about the whole situation!

When we got to the venue, we walked through the restaurant until we got to the door leading to the plaza. There, I saw an empty plaza square with lights and flowers laid all over the cobble stones, a beautifully lit church as the back ground, faint string music playing, and a romantically lit sign saying “Marry Me”. I started crying the moment I realized what was happening. He took me towards the sign, gave me a beautiful speech proclaiming his love for me, went down on one knee and asked me “Will you marry me?”. My answer then and for our future days to come will always be yes.  

What are your wedding plans?

Jaycy: Most likely setting the date to second quarter of 2022. Wedding planning just started! To be honest, never really envisioned what my wedding would be like. Most important to me was marrying the love of my life who I know will be my partner through forever. 

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