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A Modern Filipiniana Wedding: The Tale of Jeff and Rina

“Work brought us together, but life made us inseparable,” Jeff Wahl reflects on his journey with Rina Del Rosario. Both finding love after divorce, their story isn’t your run-of-the-mill romance. It’s a testament to finding love when you least expect it, blending families and cultures in a celebration of a modern Filipiniana wedding.

From Best Friends to Soulmates

“Our friendship laid the groundwork for something deeper,” Rina shares. The couple’s journey from best friends to soulmates showcases the beauty of unexpected love. With Rina’s two boys and Jeff’s adopted son, they formed a blended family. They also soon welcomed their daughter Aria into the world. This unique path to love, including a deliberate decision to date before marriage, emphasizes that there’s no one-size-fits-all in love.

The Road to “I Do”

Living under one roof in Rancho Santa Fe since 2021, their love story took a turn towards forever. “We fell in love, not just with each other, but with the life we built together,” Jeff says. Their commitment to their family and faith led them to the decision to marry, a choice celebrated in a beautiful modern Filipiniana wedding.

Planning a Modern Filipiniana Wedding from Afar

Planning a wedding from the United States, with about 50 guests, within six months posed its challenges. Yet, with the help of seasoned coordinators across La Belle, Rancho Bernardo, and La Jolla, they turned these hurdles into triumphs. “It was a four-day event that felt like a dream,” Rina reminisces.


A Celebration of Culture and Love

Their wedding, set in the picturesque Las Casas Filipinas Bataan and Rancho Bernardo Luxury Resort, was a vibrant testament to their cultures and shared love. The old rose color motif, a nod to Rina’s late mother, added a layer of sentimental elegance. The couple emphasized, “We wanted our wedding to reflect our core values and the things we love.”

The Big Day: A Modern Filipiniana Wedding Celebration

The wedding day itself was magical, from the morning serenade by a band to the cultural performances and street food at the pre-reception. “Seeing our friends and family enjoy our culture was truly special,” Jeff notes. The day was punctuated by fireworks, a testament to their explosive love.

Lessons Learned

Rina advises, “Focus on what’s truly important. Imperfections become perfect when you’re real.” Their story is a powerful reminder that love, authenticity, and embracing one’s culture can create a perfect celebration.

Advice for Future Couples

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” Jeff suggests. Choosing the right wedding planner, venue, and ensuring a quality meal can set the tone for your day. “It’s about give and take, respecting each other’s wishes,” Rina adds, underscoring the importance of partnership in planning a wedding.

A Love Story for the Ages

Rina and Jeff’s modern Filipiniana wedding wasn’t just a celebration of their union; it was a declaration of their journey, culture, and love. Their story encourages couples everywhere to embrace their paths, celebrate their cultures, and love on their terms.

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The Dream Team

Wedding Planner: La Belle Fete
Stylist: Randy Lazaro
Makeup Artist: Justin Soriano
Cultural Performers: Banda Kawayan
Sub Project: Gino Padilla

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