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Nice Print Releases CongTV & Viy Onsite Wedding Slideshow

Cong TV and Viy Cortez have captivated audiences with their engaging content and vibrant personalities. Their recent collaboration with Nice Print Photo has added to their allure. This partnership showcases their journey from engagement to wedding day through stunning visual storytelling.  See their slideshow below.

Nice Print Photo, a premier photography and videography service in the Philippines, is known for capturing memorable moments with artistic finesse. Cong TV and Viy chose Nice Print Photo to document their special milestones, including their pre-wedding shoots and wedding day​​.


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The couple’s pre-wedding shoot in Japan, orchestrated by Nice Print Photo, featured breathtaking scenes at Shibuya Crossing and other picturesque locations. The photoshoot reflected Cong and Viy’s playful and romantic sides, capturing their personalities beautifully​.

Nice Print Photo played a pivotal role during Cong and Viy’s wedding day at the Marriott Ballroom. They expertly captured every moment, from the couple’s emotional vows to the joyful celebration with friends and family. Their team ensured that every shot was perfect, creating a timeless collection of memories​​.

A standout element of this partnership was the creative approach Nice Print Photo brought to the table. They used various innovative techniques and artistic styles to deliver a visually stunning narrative of Cong and Viy’s love story. The resulting photos and videos were not just beautiful but also deeply personal, reflecting the couple’s unique journey.

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This collaboration has elevated Cong and Viy’s wedding experience and showcased Nice Print Photo’s exceptional talent in the wedding industry. The success of this partnership is evident in the heartfelt and visually captivating content shared across social media platforms, delighting fans and followers alike​​.

Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s choice to work with Nice Print Photo highlights their commitment to quality and creativity. It underscores how essential a professional and talented photography team is in capturing life’s most precious moments. This partnership has truly set a benchmark for wedding photography and videography in the digital age.


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