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#PerfectCongViynation: Top Ten Picks by Nice Print Photo

#1:  Viy’s Gown

Viy Cortez’s wedding gown, designed by Leo Almodal, is a stunning masterpiece that epitomizes luxury and elegance. The gown features a full-sleeve, ball gown silhouette adorned with over a million Swarovski crystals,  weighing approximately 25 kilograms. It includes a grand 4-meter monarch train, adding to its regal appearance. The gown’s sweetheart neckline extends to delicate off-shoulder straps, and the entire creation is valued at around PHP 2.5 million (approximately USD 45,000)​.

The creation process took over three months and involved more than 30 artisans to bring Viy’s vision to life. She was inspired by the baroque Rococo style and specifically wanted a fully crystallized ball gown​ (ViyLine News)​. The ensemble was completed with customized YSL heels, 10-carat diamond stud earrings from Manila Diamond Studio, and a hair and makeup look that perfectly complemented the dress​.

This gown not only showcases the intricate craftsmanship of Leo Almodal but also reflects Viy Cortez’s personal style and vision for her special day.


#2: Entourage’s grey color scheme


#3: Viy’s hair and make up

On her wedding day, Viy Cortez’s bridal hair and makeup were crafted to enhance her natural beauty and elegance. The makeup was done by Paul Unating, who opted for muted hues to create a subtle and sophisticated look that complemented her overall appearance. Her hairstyle, executed by Daniel Forro, featured a chic half-bun, adding a touch of modern elegance to her ensemble​​.



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# 4:  Church styling by Gideon Hermosa

Gideon Hermosa’s styling for the church wedding of Cong TV and Viy Cortez was a stunning display of elegance and romance. Held at the L’Annunziata Parish in Muntinlupa City, the venue was transformed into a dreamy, royal-themed setting adorned with all-white floral arrangements. The entrance featured a breathtaking floral arch, and the aisle was a mirrored walkway emblazoned with the couple’s initials, C and V.

The floral decor included luxurious blooms such as zantedeschia and lily of the valley, creating a sophisticated and romantic ambiance. Hermosa’s design aimed to reflect the pure love between Cong and Viy, with waves of pillar lights enhancing the enchanting atmosphere​.


#5:  Suit by Francis Libiran

Cong TV wore a custom suit by renowned designer Francis Libiran for his wedding. The suit was a classic black tuxedo with unique details, featuring the Team Payaman logo subtly embroidered on the sleeves and shoulders. Cong wanted the suit to reflect both elegance and his personal brand, making the incorporation of the logo a special request. The design achieved a balance between sophistication and personal significance, resonating with Cong’s down-to-earth personality​.

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# 6:  The Bridesmaid’s preps


#7:  Team bride’s silver robes


#8:   Entertainment by Zack Tabudlo at the reception

Zack Tabudlo delivered a memorable performance at Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s wedding, making it one of the highlights of the event. Tabudlo performed his hit song “Give Me Your Forever,” creating a romantic and emotional atmosphere. His performance was heartfelt and captivated the audience, adding a special touch to the celebration. This song, known for its touching lyrics and melody, was a fitting choice for the couple’s special day, enhancing the overall emotional and joyous ambiance of the wedding.


#9:  The groomsmen’s preps


#10:  Dave Sandoval event styling of the reception venue

Dave Sandoval’s reception styling for Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular. The Marriott Ballroom was transformed into an elegant and dreamy setting, featuring an all-white floral theme that extended from the entrance to the stage. The tables were adorned with white and beige flowers, creating a lavish and cohesive look. This grand setup garnered praise from guests and netizens alike, with many commenting on the sophisticated and beautiful ambiance of the reception.

Sandoval’s design included intricate floral arrangements, lush bouquets, and a stunning all-white flower design that gave the reception a sophisticated and romantic feel. His attention to detail and use of luxurious elements made the reception a visually captivating experience, perfectly matching the elegance of the occasion​.


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