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4 Money Saving Hacks From Wedding Planners

We especially love number 3!

These days everyone is looking for ways to save wherever they can, and rightly so. That’s why we add to cart and wait patiently for a voucher or a promo code before checking out. And when it comes to wedding planning which can be quite a major expense for most couples, the same money-saving mindset is welcome.

Below we list four hacks straight from the wedding planners to help you save money, and even save on your time and avoid stress.

1. Start with a vision board.

"My wedding planning hack to save all you couples some time, money, and stress is to start your wedding planning with a vision board. So when you start planning your wedding, you really have to know what the direction will be, how do you want it to look like, what colors do you want to be there, how does it reflect your personality as a person, as a couple, is it very reflective of who you are?"

"When you start with a vision board, you know where your wedding is headed. It’s important because when you start inquiring, particularly with your florist, your stylist, you really get the actual costs of the stuff you want to book because they already see and know what you are envisioning. It’s hard to book a supplier without that supplier knowing what you want. So you save your time, your money, and of course you don’t have much stress because there will not be much miscommunication because it’s all on paper, it’s black and white, what you want or how you envision your wedding to be.” -Lia Weddings

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2. Ask your female entourage do their own makeup.

This will save time and the prep area and limit the number of persons entering the room of the bride, and also to save money because you will not pay for their makeup. -Cathy Ebuen, Events Embassy

3. Do a drive-through reception.

"Have you ceremony, following the protocols, then afterwards guests will proceed to your reception venue where they can pick up to-go set meals and souvenirs and a photo with the couple–but the catch is guests will just stay in their cars so as to practice social distancing. This will save money since your rental will only be minimal. It will also save your time and your guest’s time, and you don’t need to worry about the curfew, and it saves you from the stress with regards to the safety of everyone." -Cathy Ebuen, Events Embassy

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4. Book your suppliers ASAP.

"Whether your wedding is a year or two from today, the perfect time to book your vendors is now. Almost all vendors’ rates are still the old rates, and most of them offer promos and freebies. Should they have a price increase in the future, at least you still get the advantage of the discount or freebies and most importantly, you have secured the slot. Because one things is for sure, once everything goes back to normal, there will be an increase in rates and bookings which may make it difficult to book your most-wanted vendors."

"Just make sure to discuss all coverages and limitations with them before reserving. Should vendors impose rate increase despite promo when you book them which may also be really necessary and acceptable (for ex. food, flowers, gowns, gas, toll etc.), at least you can discuss to keep the discount as we of course do not want them to shell out from their pockets or their service/product may be sacrificed as well." -Maria’s Affairs by BFG

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