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Chester and Honeylet - Focus on What Matters

With just two months to plan, this couple breezed through planning by letting go of the details

Chester Chan and Honeylet Lim met during their grade school years but it was only when they were young professionals working abroad when a romance sparked. Chester was working in Singapore while Honeylet was in Taiwan but decided to move to Singapore. “That’s when our love story started. We date for five years before we got married,” says Honeylet.

The couple got engaged on November 2020 and just a week later, they had already decided on their auspicious wedding date. It left Chester and Honey with about two months to prepare for their intimate wedding. “It helped that I wasn’t so picky about things. I let go of the things I can’t control and just let our coordinator handle it,” Honeylet says.

Below, Honeylet shares how she planned a wedding for 60 guests in just two months, why taking care of your health is just as important as planning your pandemic wedding, the key suppliers you should have.

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What were the challenges you faced in wedding planning?
I wanted a getaway wedding but because of the pandemic, it wasn't possible. Also the styling of the venue, Chester and I didn't want to spend on flowers because it will just die the day after. It was hard to find a good but affordable stylist.

What are your tips for couples planning their intimate wedding?

- Have your ceremony and reception at one venue, it saves time and money. It will be easy on the guests as well.

- You don't have to spend a lot or get all the top notch suppliers! Get those who are good and just starting out and give them a chance. You won't regret it.

- Sleep and drink your vitamins months prior to the wedding.

- Get a good makeup artist. Look at his/her bio and see if they know how to work with your facial features.

- Get a good coordinator, someone you can trust even with money.

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How could you let go of the details?

More than the suppliers and other details, the most important thing is that you guys will be married and that's only it. Let go of things that are temporary.

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