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Mountainside Pre-nup Shoot in Pantabangan

'We want to show our love for the mountains and nature'

Jezreel Cillo and Alyssa Katrine Barlis wanted to shoot their engagement photos at Mt. Ulap but due to travel restrictions, had to relocate. The couple, who wanted to show their “love for the mountains and nature” shot at the nearby municipality Pantabangan.

Like most couples, Jez and Alyssa didn’t exactly know what they were doing when the shoot started but were able to let loose thanks to their photo and video team’s direction and encouragement. We were really overwhelmed with results, all we can say was, “OMG, ako ba’ yun?

Below, Alyssa talks more about the challenges of planning a location prenup shoot at a time like this.

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What was your idea for your engagement shoot?

We planned to have a photoshoot in Mt. Ulap, showing our love for the mountains and nature. That was our dream photoshoot because that place is very special to us, however due to pandemic restrictions, we can’t proceed with our dream photoshoot. Baguio was on lockdown and the mountain itself is not accepting tourist. 

Any special reason why you selected your theme and/or shoot location? What was the inspiration behind it?  

Since we wanted to showcase nature, we have limited options due to travel bans.  These locations are the nearest spots since we are residing in Nueva Ecija. Actually, this was just our last option because we also wanted to have shoot in Tanay, Rizal. But as we proceed with the Pantabangan shoot, and it really turned out great! 

How were you able to bring the theme to life?  

Planning the shoot during these times is kind of toxic, you must need to coordinate the availability of the following: Photo Video Team, Stylist, HMUA, Venue and of course the  couple. We also rented a van that will service the Photo Video Team since they are coming from NCR. 

Since this is a destination shoot, you must check on the requirements of the location if they need health declaration forms, medical certificates, travel pass or so on. Since our shoot was May 5, 2021, Nueva Ecija was on MGCQ already, but Pantabagan has random checkpoints and requires IDs and swab test results. We had our team tested two days before the shoot.

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The team collaborated via FB messenger; it is so helpful during these times especially the planning. We don’t have any script or any pegs to copy, we just really go with the flow, show our natural emotions. There are times that Jeri of Hello Forever Studio will direct us on what to do, where to look, and we are really surprised on the outcome because we are really not used to things like this.

We were really overwhelmed with results, all we can say was, “OMG, ako ba’ yun?”, “Looks like this could be a magazine cover!”, We are now excited for the wedding day! 

Share with us your engagement shoot experience. 

We really had no idea when we started because obviously, it was our first time! The team gathered early in the morning at Chateau de Corazon. Our first set was inside the Mansion’s library, it was very hot inside so we were very sweaty! We were warming up with our poses since we are still camera shy at this point, but with the help of our photo and video team, we were able to let loose.  

We had a mini trekk going to Pantabangan Lake, it is a 15 mins walk from Chateau de Corazon up to the lake. It is downhill, so it is a good thing that Alyssa brought her sandals. As of the moment, Pantabagan lake is really closed, due to some government issues, (they wanted to have entrance fees) but we managed to enter the area via trekking on a mini forest. Yes, make-up on and wearing a gown.  

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This time, we are already confident with our poses and we just really had fun and we really enjoyed the very beautiful windy view. Though it is super hot because it is noon already. We were sunburnt after the shoot. After that we had lunch, makeup retouch then proceed with the indoor shoot. We channeled our inner Anastasia and Christian Grey. But no joke, we had our choice of song for the video, and we just keep on playing it on our mind.

Shooting inside the Mansion was really hot. We are very glad that we brought our mini fan. This experience was very tiring and it takes a lot of energy. On our way to the last destination, which is Aulo Dam, we had a little snack break because really, we could eat up in a buffet after this. Our stylist, Sassy by Cha, set up a mini picnic-style area where we can shoot and it is so cozy! Again, we just enjoyed the view while having a photoshoot here and the sunset added to the mood. We ended with sparkles at night then packed up. The experience was totally amazing! 

What advice or tips can you give to couples planning their prenup photoshoot during this time?


  • Make sure the team is available on the date 
  • Get all the requirements needed if there are checkpoints 
  • Secure the clothes before the shoot date 
  • Make sure payments are settled 
  • Know the restrictions of the destination 
  • Have yourself groomed or pampered 
  • Workout a little 

Preparation for the day itself 

  • Food for the crew (bring extra since this is very tiring and make sure to pack individually for safety purposes) 
  • Bring water (have a water bottle for each person) 
  • Bring medicines and first aid (just in case) 
  • If possible, bring rechargeable electric fans (depends on your location) 
  • Tissue, tissue, and more tissue (for the sweaty you) 
  • Bring nipple tapes or silicone bras, cycling shorts 
  • Bring extra undergarments (just in case you need to get wet) 
  • Bring extra pins 
  • Alcohol and disinfectant, face masks, face shields 
  • Sunblock! 


  • Choose your song for the engagement video and align it with your photo and video team ahead of time 
  • During the photoshoot, try singing your chosen song in your mind and then express yourself 
  • Watch engagement shoots in Facebook or Youtube so that you’ll have an idea 
  • While posing, make some jokes to have a truthful laugh or reminisce your past with your partner 
  • Act natural and if there’s a scene channel your favorite movie, or artist.
  • Remember that this will only happen once in your life so enjoy and seize the moment with your love one! 

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The Dream Team:

Photography and videography by Hello Forever Studio | Hair and makeup by Lhexie David | Styling by Sassy by Cha | Location: Chateau de Corazon, Pantabagan Lake, and Aulo Dam