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'Nothing is Certain' Mindset Made it Easy to Plan

'Be in faith! Don’t hesitate to dream!' –Earvin and Jirah

Earvin V. Ong met Jirah J. Bonsay five years before he made any move. “There was no instant spark the first time we met, even though we would bump into each other in school and in church from time to time,” Earvin says. Three years later as fate would have it, Earvin and Jirah became officemates “and eventually we became close friends as well. “We shared a lot of common interests, learned of each other’s values, and from there it eventually turned into love,” he says.

The couple became official in 2018 and Earvin proposed in October 2020. “It’s funny how life, and in our case love, comes full circle,” he says. Earvin and Jirah were wed on May 8, 2021 at Lucas Studios with just their immediate families present. But the couple made sure to invite their extended families and other loved ones via a livestream.

Below, the newlyweds share how getting engaged during a pandemic set them up for a healthy mindset as they planned their intimate wedding.

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What was the theme of your wedding?

Rustic minimalist wedding with the shade dusty blue! We made sure to have a venue that had huge white walls and spacious enough for our guests and suppliers given the pandemic situation. And invest in good food that is enough for us and our guests to enjoy and remember the special day with! 

Was this the original wedding plan pre-Covid?

We got engaged during the pandemic so I guess that helped condition ourselves from the start that not all things may go as planned. 

What were the challenges encountered during the wedding preparation?  How did you handle the challenges?

Accepting this reality that nothing is as certain as we could expect actually set our mindset while facing the hurdles along the way. It helped us move on faster and pivot better towards coming up with a next plan as we went through the emotional highs and lows of things. We also made sure that as we start the wedding planning and execution we must also be open to having people journey with us and even cover us in prayer! This really encouraged us in every setback we faced.

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Lastly, we made sure to have open communication with one another. The pandemic has already caused countless limitations with how people connect but this was something we had to fight for despite the physical challenge.

How did you feel during the wedding? 

Earvin: To be honest, it all happened in a blur. I had to pinch myself a couple of times during the ceremony and reception that indeed this was all happening. It was amazing how all the things we were praying for were really answered.

Jirah: I was so thrilled to see all plans come to life and unfold one by one! I was so grateful that we had steady internet for our livestream and good sunny weather for the entire day. It was such a surreal experience to share with our loved ones. 

What were your most memorable moments from your wedding?

The most memorable moment for us, besides officially being united and having our first kiss, was getting to spend this memorable event with our families in an intimate setup. We enjoyed every unhurried moment of it! 

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What’s your advice for other couples who are planning to get married?

A. Be open to different scenarios because things might not go as planned. Open communication is key so you get to make sure you both still have the same direction and vision for your wedding. 

B. Be in faith! Don’t hesitate to dream! 

C. Health is still a priority. Whether you are going for a handful of guests or going big, be mindful to allot part of your budget in consideration to certain restrictions or costs that may occur. At the end of the day, you will want to celebrate your wedding with nothing but peace of mind and gladness in your heart.

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The Dream Team

Venue: Lucas Studios | Livestream: Ren de Guzman Digital Films | Photo and video: White Leaf Studios | Catering and Styling: Passion Cooks | Cake: Flour PH | Bridal gown: Miel Avena | Hair and makeup: Makeup by Ayra Aleckzis | Flowers: Casa La Vie | Engagement ring and weddings bands: Olivia's Jewelry | Groom's, father of the bride's and best man's suit: Gardini Fashion Center | Groom's shoes: Salvatore Mann | Mother of the bride and Maid of Honor gowns: Ate by Tatah | Preparation attire: The Happy Collective | Wedding registry: Wazile Projects | Antigen testing: Dr. Jessica Mesina | Officiant: Pastor Estelito Almadin